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31+ Things to do in New Orleans Halloween Weekend

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If you are thinking about what you should do for Halloween this year – you need to start planning your trip to New Orleans! New Orleans is the perfect destination for history lovers, families, and those who love spooky nonsense.

The best thing about Halloween New Orleans is that you do not have to stay in the French Quarter. There are so many different activities going on in different neighborhoods.

Halloween is personally my favorite time of year.

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Need a quick costume for Halloween in New Orleans. Grab a plaid shirt, yoga pants, straw, and a hat and all of a sudden you are a scarecrow!

Where should I go for Halloween in New Orleans?

There are plenty of Halloween events in New Orleans, La, during Halloween, but the main areas of action include the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street. You can Celebrate Halloween all weekend long with parades, parties, and costumes.

Is Halloween a good time to visit New Orleans?

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, New Orleans is the perfect long weekend to visit. New Orleans has tons of family-friendly Halloween and spooky events for those 21+. Enjoy music, parades, trick-or-treating, and more when visiting New Orleans for Halloween

Does New Orleans have a Halloween parade?

New Orleans’s Offical Halloween Parade is the Krewe of Boo! This parade does not happen Halloween weekend but is typically the weekend before. Krewe of Boo is a family-friendly Halloween-themed parade.

What is the weather like in New Orleans around Halloween?

The Weather in New Orleans around Halloween is generally good. Almost every year, the weather drops a few degrees so that Locals can feel like fall. The daily high temperature is 76°F, and the daily low is 62°F.

Family-Friendly events during Halloween Weekend

New Orleans during Halloween can be incredibly Family Friendly! You and the family can do so many spooky activities that make this weekend extra weird without too many screams. 

1. Go on a Cemetery Tour

Going on a Cemetery Tour during Halloween is the perfect time to learn why New Orleanians bury their dead above ground. Bring the family to the cemetery during a day tour and see all of the different graves and famous burials. Visit St. Louis cemetery no. 1 to get a glimpse of the famous tomb of Marie Laveau.

Cemetery Tour in New Orleans
Fall is the best time to visit Cemetery tours in New Orleans due to the spooky history surrounding Halloween and the cooler temperatures.

2. Take a Ghost Tour

New Orleans is full of spirits ad ghosts, so why not go on a ghost tour of the most haunted city in America? Ghost tours typically start around 8 pm, so you can grab a bite to eat at one of New Orleans’s haunted restaurants before exploring the Town. 

3. Visit a Voodoo Shop

New Orleans has a handful of voodoo shops you can visit in the Quarter, but the Haus of Hoodoo has to be one of the best spiritual shops to visit. You can find herbs, burners, books, and more at this location. You can even get a Spiritual Consultation done. 

4. Get a Tarot Card Reading

If you have any questions about your destiny or want to find out anything about your future, visit Hex Old World Witchery for a tarot card reading 

5. Jim Monaghan’s Halloween Parade

It is not a celebration in New Orleans without having a parade or two. Jim Monaghan’s Annual Halloween parade takes place on Halloween night! 

Haunted Hotels to stay in during your New Orleans Trip!

👻Hotel Monteleone – If you want to bump into a ghost wandering the halls, Hotel Monteleone might be for you. the 14th floor offers a chance to see a young boy named Maurice. Click view photos.
👻👻Dauphine Orleans Hotel – There seems to be four main ghosts wandering around this location. Click to view photos of the hotel.
👻👻👻Lafitte Guest House – A young daughter, fell down the stairs and perished in the 1800s but her spirit still lives in the house. Click view photos of the hotel.

6. Sneak a Peek at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Want to explore a museum that is not too spooky or expensive? The Pharmacy Museum is perfect! At Only $5, this small museum allows you to learn everything about pharmaceuticals. Just watch out. Dr. Dupas, the former owner, haunts the Pharmacy Museum. 

7. Take Carriage Rides and Haunted Tours

If walking tours are not your type of Halloween fun, the New Orlean History & Haunts Carriage Tour might be something you want to do while exploring New Orleans.

You will learn about Ghosts, Pirates, Voodoo, Death, Haunter Restaurants, and Hotels! You might be too scared to walk around after this great tour.

8. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

There is something about carving a pumpkin that makes Halloween, well, Halloween! The New Orleans area has a few pumpkin patches throughout the city, but Sugar Roots farm has to be one of the best Pumpkin Patches in New Orleans. Not only will you get a pumpkin, but you can ride horses, paint your face, and buy baked goods! 

