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39 Things to do in Jefferson Parish This Spring

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Exploring Jefferson is one of the best things you can do during a Southern Louisiana vacation or road trip – or even as a local! This parish spans several towns and incorporated areas, including Metairie, Louisiana’s fourth-largest city, which will give you plenty to do while exploring everything.

Jefferson Parish even goes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. If you thought New Orleans had it all, visit Jefferson Parish to explore the neighborhoods and swamps!

Wherever you are, local or a visitor, check out these fun things to do in Jefferson parish during the Spring!

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Things to do in Metairie

Metairie is the first suburb of New Orleans and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The name comes from the French word Moitoire which means little farms.

1. Attend the Metairie Raod St Patrick’s Day Parade

Mardi Gras is not the only time to catch beads! Metairie Road’s St Patrick’s Day Parade is a tradition that should be noticed! Not only will you catch beads and other fun trinkets, but you can also catch all kinds of vegetables to make a delicious meal afterward! If a guy walks up to you with a fake flower, give him a smooch on the cheek!

2. Celebrate at the Irish-Italian Parade

The Irish-Italian parade goes down the traditional Metairie Mardi Gras route. The Irish-Italian parade also has walking krewes giving out roses for kisses.

3. Go Mural Spotting

All over Jefferson Parish, there are Murals to be found! Most of the Murals are located in Fat City but you can spot some on the Westbank and throughout all of Jefferson Parish.

murals in metairie

4. Go to the Black & Gold Gala for the Jefferson Chamber

Bring your finest cocktail attire and head on over to the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Black and Gold Gala. Open bar, silent auctions, and a casino night will keep you entertained this Spring.

5. Attend Nola On Tap

Beer lovers unite! Nola on Tap has moved to the Spring and Jefferson Parish. Known as Louisiana’s Largest beer festival, Grab your drinking pants because this is a whole day of tasting local, national, and homebrew beers.

6. Have fun at Virtual Reality Sports

Loft 18 Metairie is fun for the whole family! From tasty food to virtual reality golf and other sports games, you will enjoy playing at Loft18.

virtual reality golf

7. Catch a show in Jefferson Parish

You can watch a play or music in two places. The Jefferson Performing Arts Center and the Westwego performing arts theatre have spring shows to entertain theatergoers!

What to do in Kenner this Spring

Kenner is home to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport! Its motto is that it is America’s City – There are a few things for you to do in Kenner while exploring Jefferson Parish.

sunset in Kenner

8. Explore Rivertown

Located on the Mississippi River and the heart of Kenner, Rivertown is a small historic district with shops, restaurants, and gift shops. For those history buffs, you can visit La Salle’s Landing to see where Robert Cavalier De La Salle landed, claiming a part of Louisiana for the French. You can even see some replicated historic buildings in Kenner’s Heritage Park. 

9. Visit the Kenner Planetarium and Megadome Cinema

the Planetarium is open to the public every Saturday! With a different show every hour, you can embrace all the different shows.

10. Play Volleyball at Coconut Beach

Located close to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, Coconut Beach offers courts you can rent for Sand Volleyball. Sand Volleyball at Coconut Beach is always a great springtime to get outdoors and play.

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39 Things to do in Jefferson Parish This Spring

11. Treasure Chest Casino

Located on Lake Pontchartrain, the Treasure Chest Casino is Jefferson Parish’s only Casino, technically located on a boat! Bring your cash because this Casino has all the slots, tables, and betting areas your heart could desire.

12. Spend the day at the Airport

Did you know that the New Orleans Airport is in Jefferson Parish and you can visit it? If you last took a flight a while ago and want to see the new restaurants and shops in the airport, you can sign up for a Day Guest Pass to visit MSY.


West Bank – Things to do

The Jefferson Parish section of the Westbank includes Avondale, West Wego, Marrero, and Gretna. This area of Jefferson Parish is diverse and has many.

13. Attend the Zurich Classic

Have you ever wanted to watch golf pros all day? Well, you can look at the Zurich Classic at TPC Louisiana. This is a must-do for any golf lover!

14. Race a go Kart at NOLA Motorsports Park

Did you know that Jefferson Parish has the fastest go-kart racetrack in the United States? Grab your helmet and jump in a go-card with your friends; this will be fun!

15. Go to the Westwego Farmer’s Market Friday Night Concerts

Looking for live music? The Westwego Farmers Market holds a few Friday Night Concerts.

16. Explore an art gallery

Explore Westwego native Josh Wingerter’s Art Center. This stunning art will have you reaching for your wallet for an original

art gallery in westwego

17. Songs on Sala

Looking for more music? The Westwego Cultural Center will host Songs on Sala monthly during the Spring.

18. Explore the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Jean Lafitte is a must on your bucket list. Head over to the Jean Lafitte visitor center to grab a map and see all of the additional areas of the National Park Service around Jefferson and Orleans parishes. If you are looking for alligators, look at the Barataria preserve. You can spot numerous bird species and other animals throughout these Louisiana wetlands.


19. Hike the Palmetto Trail

If you want a great view of the swamp and the safety of walking on a boardwalk, This trail is for you! only .9 miles round trip, this out-and-in walk will help you spot gators!

20. Walk on the Bayou Coquille Trail

Located in Jean Lafitte Natoinal Park. This 1.9-mile trail is a quick out-and-back hike. Even though it is open year-round, the spring weather is the perfect time to visit and go birding.

