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37+ Most Instagrammable and Photographed Places in New Orleans

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New Orleans is known for her food, drinks, and…Instragrammable spots? You might not realize it, but New Orleans has some great Instagrammable places to practice your New Orleans photography and fill up your Instagram. If you are looking for a photo op or two – this list is perfect.

New Orleans is a beautiful and photogenic city, so of course, one of the best things to do in New Orleans is taking photos of all of her colorful glory!

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When you only have one day, a weekend, or a few days to spend in New Orleans. You want to save time, not realizing how close you are to the perfect spot for your New Orleans photo.

Nothing is worse than figuring out that you wanted to take a photo of something when you were just there the day before!

Some of my photography picks are well-known places in New Orleans where you need to snap a photo to scratch it off the bucket list.

Others are not as well known but have been popping up all over my local Instagram feeds. While a third are photos of places that I love.

Throughout this guide, you will learn where the famous streets of New Orleans are and find the perfect backdrop and best photo spots for whatever you want to do with your photos!

New Orleans Instagram Spots

If you are looking for the most intstagrammable places in New Orleans, look no further than this list! My goal is to update this list every 6-12 months with the best photo spots in New Orleans. Whenever I find new hidden photography spots in New Orleans, I will add them.

1. Streetcars

Anywhere you see Streetcar tracks

Red Streetcar in New Orleans

Pick your poison. Are you looking for the Red Street Car or the Green Street Car? Depending on that answer, you will want to take this photo in different locations.

Looking for an excellent spot to take a photo of the Green Streetcar? Look no further than St Charles Avenue!

Walking down Canal Street will give you a good shot of the Red Streetcar. If you want to get a photo of both, walk down to where Canal and St Charles meet; it might be your lucky day! Using the Streetcar as transportation is another great way to get around town.

Photography tip: I prefer the Red Street Car and taking that photo near the Mississippi River. There is something about this area that gives me joy!

2. Auction House Bathroom

801 Magazine St

Auction House lips bathroom; places in new orleans to take photos

Unfortunately, the Auction House is no more and was replaced by a new food hall called the Hall on Mag. I want to see what they did with this beautiful bathroom!

Seriously, don’t sneeze at taking a photo in a bathroom before you’ve done it. Auction House is one of my favorite places to eat, and they have the cutest female bathroom.

Many times I’ve walked in on ladies snapping selfies of themselves. The mirrors, lip wallpaper, and beautiful tiles have everyone swooning and thinking they are on an episode of flip this house!

Photography tip: Mirror selfies are hard! Make sure you look at all angles of the photo before leaving this bathroom. The best time to take a picture here (without the crowd) is after the lunch crowd has gone and before the dinner crowd comes in.

Inside of the Hotel Monteleone
214 Royal Street

Hotel Monteleone carousel bar.

The Carousel Bar inside the Hotel Monteleone is one of the most iconic photo spots in New Orleans. Seriously, where else can you grab a seat in a historic hotel, drink fancy cocktails, and slowly spin the night away?

When grabbing a seat, you need to be ruthless. Often one person can sit while the friends need to shuffle around. Eventually, though, people will get up, and your entire party will be able to sit down.

Photography tip: Getting a photo without anyone at the Carousel Bar is hard. My suggestion is to come down in the early morning. This photo was taken during Tales of the Cocktail before the Carousel Bar was even open, and it is one of the best new Orleans Instagram spots.

4. Superdome

1500 Sugar Bowl Dr

Superdome at sunset

The Superdome is on the edge of downtown, but whether you are going to a Saints Game or a concert, you need to take a photo of this stunning dome! The history behind the dome is spectacular. From hosting Sugar Bowls to Super Bowls to Essence Fest, you will want to visit.

The Superdome was a place for last resort for many victims of Katrina. She opened a little over one year after the hurricane and became the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in 2011

Photography tip: Getting the entire Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sign is hard. My favorite spot to photograph is close to Garage 6 when the sun sets. There is another spot (between garages 1 and 6) that I like, so you can get the “Dome Field Advantage” sign if you are a Saints fan!