9. Watch the Thriller Flash Mob

I didn’t realize Flash Mobs were still a thing until I saw the Thriller Flash Mob a few years ago. For weeks, locals will practice their dance routines and skills to become the perfect Zombie for the Flash Mob’s premiere on Halloween Day.

10. Annual Music Box Scare Faire

Explore the Music Box during their Annual Music Box Scare Faire! Explore the sculpture garden and get musical while enjoying the sounds of the musical instruments. 

11. Attend the Longue Vue Fall Fest

It’s Fall, Y’all, and there is nothing more fun for the family than attending Longue Vue’s Fall Fest. Kids can enjoy lawn games, trick or treating, and family costume contests! 

Halloween for the Brave ones

Even thorough these events and tours are still considered family-friendly – I will let you use your judgment on if you want to bring the Kiddos or not. Some of these events might not be age appropriate for all kids! 

12. Scout Island Scream Park

On the outskirts of New Orleans City Park is Scout Island, Scream Park. Even though you think the kiddos will be scared the whole time, there is a scare-free Kid zone where you can calm down between frights. Scout Island is 160 acres filled with scary activities for the entire krewe. 

13. Get Scared at New Orleans Nightmare

The New Orleans Nightmare haunted house is located right under the Huey P. Long Bridge in Jefferson Parish! This haunted house is full of ghouls and goblins ready to scare you. Start your evening with some liquid courage at the bar. Then stay to compete in some of the escape rooms. 

haunted house in new orleans
New Orleans Nightmare is scary fun!

14. Explore the Mortuary Haunted House

The Mortuary Haunted House is a Halloween Classic. This Haunted Mansion is located on canal street inside a mansion that operated as a Mortuary for over 80 years.

Each year – the haunted house changes, so you will have a new experience. There is also an opportunity to give blood to the Blood Center, you can get a Free Vip Admission that night! 

15. Trunk or Treat

Growing up in the 90s, we didn’t have such thing as Trunk or Treat – you got one night to get all the candy you could, and that was it.

But starting sometime in the 2000s, parents decided that decorating a trunk and handing out candy in a parking lot is a lot of fun – So Trunk or Treat was born! I am a fan of more candy, so make sure to add this to your to-do list while in Town for Halloween Weekend.

16. Halloween on Magazine

If you are looking for a safe place to trick or treat, or you are visiting from out of Town, walk up and down Magazine Street for Halloween on Magazine! Trick or Treating is from Henry Clay to Jefferson. The kids can Trick or Treat while the adults do some shopping! 

Private Homes Haunted Decorations

If you have ever seen New Orleans Decorated for Mardi Gras or Christmas, many private residents love dressing up their houses. A few private residents push the envelope when it comes to Halloween Decorations

17. Visit the Berger Residence

The Berger Residents, fondly known as the Skeleton house, is located on the corner of St Charles and State Street. This house decorates dozens of skeletons in local, political, and entertaining humor. You need to catch the Skeleton house right when the sun is setting to see the spookiness of the skeletons come alive.

Visit the Skeleton House on St. Charles

18. Visit Ghost Manor

Suppose Ghosts are more of your thing, head to the corner of Magazine Street and Second Street to catch a show. You know those TV shows where the Christmas lights are in sync to music, well, ghost manor does that but with a spooky Halloween Twist. 

19. Find the Spider House

If you are looking for a beautiful instagrammable house, you need to check out this house on Nashville street. Each holiday season the owners dress up the house for a different holiday, but the gigantic spider is by far one of my favorites.

Adult Friendly (21+) Halloween Activities in New Orleans

If you are traveling without the kiddos, there are many Adult Friendly events in New Orleans during Halloween. From late-night horror movies to haunted Pub Crawls, get ready to put your Costume on and party the weekend away.

October is one of my favorite months in New Orleans. The weather is cooling down, tons of festivals, cemetery tours, and of course Halloween.
Depart Fashion and I at Halloween

20. Drinks at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

Do you know what makes a Tiki drink even better? A Halloween Tiki Drink! Latitude 29 adds delicious Halloween cocktails to its extensive, well-crafted menu. 

21. Boozy Halloween Luncheon

One of the best things about Halloween in New Orleans is that the celebration lasts much longer than October 31. Many New Orlean restaurants host boozy Halloween Luncheons for the few days before Halloween. Come dressed as a ghost or goblin, and get ready to eat! 

22. After Dark: Creole Death and Mourning Tour at the Hermann-Grima House 

A seasonal favorite, the Creole Death and Mourning tour teaches guests all about the Gallier house after dark. Start your weekend with a little bit of history. 

