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17 Terrifying Things to Experience in Spooky New Orleans

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The spookiest time to visit New Orleans is right now! New Orleans is known as one of the spookiest places in the United States, and even when it is not Halloween season, the city is full of paranormal activity that may keep you up at night. 

Most tourists come to New Orleans to celebrate the rich culture, food, and live music – but did you know that the city’s tumultuous history and rich history of Voodoo make it one of the best places for a spooky good time?

This article will cover some of the spookiest things to do in New Orleans and some not-so-spooky but seasonal delights you can participate in while in town. Keep reading to learn about one of the United States’ most haunted cities.

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What Spooky Things to Do in New Orleans?

New Orleans has several spooky things to do in town, from Ghost tours to haunted restaurants and hotels. You are bound to be surrounded by spirits in this haunted city. 

1. Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Le Petit Theatre is the perfect place to watch a play or maybe a haunt. This historic theater’s haunts go back a hundred years to the 1920s when a young girl named Adele suffered a fatal accident while on stage. His spirit has lingered in the theater ever since, and she will make her presence known to actors, staff, and visitors. 

People have heard unexplained footsteps, creepy voices, and strange apparitions.

2. Louis Cemetery No. 1

One of the most famous haunted cemeteries in New Orleans is St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Tourist love going on a cemetery tour of this location to see the above-ground burials, which give a little extra spook while on your walking tour. This Cemetery holds some of the most famous residents’ remains of new orleans, including voodoo queen Marie Laveau. 

People have claimed they have a strong presence of Spirits and apparitions around Marie Laveau’s tomb. Staff have reported sudden drops in temperatures, orbs of light, or sudden wind gusts while in the Cemetery. 

Click here to find tour availability.

3. Bourbon Orleans Hotel

This may look like just another hotel in the French Quarter, but the Bourbon Orleans Hotel is another one of New Orleans’s Haunted places to visit on your list. Countless tragic events allowed ghosts to haunt this area, including the Great Fire of 1822, a former orphanage, and many other stories. This hotel ranked as one of the Top Ten Haunted Hotels in America.

People have claimed they can hear faint music, footsteps, and a ghostly figure twirling and dancing in the hotel’s ballroom. 

Check out photos of the Bourbon Orleans here!

4. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Getting a drink at the oldest Haunted bar in New Orleans – you will get some ghostly haunts while on Bourbon Street. This bar is named after the famed pirate Jea Lafitte who used this bar as part of his smuggling operations. Lafitte’s bar is rumored to be a central meeting place for many voodoo practitioners adding just a little mystery to this bar.

Patrons claim that there is a residual energy in the bar, including ghostly sightings, strange occurrences, and a sense of unease. Many locals believe the resident ghosts come by to enjoy a beverage at the bar. 

5. The Jimani Lounge

A lounge with a horrible past full of horrific mass murder. The Upstairs Lounged was located near the Jimani Bar and celebrated Pride Weekend in 1973. Just before 8 pm, catastrophe struck when someone left fire and lighter fluid blazing up the stairs. Some escaped, but over 30 people died from this event.

With some of the newest haunts on this list, patrons of the Jimani lounge have claimed to feel an icy touch of spirits in the rattling of elevator chains. Ghost Hunters visited the Jimani Bar in 2012 and picked up some EVPs but could not establish contact. 

6. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

For just a small admission, you can tour the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, but you may stumble across some creepy things other than spirits. A famous story with the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is that Dr. Joseph Dupas, a physician accused of being a serial killer, used the pharmacy to position unsuspecting patients. 

Some visitors reported seeing the spirits of past pharmacists or customers lingering within the building.

Get your tickets to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.
The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is a great way to spend a few hours inside learning about the history of prescription drugs.

7. The LaLaurie Mansion

One of the most famous historic buildings on the list, The LaLaurie Mansion is known for the gruesome acts that the owners of the Mansion, Madame LaLaurie, did to enslaved Africans. A fire broke out in 1834, which led to the discovery of a secret room in the Mansion where the LaLuries tortured many enslaved people. When the community found out, they ran the LaLauries out of town.

Passerbyers hear screams and cries of agony; those inside feel an overwhelming sense of unease and dread. This Mansion is one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church was built at the height of the yellow fever epidemic in 1827 when hundreds of corpses and bodies passed through the church.

Many say they feel eerie inside the church, particularly by the Marion Grotto underneath it. 

Check out this tour to learn more about LaLaurie Mansion.

8. Jackson Square

One of the most iconic squares in New Orleans is Jackson Square. This square has a gruesome history because it was the location for punishments and executions. Between Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral, you will find fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers, and voodoo items. 

jackson square at christmas

9. Mortuary Haunted House

Did you know New Orleans can turn an old Mortuary into a haunted house? In early October, the Mortuary transforms into a haunted attraction. With the past of being a Moturary and funeral home for many years, this is one of the best Halloween attractions for newly spooked people to explore.