Note: The Superdome switched from Mercedes-Benz to Ceasar Superdome in 2020. 

5. Cafe Beignet

334 Royal Street

Cafe Beignet - Instagrammable places in nola; most photogenic places in new orleans

Can we take a second and appreciate how cute Cafe Beignet is? There are many locations, but the Royal Street Location is stunning! It’s like walking out to a quaint little French cafe, one of the most instagrammable places in New Orleans.

If you think the outside is cute, wait until you go inside and eat some delicious beignets! They also have less than a line than the overly crowded Cafe Du Monde (even though you must try those beignets!).

Photography tip: With the sheer amount of people and cars going down Royal Street, you need to be okay with a less-than-perfect photo or go at sunrise. They open at 8 am!

6. Beignets

Beignets photos of new orleans

There is nothing more delicious than Beignets. Fact – they are even better than donuts! With powdered sugar flowing on the little squares (or rectangles!) of fried dough, you will want to take a snap of these tasty treats before they cool down! Make sure to order a cafe au lait to wash down that delicious sweet treat.

Photography tip: This is more of a life tip than a photography tip, but do not wear black while eating beignets. Especially if you plan on taking photos for the rest of the day, that powder sugar will cling to your clothes, just like how beignets will cling to your hips!

7. With Love from Nola

333 Canal St Inside of Canal Place

With Love from Nola in Canal Place

One of the hottest selfie spots in New Orleans, this green moss wall by Luna Botanicals is all of the rage on Instagram. It’s located on the first floor near Saks and Tiffany’s.

Photography tip: This wall is so cute that you will turn a couple of heads. Getting the proper lighting with the fluorescent tubes and plants takes a while, but don’t worry – I know you can do it! They also change the wording from time to time! I use this handy dandy cellphone tripod from Amazon to get my selfies when I’m traveling alone.

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8. Greetings From NOLA

Corner of Magazine and Josephine

Greetings from NOLA Instagrammable New Orleans.

The Greetings from Nola mural is a great spot to take your official New Orleans Instagram Selfie! Greetings From Nola is a mural that went up during Mardi Gras 2019, and it will be here to stay for a long time.

I love the story behind the Greetings Tour – they plan to paint a mural in every state, so add it to your bucket list to catch a few of them while you are traveling. I first found out about the Greetings tour during my vacation to Tucson.

Photography tip: Get artistic with your photo! Sometimes there are cars parked in front of the murals so instead of a full picture with the mural, try a creative selfie.

Check out my entire blog post on all of the Instagrammable Nola Murals.

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9. Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Collins Diboll Cir

Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden most instagrammable new orleans

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans City Park has some unique Louisiana art pieces! And what’s better – visiting the Sculpture Garden is free. It is one of the best places on this list to take photos on a beautiful spring day. 

Depending on the day, the garden can be busy, but during mid-week, you can score beautiful photos with some art pieces!

Photography tip: There are so many pieces of art in the Sculpture Garden that you will want to ensure your camera’s battery (or phone) is charged. My favorite sculpture to pose with is the LOVE sculpture.

10. New Orleans Museum of Art

Collins Diboll Cir

New Orleans Museum of Art places take pictures

Another perfect place to take photos in New Orleans City Park is the New Orleans Museum of Art! Did you know that the New Orleans Museum has some stunning artworks, but you, too, can be a part of the art?

Yes, that’s right!

When you first enter NOMA, you will see this stunning wall with colorful stripes inviting you to stand in it and become a work of art.

Photography tip: Make sure to visit NOMA during one of their events and wear your finest clothes to make your photo pop. We made fascinators at the event I was at, but if you didn’t want to make one, you could quickly get one here!

