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25 New Orleans Murals you Must See Now

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One of my favorite things about travel is finding Instagrammable spots, but murals in New Orleans are beautiful all on their own. From local artists, and traveling artists, to world-renowned artists, New Orleans Street art has picked up its pace in the past few years.

So whether you are looking to add a few pictures to your Instagram or you just want to do a Do It Yourself tour, this blog post will guide you through some of the best New Orleans Murals throughout all of the neighborhoods.

Just like the New Orleans public art scene, this blog post will be ever-growing as I discover new Murals throughout the city and when new artists come to town to paint.

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You are probably wondering why New Orleans Street Art has become more prevalent in recent years. Well, in 2019, it became easier and cheaper to paint a mural in the city limits.

A permit used to cost 0 to paint a mural on private property, and that fee has dropped down to $50 – allowing people to commission artists easier.

How do I get from Mural to Mural?

You will find that murals are clustered and concentrated together in New Orleans, making many of them a walkable distance. Please note that some of the murals on this list are on opposite sides of town or off on their own.

I recommend using a rideshare app and walking around or using a car and parking it at different spots throughout the city. The murals below are listed in my recommended order to see them.

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25 beautiful murals to find in new orleans

13 Instagrammable Murals in New Orleans

Gert Town, HollyGrove, and Broadmoor Neighborhoods

1. Queen behind Five Happiness

3605 S Carrollton Ave

Goddess behind Five Happiness

Gabriel Alexander Flores and the artist collective of New Orleans Paint and Design (NOP+D).

Photography tip: There are five murals behind the Five Happiness. Since this is a parking lot, you can either get there when there are no cars or no trash. When I arrived early on a Sunday, I captured three of the five murals without vehicles in the way, but the dumpster and overflowing trash were blocking the other two.

Queen behind Five Happiness
504 behind five happiness

2. Hollygrove Mural With Lil Wayne

By Ceaux
8401 Olive St, New Orleans

Hollygrove Mural with Lil Wayne

Painted back in 2017, this mural was Ceaux’s idea to showcase a hometown hero – Lil Wayne, in the heart of Hollygrove. Lil Wayne is known as one of the greatest rappers in the world, coming from one of the poorest areas in New Orleans.

A favorite among locals, this mural rose to fame during Drake’s 2018 video In My Feelings. That’s when everyone began flocking to Phase III Body Shop on 8401 Olive Street in Hollygrove, naturally.

Before you snap, you see this stunning mural for your self, look at some of the detail Ceaux put into the mural. From the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) to a mimic of Lil Wayne’s tattoo, and finally the 0017th to represent Hollygrove.

Photography tip: Take a photo of this mural in the late afternoon, there won’t be any shadows on it, and you can really soak in the colors. If you are a tourist, this is more of an Uber or drive to spot because if it off the beaten path from other touristy areas.

Fun Fact: this Mural was showcased in Drakes Music video below

3. The People United Will Never be Defeated

By Zac Maras, Mr. Balloon Hands and Dirty Funq,
2745 Broad St., visible from the Propeller parking lot at 4035 Washington Ave

Photography tip: This mural is better photographed in the early morning so that it is in full shade or afternoon, so it is in full sun. I love passing by this mural when I am on my way to Roulaison Distilling Co.

4. Motivation Team Athletic Academy Mural

By BMike
3445 Toledano St, New Orleans, LA 70125

b mike and the little homies behind the gym

Photography tip: Since this is an active gym site, try going when it is closed. In the morning hours, the basketball goal will cast a shadow on the full mural, so it is better to visit in the afternoon.


By Fat Kids from Outer Space
6307 S Miro St, New Orleans


Photography tip: This mural is sure to get you hungry. Make sure to use a wide lens or the pano mode on your phone to get the entire building. Continue down the alleyway to see two more independent murals by the dumpster and shed. My favorite is the alligator hanging out by the trash.

Alligator by Midcity pizza

Freret Neighborhood

6. Gasa-Gasa In Nola

Gasa-Gasa In Nola MTO Murals in NOLA

4920 Freret Street

MTO, a graffiti street artist from France named Mateo Lepeintre, came to New Orleans in 2013 and painted this hyper-realistic mural on the side of Gasa-Gasa in New Orleans. This piece is notable because it was one of the first pieces to be commissioned in New Orleans before the big Mural Art boom.

This piece was sponsored by Micah Burns, the owner of Gasa Gasa, and features four prominent male singers performing on Freret Street.

Photography Tip: Unless you come super early in the morning or luck out, there is usually a car or two parked near or in front of this mural. Get creative with your photo! Concentrate on one or two of the artists featured in the photo and make this one your own.

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7. Sailor tattoo alley murals

By Fat Kids from Outer Space
5010 Freret Street

Sailor tattoo alley murals

Photography tip: Since this is in the alley, be ready to catch some photos of trash and hard angles. My Favorite part of this entire mural is the puppy dog!