Many visitors visit during the Halloween season, so there is more of a psychological fear that regular and ghostly people are haunting you. 

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10. Old Absinthe House

If historical significance buildings are something you like, The Old Absinthe House is allegedly the meeting place for General Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte before the Battle of 1815. 

Legend has it that Jean Lafitte likes to hang out on the second floor with his whole crew. Staff and guests have heard sounds of laughter and beer mugs falling over. You can also spot Marie Leveau here or the second floor gazing out the window. 

11. Hotel Saint Pierre

One of the oldest buildings in New Orleans, this 18th-century hotel is a great place to try to find a ghost or two.

Guests have claimed that they can feel the sensation of someone or something sitting at the end of their bed. Others have claimed that they have heard the sound of footsteps when no one else was there. 

Check availability to stay at Hotel Saint Pierre.

12. Myrtles Plantation

 Even though the Myrtles Plantation is not technically in New Orleans (about three hours away), it gets an honorable mention because it is a quick day trip from New Orleans. Most people take a day trip to see the Plantations anyway so you could add this to your list. The tale of the Myrtles Plantation is that Chloe, one of the slaves, poisoned the plantation owner’s family. Her spirit is believed to linger in the house. 

Guests have reported hearing doors opening and closing without explanation, handprints appearing in a mirror, and furniture moving without cause. 

Its best to rent a car to visit the Myrtle’s but if you can’t, you can always rent a private tour out to the plantation.


Abandoned Areas

These haunted areas of town are abandoned. We do not suggest venturing to these places to get spooked or catch a ghost. Many of these abandoned areas are heavily guarded and have wild animals that can cause you harm. You have been warned. 

13. Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans

Commonly known as Jazzland to the locals, Six Flags New Orleans stands still just as it was the day it closed – the day before Hurricane Katrina. The amusement park may be redeveloped, but at this time, it is still an abandoned amusement park outside of the new orleans area.

14. Charity Hosptial

If you are driving close to the Superdome, you may notice a large abandoned hospital in the middle of Town – Charity Hospital is another abandoned building due to Katrina. At one time, it was the oldest operating hospital in the United States. Every Christmas, someone puts up a small eerie Christmas Tree and lights that you can see from the street. 

Spooky Things to do

If you aren’t interested in stumbling into a Ghost but are looking for something spooky to do in New Orleans, there are tons of unique ways to spend your time here. Some of these spooky items are not good for older kids, while others will be an excellent time for the whole family. 

15. Ghost tours

New Orleans is one of the best places to go on a ghost tour, and if you want to see many of the buildings or hear some more ghost sightings and stories, it is best to take one! Ghost tours can last anywhere from 1-2 hours, and the best ones are either the Witches Brew Tours or the Hottest Hell Tours, which is adult only.


16. Museum of Death

This museum is rated high on the spooky factor! It is not your traditional museum but full of exhibits related to death. Visitors can divulge into subjects about serial killers – like Charles Manson and Ted Bundy- funeral practices and history of execution methods. Exhibits feature crime scenes, autopsy instruments, and artwork inspired by death. 

Psychic reading If you want to dabble in something spooky, a psychic reading is a great way to explore the beyond. There are many places in Jackson Square or The French Quarter where you can stumble into a place to do a reading, but New Orleans Psychic and Medium Cari Roy is well-known for her practice. She offers private readings by appointment. 

17. Voodoo Museum

The New Orleans Voodoo Museum is the perfect place to stop by if you are looking for unique things to study. With years of history, this voodoo museum is a self-guided tour where tourists can take in anything and everything Voodoo. From Voodoo dolls to New Orleans history, you are bound to learn a thing or two. 

18. New Orleans Nightmare

You must visit at least one of the haunted houses to leave New Orleans. An excellent place to experience a Halloween Haunted house is New Orleans Nightmare. Located in Jefferson Parish, this haunted house is a must-do on your list. 

New Orleans Nightmare

Places to stay During Your Spooky Weekend

If you are coming to New Orleans during the spooky time of year, you should book a room at the Hotel Monteleone. This famous haunted hotel is also truly haunted, so if you want to catch a ghost or two while sleeping, add a stay here to your list. When booking, request a room on the 14th floor closer to the spirits. 

You can also choose to stay at the at Hotel Saint Pierre or Bourbon Orleans Hotel.

Let’s Plan your Trip.

What are you waiting for – now is the time to plan your Trip to find all the spooky things to do in New Orleans! From going on a ghost tour to learning all about the haunted history this city offers, A spooky trip to New Orleans is always fun.

Halloween in New Orleans is one of the best times to come and visit if you want to go ghost hunting during the spooky season.

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