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11. Nola 300 Signs

Around town

Nola 300 Signs

Every time I see a NOLA 300 sign, I squeal for joy. No, I squeal for joy, throw my purse at my friend and force them to take a photo of me in it!

This has happened in City Park’s Big Lake, Woldenberg Park’s Audubon Plaza, atop the steps of Washington Artillery Park, and even a portable one at King Cake Fest!

Photography tip: these are awesome to take a selfie with during the day, but you might want to come back at night and see them all lit up!

Note: This was a great tip in 2017, but the NOLA 300 signs are no longer around town. Hopefully, something similar will come around for the next large anniversary. 

12. Jack Rose

2031 St Charles Ave

Jack Rose Little Wayne painting

Even though everything in Jack Rose is gorgeous and the food is delicious, the Little Wayne painting by Ashley Longshore draws Instagrammers from near and far. Jack Rose is located inside The Pontchartrain Hotel on St Charles Avenue. Jack Rose is a place to grab some great food and an amazing rooftop bar called Hot Tin, where you can get a great shot of downtown. 

Little known fact, the Little Wayne painting with the famed Mile High Pie was there before Jack Rose was even a concept. When the Caribbean Room closed, the famed painting and lounge remained.

Photography tip: Take a photo of or with Jack Rose Lil Wayne’s painting and order yourself a Delicious Mile High Pie. You will want to take a video of the Mile High Pie when the waiter brings it out.

12. Mile high pie

The Ponchatrain Hotel
2031 St Charles Ave

Mile high pie The Ponchatrain Hotel Instagrammable new orleans

While you are seeking out the mural of Little Wayne in Jack Rose, you probably need to stop and have a snack anyways.

Order a Mile High Pie, and make sure you have your camera ready to record the waiter poured onto the delicious molten chocolate all over the three-layer ice cream cake!

Photography tip: You can get the Mile High Pie in Jack Rose, Jack Rose’s lobby, and the Bayou Bar. All of these locations are within the Pontchartrain Hotel.

Take your photo fast because this ice cream will want to melt if it is too warm in the Big Easy!

13. Love Wins Locks

Mississippi River, Near the Steamboat Natchez

Love locks in New Orleans instagrammable new orleans

The Love Wins sign and locks popped up a few years ago. Reminiscent of Paris’s Pont des Arts bridge. Tourists and locals alike are leaving locks with love notes on this chain-length fence. You can get a cute, customizable lock to place on the fence.

Photography tip: Come here when the sun is shining to get a beautiful photo with the blue sky! This photo was taken in 2017, so there are many more locks on this little gate! 

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14. French Quarter Balconies


French Quarter Balcony in New Orleans

Posing in front of a French Quarter Balcony is one of your Instagram’s most iconic photo spots. There are so many beautiful balconies and architectural structures up and down the French Quarter streets that you need to walk around snapping photos left and right!

The French Quarter is great to see historic buildings, iron balconies, and historic homes. The Vieux carré is the oldest neighborhood in the city and is an architect fanatic’s dream. 

Many of the Balconies on Royal and Dauphine are just stunning.

Photography tip: There are so many balconies that I love taking photos of, but the best photos are when you find a good corner balcony.

My favorite and most notable balcony is the corner St Peters and Royal Street. This could be one of the most photographed corners in New Orleans.

15. Hollygrove Mural with Lil Wayne

8401 Olive St, New Orleans

Hollygrove Mural with Lil Wayne

Painted in 2017, this mural was Ceaux’s idea to showcase a hometown hero – Lil Wayne, in the heart of Hollygrove. Lil Wayne is known as one of the greatest rappers in the world, coming from one of the poorest areas in New Orleans.

A favorite among locals, this mural rose to fame during one of Drake’s music videos, In My Feelings. Naturally, everyone began flocking to Phase III Body Shop on 8401 Olive Street in Hollygrove.