Jean Lafitte

Also known as Central Jefferson, the town of Lafitte is where you go to escape the hustle and bustle of the surrounding areas. You can relax and connect back to nature in Jean Lafitte.

21. Go on an Airboat Adventures Swamp tour

One of the best ways to explore the swamps is through an airboat adventure. Coined the Best swamp tours in New Orleans, the Airboat swap tour will have you going through different swamp lands and bayous to give you the best experience.

22. Explore the Barataria Musuem

If you want to know more about this historic fishing village, the Barataria Museum is the perfect place to spend a spring afternoon.

Grand Isle

One of the most remote areas in Jefferson Parish is Grand Isle! This Barrier Island is known for its world-class fishing and birding and has miles of beaches on the gulf coast. There are always outdoor activities to do in Grand Isle.

23. Go to Grand Isle State park

One of the best ways to explore Grand Isle is to explore the State park! This is one of the perfect places to bring your RV and go camping just steps from the Gulf of Mexico.

24. Go up and down the Grand Isle birding trail

If birding is your thing, you can take the Grand Isle Birding Trail. These Cultural wetlands and scenic byways allow you to see seabirds and shorebirds!

25. Take a chartered boat out of Grand Isle

Fishing is a way of life in Grand Isle, and one of the best things to do in Jefferson parish during the Spring is to get on a boat and go Off Shore fishing. Grand Isle is also home to the oldest fishing tournament during the summertime!

26. Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration

Each Spring, the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration happens throughout Grand Isle. After a long flight across the Gulf of Mexico, many birds flock to Grand Isle before heading north for the Fall.

Things to eat in Jefferson Parish

There are so many local restaurants to eat at in Jefferson Parish, and Spring time is one of the best times to get out there and try new or new to you restaurants. Whether trying some of the oldest establishments in Jefferson Parish or you want to grab a sweet treat, this list will help you decide what and where to eat.

27. Eat along the Louisiana Oyster Trail

Oysters are big in Louisiana. If you have not noticed, many restaurants participating in the Oyster Trail also have hand-painted three-foot-tall oyster statues in front of their businesses! Make sure you take some time to explore these delicious restaurants!

Metairie – Places to eat

28. Dine in rooftop dining at Parish Line Bistro

Old Metairie has Jefferson Parish’s first rooftop dining – Parish Line Bistro. If you are looking for a yummy place to grab a bite to eat or to watch the trains go by near Metairie Road, Parish Line Bistro is open for lunch and dinner.

29. Grab a Snowball at Casey’s or Sal’s

Jefferson Parish has some of the best snowballs in Louisiana! After a long break in the season, springtime is the perfect time to grab a snowball or two. Bring cash because any of these businesses do not take cards!

snowball at caseys

30. Eat all you can at Acme Oyster House

If chargrilled Oysters are your thing, Spring is the last time you should eat them before the Fall Season! Acme Oyster House knows how to deliver fresh seafood for the whole family.

31. Eat at the original Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

The Original Drago’s opened up in Jefferson Parish’s Fat City in Metairie. If you need more delicious oysters, grab a couple of their famous charbroiled oysters.

Places to eat in Kenner

32. Eat a massive meatball at Gendusa’s

The Italian food in Jefferson parish is the bee’s knees, but nothing competes with the massive meatball at Gendusa’s. These meatballs are almost the size of your fist! Eat with Caution!

big meatball

33. Grab a slice of Cake at Debbie on the Levee

Debbie on the Levee, located in Kenner’s Rivertown, is the perfect escape to buy delicious slices of doberge cakes. In case you didn’t know Doberge Cake is one of the must eats in Louisiana.

doberge cake

34. Tacos Del Cartel

Looking for an Instagrammable place to grab some Mexican food and take some adorable photos? Look no further than Tacos Del Cartel. From Fajitas to Tacos, this is a must-eat place in Jefferson Parish. 

tacos del cartel


35. Eat boiled crawfish at Perino’s boiling pot restaurant

One of my favorite things to do in Louisiana is eat boiled crawfish in the Spring! Perino’s Boiling Pot in Marrero will give you fair prices, and you can buy a delicious Barq’s root beer to wash down all the spices.

36. Eat at Mosca’s

Looking for a nothing Fancy delightful meal from an Italian Restaurant? Head over to Westwego and grab a bite to Eat at Mosca’s. The menu may be small, but everything is delicious.

37. Dine at Gretna’s Oldest Restaurant

Da Wabbit is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat during the week while exploring Gretna. Come in for Red Beans Monday, or grab a Fish Fry at the end of the week.

Jean Lafitte

38. Restaurant Des Families

Located in Crown Point, Restaurant des Families offers a picturesque dining experience while serving delicious food. You can get anything from seafood to Boudin stuffed chicken on the menu.

Grand Isle

Being a Barrier Island, prepare to buy or bring groceries to Grand Isle. There are a few places to dine, but know that seafood is plentiful in this part of Jefferson Parish.

39. Hurricane Hole

Located, need to find out the famous Highway 1. Hurricane Hole has Italian Inspire Island Cuisine. After a day of Fishing, Hurricane Hole is more than happy to cook your catch of the day.

Things to do in Jefferson Parish Spring

There are so many things to do in Jefferson Parish during the Spring that visitors can add 1-2 days to their New Orleans trips. Jefferson Parish is super family-friendly, and its annual events are top-notch! What are some of your favorite things to do in Jefferson parish during the Spring?

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