8. Dat Dog Mural

5030 Freret Street,
Jacob Arroyo completed his mural with the help of ninth-to 12th-grade students at Lusher.

Dat Dog mural by Lusher Students2

Photography tip: Dat Dog is usually a pretty busy business, and with limited off-street parking, this mural is sure to be blocked by cars. Make sure to take this photo early in the morning or during an off-hour.

9. Liberty Triangle

By Kelsey Cook
Freret Street + Soniat Street

our libery is bound together new orleans2

10. Love Swimming mural

Designed by Mary DiPasquale Burns and painted in collaboration with Monica Rose Kelly & Colleen Hickey
5221 S. Front Street

Love Swimming mural

Photography tip: More of a direction tip, but I had no idea that you could cross Tchoupitoulas, and there were streets on the other side. Even though this mural is massive, it is very easy to pass up if you are not looking for S Front Street. You want to make sure to see all of the small nuances of this mural.

Central City Neighborhood

11. Two-story Dr. John portrait by MTO on Toledano Street

by MTO
Dryades and Toledano

Two-story Dr. John portrait by MTO on Toledano Street

Photography tip: One of the most stunning Murals from this collection. If this house has a car in front of it, you can easily get the full mural from the side. Visiting at any point during the day should be perfect for snapping your photo.

12. Portrait on Washington

By Unknown
Washington Avenue

untitled on Washington

Photography tip: While driving down Washington Avenue, this mural is very easy to pass up, but you will want to make a U-turn and snap the photo. You can take this photo by standing on the sidewalk or standing in the street on a low traffic morning.

Garden District Neighborhoods

13. Greetings From Nola

By Greetings Tour
2104 Magazine St

Greetings from NOLA

I was so excited to find out about this freshly painted Mural! Greetings From Nola is a mural that went up during Mardi Gras 2019, and it will be here to stay for a long time.

I love the story behind the Greetings Tour – they are planning on painting a mural in every state, so add it to your bucket list to catch a few of them while you are traveling. I first found out about the Greetings Tour during my vacation to Tucson.

Photography tip: Get artistic with your photo! Sometimes there are cars parked in front of the murals, so instead of a full picture with the mural, try a creative selfie.

14. The Gray Ghost

By Banksy

Clio and Carondelet Streets

Photography tip: After seeing this photo many times on Instagram, I was surprised to know that it was on a pink wall! Taking a photo with the pink wall gives the photo more character to show how the landscape has changed since 2008.

Central Business District

15. Survive the Drought, I wish you well

By BMike and Young Artist Movement
636 Baronne Street

Survive the Drought, I wish you well By BMike and Young Artist Movement

One of my all-time favorite street artists, Bmike, will appear a couple of times on this mural thread. Mostly because of his work and the colors he chooses, just speak to me. Survive the Drought; I wish you well is a piece that is apart of the Unframed project privately funded by The Helis Foundation and coordinated by the Arts Council of New Orleans.

Tucked away in a parking lot of Baronne Street, this piece was worked on by BMike and the Young Artists movement.

Photography Tip: There is so much subtle detail on in this Mural that you will want to take a few minutes to take it all in before you decide what section you want to focus on.

16. One time in New Orleans

445 S. Rampart St
By Brandan “Bmike” Odums

Unfortunately, this mural was destroyed in August 2021 during Hurricane Ida.

One Time in New Orleans b mike

On the back of the former Little Gem Salon is the first mural that I feel in love with! Walking around the Central Business District on my lunch break, you see a lot of different things.

This Buddy Bolden Mural reminds New Orleanians what this section of Rampart means to our history. From the birthplace of Jazz and the neighborhood of Louis Armstrong, this section of Rampart is looking forward to a nod of revitalization.

Photography Tip: The Little Gem Salon closed, and so far, there are no signs of reopening as something else or of painting over the mural. The Mural was only commissioned in 2018, so hopefully, the new owners appreciate BMikes art and keep it around. But just in case you want to make this a stop on your next New Orleans trip.

17. Trixie Minx

Pisco Bar Nola 914 Union St

Trixie Minx New Orleans Murals

Burlesque star Trixie Minx is used to being on the big stage, but at the Catahoula Hotel’s Pisco Bar, she is larger than life! This three-story high mural of Trixie is unexpected and stunning at the same time.

Paired with the adorable checkered floor, aqua chairs, black tables, and twinkle lights, this watering hole is one of the prettiest courtyards in New Orleans.

Photography Tip: Admired the mural from the bottom floor or go to one of the higher floors to ensure that the entire mural will be able to fit in your Instagram square.

18. Louis Armstrong

Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Leo, better known as Eduardo Kobra
300 S. Rampart St

Louis Armstrong Mural

This stunning mural caused quite a stir when it was first going up. Painted on the side of an abandoned building turning into a boutique hotel, the world-famous Eduardo Kobra came to New Orleans to paint a colorful portrait of Louis Armstrong during Armstrong’s birthday weekend.