Before you snap, see this stunning mural for yourself. Look at some of the detail Ceaux put into the mural. The details are so much fun! From the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) to a mimic of Lil Wayne’s tattoo, the 0017th represents Hollygrove.

Photography tip: Take a photo of this mural in the late afternoon, there won’t be any shadows on it, and you can soak in the colors.

If you are a tourist, this is more of an Uber or drive-to-spot because it is off the beaten path from other touristy areas.

Street art and murals have become very popular in New Orleans. Check out the top murals that I’ve found in New Orleans. 

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Instagrammable nola

16. Press for Champagne

Inside the Vintage
3121 Magazine Street

Press for Champagne the vintage instagram worthy places in new orleans

There is nothing more tongue in cheek than the Press here for Champagne sign at The Vintage. This sign is so adorable, but pressing it does not guarantee that Champagne will start flowing.

Photography tip: This sign needs to be corrected! It is right next to the bar, and most of the time, patrons sit next to it and don’t even notice it!

If you plan on taking a photo of you pressing the sign – make sure you are happy about the shape of your manicure.

17. Postcard from Bangkok

Bar Marilou
544 Carondelet St

postcard from bangkok best instagram spots new orleans

When Bar Marilou opened in 2019, everyone flocked to it to sip on this delicious cocktail.

The copper bird is adorable, but the drink is delicious – Thai lime leaf-infused Absolut Elyx with génépi, lemon, coconut, and grapefruit spiced cordial.

You will want more than one – I guarantee it! Also – keep your eyes peeled for the speakeasy – it is only available to hotel guests at Maison de la Luz.

Photography tip: Make sure you request the copper bird when the bar is sometimes slammed; they put the drink in a glass rather than the charming bird. The bird’s head is a little unstable, so be careful when you take your first sip!

Get a copper mug if you want to recreate this drink at home!

18. Hola Y’all

Inside of Nole
2001 St Charles Ave

Hola Y'all Inside of Nole Instagrammable nola

One of the cutest fluorescent signs around town is the Hola Y’all sign at Nole. This space used to be a restaurant, but now it is an event space! If you are attending an event here, grab a photo with this cute fluorescent sign.

19. Everything in Nola is a Good Idea

Inside of St Charles Coach House, Ascend Hotel Collection
2001 St Charles Ave

Everything in new orleans is a good idea instagram spot

Yes – Everything in New Orleans is a Good Idea. Yup – that is pretty much true. Everything in New Orleans is a good idea – but photos or it didn’t happen!

Photography tip: This fluorescent sign is in the same building as Nole Event Space. If you stay at this hotel, it will be a great way to start each day of your vacation. 

20. The Magnolia Tree inside of Rampart Tree House

740 N Rampart St

Where to take photos magnolia house rampart tree house

Have you ever wanted a slice of pizza and then found something unique?

That’s how it felt when I walked into Rampart Tree House.

Looking for something to eat and a drink after work, my friend and I stumbled into Rampart Treehouse.

We were greeted with the prettiest Magnolia Tree, Cutest Skeletons, and hugely delicious pizza when we walked through the doors.

If you find yourself sightseeing on this side of the quarter, you will not be disappointed about taking a break, grabbing a drink, and just soaking in the art.

Photography Tip: When you first walk in, you will be stunned by how beautiful the Magnolia Tree is! Keep walking. When you make it a little past the bar, you can take a photo of the magnolia tree, eclectic chairs, and art on the wall.

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21. New Orleans Botanical Gardens

5 Victory Ave

Young lady standing in a greenhouse of the Botanical Garden

Are you looking for beautiful gardens with live oak trees and Spanish moss dripping from their limbs? Look no further than New Orleans Botanical Gardens. It is a great instagrammable New Orleans spot!

The gardens are a beautiful place to explore nature while snapping a few photos. Did you know that the Botanical Gardens is free for Louisiana Residents every Wednesday? This is a great excuse to come down here and explore the gardens.

