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9 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best In New Orleans

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It may technically still be winter, but Spring in New Orleans starts right after Mardi Gras wraps up. Spring is one of the best and my favorite times of the year because there are so many outside activities to do in and around New Orleans. Read some of my favorite activities to do from March until June.

The perfect time to visit New Orleans is during March April and May. The weather is not too hot, there are plenty of things to do and festival season is starting!

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The 9 best reasons to visit New Orleans in Spring

1. It is finally Snowball Season!

Snowball season lasts all throughout summer and into fall, but after five long months without sugary sweet snowballs, the first snowball of the season is always the tastiest. I worked at a snowball stand from 2000-2009, so I know all of the ins and outs of what to order. My favorites? Watermelon and lime, Chocolate and Coffee, Banana’s Foster and Chocolate, and condensed milk on everything. Snowball stands are open from March – October

Rainbow Snowball with straws and spoons.

Snowball season is here to stay all the way until fall!

2. Wednesday at the Square

Every spring, the Young Leadership Council hosts a free concert at Lafayette Square in downtown New Orleans. All proceeds from concessions go to helping the Young Leadership Council. Some of my favorite vendors include Saucey’s BBQ, Crepes a la Cart, and Ajun Cajun. And of course, you can get snowballs and Abita Beers. Wednesday At the Square is every Wednesday from March-June

3. Irish Channel Parade

Did you think New Orleans only had parades for Mardi Gras? Then you are mistaken! You can probably find a parade or second line every month, but the Irish Channel parade is one of my favorite ones in the city! Coinciding with St Patrick’s day weekend, the 2018 parade falls on St Patrick’s Day. Be prepared to kiss for flowers, scream for beads, and bring enough cabbage home to make dinner for mom and dem. The Irish Channel Parade is March 17.

Mallory and her friend dressed in green for the Irish Channel Parade.

Me and one of my friends at the Irish Channel Parade.

4. Crawfish Season

I usually do not eat seafood, but when I do it is pounds and pounds of boiled crawfish, mixed with potatoes, sausage, pineapple and whatever else is thrown into the pot. Crawfish boils, and beer is a way of life and the best way to survive lent in New Orleans. Many local bars and breweries host Crawfish boil weekly. Crawfish season is from Mid-November through Mid-August, and we even have a Nola Crawfish Festival.

A group of friends hanging out eating crawfish.

Crawfish, potatoes, corn oh my! Crawfish boils are in full fledge in NOLA

5. French Quarter Festival

A free festival held in April that is just absolutely amazing. This festival showcases everything that New Orleans is about. Food, Family, Fun, Music, and libations. The festival spans all of the French Quarter and all of the restaurants, bars, and music venues celebrate the festival well into the night. My favorite thing? Since this is a free festival, you are free to come and go as you please, and when the sun gets too hot, you can just pop into an air-conditioned bar until its time to dance in the sun again. French Quarter Festival is April 12-15.

Shot of St Louis Cathedral with a crowd going to see French Quarter Fest

A sunny day for French Quarter Fest

6. Rooftop Bars

With the sun setting even later in the evening, Rooftop bars are the best way to watch the sunset in the city while sipping on cocktails. My favorite rooftop bars are close to each other, and those are Monkey Board and NOPSI. Rooftop Bars are open most of the year, but it gets really hot during the summer.

Sunset while on a New Orleans Rooftop bar.

Rooftop bars are some of the best places to spend a warm NOLA Evening.

7. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Jazz Fest is loved by locals and travelers alike, a mixture of big names and smaller local bands plus delicious food for everyone to enjoy is what makes Jazz Fest one of the most popular Festivals out there. Running over the course of two weekends, Jazz Fest takes over the race track and turns it into one of the biggest festivals in New Orleans.

Crawfish Monica in front of a stage at jazz fest.

Crawfish Monica at Jazz fest is every local’s guilty pleasure.

8. Breweries

With all of the breweries in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, what’s better than spending a spring day touring the brewery and drinking a beer flights? Nothing. Some of my favorite breweries include New Orleans Lager & Ale (NOLA) Brewing, Urban South, and Wayward Owl Brewing Company.

Small beer flight at the Abita Tasting room.

Abita is one of the many breweries in and around the New Orleans Area.

9. 610 Stompers Ball Crawl

Saving the best for last. My Favorite thing about the 610 stompers ball craw is absolutely everything. Locals dress up in themed costumes (previous years include the 80s and 90s gear) or event sponsored t-shirts and prepare to drink and dance the night away. I love this even so much that one time I won one of the many contests that happen throughout the day. The ball always falls on the Saturday around June 10 this year’s ball is on June 9th.

Mallory Lindsly competing in a 610 stompers ball crawl.

My winning moment for the 610 stompers ball crawl.

Visit New Orleans this Spring

Those are just my top 9 things to do in New Orleans over Spring. This list didn’t even include the Hogs for the Cause, Crescent City Classic, Freret Street fest, Ponchatoula Strawberry Fest, Tall Ships week, New Orleans Food and Wine Experiences, Greek Fest, Bayou Boogaloo and the many more events going on in the city. Want to know what to do in New Orleans during the Summer, time to find out!.

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