Photography Tip: Like most murals in this area, this is painted in a parking lot, so getting a good, clear shot of it is hard. The best time to take a photo of this mural is around noon or in the afternoon, so the sun hits it just right.

There are many windows in this Mural, so make sure you avoid snapping a photo of yourself! Unless you want to be in the mural.

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19. A. P. Tureaud and Lucille Dejoie

Pythian Market Food Hall: 234 Loyola Avenue
By Brandan “Bmike” Odums

A. P. Tureaud and Lucille Dejoie

Food Halls deliver tasty food to all of its patrons, but food halls in New Orleans tend to step up their game. While Auction House has its lips covered bathroom, Pythian Market has this stunning mural of A. P. Tureaud and Lucille Dejoie hid in a nook of the Food Hall.

But who are these two people? Well, in 1908, the Pythian Market food hall used to be the Pythian Temple, a space for the colored Knights of Pythias, a fraternal association. This building housed many offices of African American Groups, including the NAACP and the Plasterers Union.

Renowned local civil rights attorney A. P. and Lucielle met on the rooftop of the Pythian Temple. The rest became history after BMike planned to immortalize them in the mural.

Photography Tip: Pythian Market is open for breakfast through Dinner, so avoid coming here during lunch to snap a photo of this Mural. If you are with friends or have a good tripod, this is the perfect spot to take a picture of the mural with you in it.

French Quarter and Iberville Neighborhoods

20. Untitled
Canal and Royal

Photography Tip: This Mural is on plywood so that it could disappear at any time. This street corner is a little on the dangerous side, so make sure to take your photos and move quickly.

Bywater and Marigny Neighborhood

21. Studio Be

By B Mike
2941 Royal Street

Studio Be

As you may have seen, I love following BMike’s work. It appears that each month there is a new mural that I find by him. If you want to look at BMike’s first solo show, the entire studio is in a warehouse in the Bywater. You can tour the inside of the warehouse and see all of the works.

Photography tip: The outside of the Warehouse is just as stunning as the inside. Make sure to take your photos when there are no cars in the parking lot. The Studio closes Sunday-Tuesday, and those days can guarantee fewer cars outside of the Warehouse.

22. The Looters

International House Hotel, 221 Camp Street

The looters banksy new orleans murals

In 2008, Banksy, a famous anonymous England based street artist, descended on New Orleans and created 11 pieces of vandalism art around the city. Even though many of the pieces have been vandalized or ruined, only a few pieces remain intact in New Orleans. If you want to see one of the famous murals from the post-Katrina Era – find The Looters in the International House hotel.

The whole side of the building was removed and preserved, so visitors from all over the world can view the original Banksy.

Photography tip: The Looters are located in the hotel lobby. You can quickly get a great photo without trying, but make sure to do something fun and funny with the painting. A lot of people tend to pretend to push a grocery cart to help with the looting.

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23. Louisiana Blue Note

1136 Touro Street

Louisiana Blue Note by mto

The second MTO piece on this New Orleans Murals post is the Louisiana Blue Note, which is a giant mural painted on the side of a two-story Seventh ward home.

This hyper-realistic mural features a man lounging while reading a book and hanging on to a harmonica. Since it was curated in 2013, it has suffered vandalism and is now behind a wired fence.

Photography Tip: Since this is on private property, the owner can have whatever they want, blocking the mural – get creative with your angles and find unique ways to incorporate the fence and other barriers.

24. Umbrella Girl

1434 N Rampart Street

Umbrella Girl by Banksy

A Banksy piece in the wild! Even though two more parts are still surviving, The Umbrella Girl on the corner of North Rampart and Kerlerec Street is an all-time favorite for locals and tourists alike.

If you look closely, you will notice that Umbrella Girl’s rain is coming from her Umbrella while outside of her Umbrella is dry. A layer of plexiglass protects this piece.

Photography Tip: One of my favorite things about Umbrella Girl is that she is surrounded by Graffiti. Surrounded by protected glass, it is amazing to see Umbrella Girl next to the grime of the city.

25. Koi Fish

Jeremy Novy
All over New Orleans

Koi Fish on the ground in New Orleans

Jeremy Novy is a street artist that paints a little trio of Koi Fish on the sidewalks all over the United States. His fish can be found in Madison, San Francisco, and of course, New Orleans. I’ve seen the Koi Fish randomly while walking, but my favorite place to see the fish is in front of Banky’s Umbrella girl (see above!)

Photography Tip: Whenever you see the Koi fish take out your camera and take a photo – these little sidewalk bandits are so cute and quickly sneak up on you while walking!

New Orleans Murals

There are so many murals in New Orleans that this blog post will be updated whenever I find new murals or hear of an artist creating new Murals in Town.

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