22. Crescent Park

2300 N Peters St

rusty rainbow labor day

If you like rainbows, you need to pay a visit to the Rusty Rainbow! The Rusty Rainbow is the entrance to Crescent Park, where you will have plenty of places to take beautiful photos. Some of my favorite spots to take pictures are of the river from the top of the Rainbow, 

Photography Tip: If you want a photo on or around the Rusty Rainbow, bring some appropriate shoes to climb the Rainbow! The best spots to take it are if you are sitting at the very top or crossing the bridge. 

23. Commanders Palace

1403 Washington Ave

commanders palace

Not only is Commander’s Palace one of the best places to eat in New Orleans, but it is also one of the most photogenic! The stunning blue iconic historic building on the corner of Washington and Coliseum is the perfect place to take a photo before a milestone meal. 

Photography tip: If you do not have anyone to take your photo – you can always look down and take a picture with your feet and the beautiful tile that says “Commander’s Palace.” 

24. Longue Vue House & Gardens

7 Bamboo Rd

Longue Vue House and Gardens is a beautiful Instagrammable place. Photo shoots in the gardens are so popular that Longue Vue has photography packages for engagement sessions and other memorable occasion photo shoots.

Photography Tip: You can tour the gardens and house and take a quick photograph for your Instagram. Taking in-depth photos is discouraged at this spot, and if you need additional images, reserve one of the spots.

25. The Garden District

take photos in the garden district during labor day

The Garden District is a historic neighborhood in New Orleans with some of the best photography spots. The houses in this area are stunning. You can find many former Anne Rice homes in this district.

Photography tips: If a house strikes your fancy, take a photo of it! I learned that my favorite house is the Joseph Carrol Carriage House, where Mark Twain’s horse would spend the night after visiting Joseph Carol. What a beautiful quintessential New Orleans story.

26. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

501 Basin St

Cemetery Tour of St Louis Number 1 in New Orleans
Welcome to St Louis No 1 one of the most famous graveyards in the world. These cemeteries in New Orleans is something everyone needs to add to their bucket list.

Even though many of the Cemeteries are photogenic, you need to visit St Louis Cemetery No. 1 to take photos of the above-ground graves and pay tribute to Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen of New Orleans. Even though images are free in St. Louis Cemetery No 1, you need to book a tour to visit the cemetery.

Photography Tip: Book an earlier morning tour so that the lighting and shadows will be nice – so you do not bake in the New Orleans heat. 

Seasonal Instas

27. Tulips in City Park (February-March)

1 Palm Dr

Tullips in city Park

City Park plants thousands of Tulip bulbs yearly in City Park by the Big Lake. This stunning sight is loved by locals and tourists alike. Even though you cannot stand in the flowers, you can get pretty close to them!

Photography Tip: The tulips last only briefly, depending on the weather! Make sure you get out there as soon as they bloom to snap the freshest photos.

29. Bead Tree

St Charles Avenue

Bead tree on St Charles Avenue Magazine

New Orleans has a very rare tree that blooms once a year – the Mardi Gras Bead Tree! During carnival season, the Mardi Gras Tree blooms with all of its glory each year!

Make sure you catch these trees blooming before the city cleans them up. If you miss this tree, you can experience the love of Mardi Gras all year round.

Photography Tip: Find the smallest tree with the most beads on it! That way, you will find the best tree with the prettiest booms. Photo is best taken with a blue sky or at sunset.

30. Houses Decorate for Mardi Gras

Rampart and St Anne

Mardi Gras house in French Quarter St Anne and Rampart

If you thought Halloween and Christmas Decorations in New Orleans were fabulous, you still need to see how we do Mardi Gras!

One of the most Instagrammable Mardi Gras Houses is this adorable yellow shotgun on St Ann Street by Rampart. Every year, the owners decorate it to the nines!

In case you didn’t know, Mardi Gras Colors mean something more than super colorful outfits! Purple represents justice, green stands for faith, and gold signifies power.