23. Costume Party Lazarus Ball

Project Lazarus hosts a four-day event in New Orleans, with the Lazarus Ball kicking off Halloween Weekend. The weekend is to raise money and awareness for those living with AIDS. It is considered one of the year’s most celebrated gay party weekends. 

24. New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

Not sure what to do but want to explore a bunch of bars in New Orleans? Sign up for the Haunted Pub Crawl. Learn about Lalaurie Mansion – New Orleans’s most haunted location, and grab a drink at America’s oldest bar. 

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new orleans halloween

25. Endless Night Vampire Ball

Spend all night with Vampires, witches, and Sorcerers when you attend the Grane Gala festival at the house of Blues. You must be in full Costume or black attire – Vampires and Witches rule this party.

26. Kill-o-Rama at the Prytania

Throughout October, catch old-time Classics that will scare the beejeezus out of you. During Halloween weekend, get ready for your Rocky Horror Best to watch one of the best movies made. 

27. Watch the New Orleans Saints Game at the Bar

Halloween is in the middle of football season – and if that is important to you, you may want to catch a game or two.

If you didn’t get tickets to the Saints Game (or LSU) Halloween weekend, grab a spot at these great bars to watch the game. There are so many places where you can watch the Saints game and still be in the Halloween Spirit! 

what to wear at a saints game

28. Lil’ Weezyana Fest

30. With Voodoo Music fest’s postponement (cancelation) being a disappointment, you can still catch live local music by attending Lil Weezyana Fest. Head to Champions Square and spend the afternoon with some New Orleans Favorites. 

29. Stroll down Frenchmen Street

Of course, Frenchmen Street is the place to be on Halloween. Locals (and tourists) descend on Frenchmen Street for one of the biggest Halloween parties in the country.

With everyone in elaborate costumes, plenty of bars and places to see musical performances – why wouldn’t you want to be on Frenchmen?  


30. Explore the St Claude Corridor

If Frenchmen Street and Bourbon Street are not your things, walk down to the St Claude Corridor, where you can party at the Hi-Ho Lounge and Kajuns Pub. 

Visiting during the Halloween Season

Halloween is much more than just October 31 or the weekend before in New Orleans. If you are traveling to New Orleans during October, there are a few Halloween events that you can attend. 

31. Escape the Zombie Run

If you like to eat brains for breakfast or need to get away from zombies – join the New Orleans Zombie run! This run starts at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar, and the Big Easy Rollergirls are there to kill the zombies. 

32. Krewe of Boo

Krewe of Boo is New Orleans’s Official Halloween parade. This family-friendly parade happens the weekend before Halloween and goes throughout the Marigny, French Quarter, and Warehouse district. 

33. Party for Monster Mash

The Monster Mash is an all out party at Generations Hall after Krewe of Boo. It is the Halloween costume party of the year and you may even win a prince from the costume contest

34. Boo Carre Halloween Hunt

The French Market hosts Boo Carre in Dutch Alley – a fun Halloween-filled weekend with live music, trick or treating, and a spooky second line! 

35. Ghosts in Oaks

Ghosts in the Oaks is a family-friendly event at City Park where the family can trick or treat, enjoy arts and crafts, explore the pumpkin patch, and roast hotdogs on a campfire. 

36. Brews and Boos

Brews and Boos is an adult-only event at City Park where adults act like children and run around the Carousel Gardens amusement park while sipping on an unlimited beer and jamming out to a DJ.

37. Celebrate German culture with Oktoberfest

Even though Oktoberfest has very little to do with Halloween – if you are coming to New Orleans during October, you need to attend Oktoberfest! This beer-filled adventure will have you eating all the delicious German food you can get your hands on. 

Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans is one of the best times to be in the city. Whether you attend one of the specialty planned events, luncheons, or plan to party in New Orleans.

Halloween will not be a disappointment. Just remember, New Orleans loves to costume, so be prepared to bring your A-game regarding costuming. 

Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants Favorite French Quarter Hotels

Hotel Monteleone -Scratch off riding the Carousel Bar off of your list after staying at the Hotel Monteleone. Enjoy a heated rooftop pool, fitness center or massage. . Click view photos.
W New Orleans – French Quarter – The W Hotel is located at 316 Chartres Street and has an excellent location, stunning pool, and updated rooms – Click to view photos
Holiday Inn French Quarter Chateau – Located at 301 Dauphine Street, the Holiday Inn Hotel French Quarter Chateau Lemoyne will allow you to stay in the heart of the quarter without breaking the bank – Click to view photos

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