Photography tip: Even though this house is beautiful no matter what, it truly shimmers in purple, green, and gold on a sunny day.

Are you ready for Mardi Gras yet?

31. Mardi Gras Indians (Mardi Gras, Super Sunday, Select events)

Central City

Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans

Even though Mardi Gras Indians appear in their traditional garb for many events throughout the year, the only time you will see the Mardi Gras Indians in a large number is on Mardi Gras Day and Super Sunday.

Super Sunday is always celebrated on St Joseph’s Day. The Mardi Gras Indian gangs meet at A.L. Davis Park at Washington Avenue and LaSalle Street and parade throughout the street.

Photography tip: Bring a wide-angle lens to capture the entire Indian garb. Some of these costumes are so large that they are hard to capture. Each suit is hand sewn, so you will want to get a photo of all the details.

32. Wildflowers in City Park (April)

1 Palm Dr, Closer to Tad Gormley Stadium

If you missed the Tulips in the winter, come back to see the wildflowers in the Spring. New Orleans City Park sprinkles thousands of seeds to create a field of wildflowers. This beautiful free spot is perfect for a photo session amongst the flowers.

Photography tip: There are many bees, and the ground can be muddy if It recently rained. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing if you are nervous about bugs!

33. Snowballs (March – October)

Any snowball stand

Snowball at Hansens snowbliz

Like most things in New Orleans, snowballs are a way of life. There are so many different colorful flavors to choose from. Each snowball stand holds so much history and tells a different story.

Photography Tip: Unless you snap your photo in early March or Late October, your snowball will melt fast! Hurry up, decide where you will snap the picture, and put the phone away to quickly gobble up your melting snowball.

34. 4th of July Fireworks (July)

Mississippi River

Fourth of July Instagrammable Nola

New Orleans celebrates the 4th of July with Fireworks over the river each year. The city comes together to watch the dueling barges fireworks show.

Photography Tip: Bring a Tripod, some snacks, and a beer to get this perfect shot! Also, I climbed over the Rusty Rainbow in Crescent City Park to get this shot of the Mississippi River.

35. Running of the Bulls (July)

Warehouse District

Instagramable New Orleans Running of the bulls

Do you know how Pampolma has Running of the Bulls? New Orleans also has that same event, except our bulls are roller derby women!

Running of the Bulls is one of the best events to take photos of in July. The event takes over the Warehouse District. Once – it starts at 8 am, so you beat the heat most of the day, and everyone wears the same uniform – White with a little bit of Red.

Photography Tip: I’ve never been sober at this event, so take your photos early! The longer the day goes by, the harder it will be to get a photo of a roller derby lady.

36. Skeleton House (October)

St Charles and State Street

Instagramable Nola Skeleton House

It’s not typical that a random house with outstanding Halloween Decorations has its Yelp or Tripadvisor page, but the Skeleton House on St Charles does! Each Halloween, this family goes ALL OUT in decorating their house for Halloween.

Photography Tip: Come at Sunset – the skeleton house has a great glow at that time of day.

37. Roosevelt at Christmas (November-December)

130 Roosevelt Way

Roosevelt Hotel at Christmas

Our hotel lobbies define Christmas in New Orleans, and the Waldorf Astoria Roosevelt Hotel knows how to decorate a lobby. Known as a Waldorf Wonderland (and one of my most liked photos!) The Roosevelt Lobby is something that you need to see in person.

Photography Tip: Good luck if you want a photo of the entire lobby with no one in it. The only way to get that is if you stay out late on a weeknight or get there first thing in the morning. Or you can get creative and take an up-close photo of some of the lights.

Instagrammable New Orleans

I hope this blog post helped you find the most instagrammable spots in New Orleans. If you need a good reason to come back to New Orleans to fill up your Instagram feed, please check and see what New areas of towns I’ve added to this blog post! One of my favorite things is finding new, unique places to take photos in New Orleans.

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