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Save Money by Dryeling your Comforter

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Using Dryel, a home dry cleaning kit, to clean my hard to dry clean only items has changed my life. I am now finding new, creative ways to dry clean at home while using my Dryel Dry Cleaning Kit.

Follow this 9 Step Dryel Review to learn how to dry clean your comforter at home.

Dryel - an at home dry cleaning kit

Getting ready to use Dryel on my comforter. This at home dry cleaning kit is a miracle worker.

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Do You Enjoy Dry Cleaning?

I tend to shy away from clothes and other household items that are dry clean only. As someone who is trying to watch her budget, I feel like the added cost and time commitment to go to the dry cleaners is just not worth it.

I had heard of Dryel before but was a skeptic of dry cleaning at home, especially with something as large as a comforter! After testing out Dryel on some of my clothes, I became a firm believer that Dryel can save you tons of money in the long run.

The true test is testing out dry cleaning my comforter came into play!

Unboxing of Dryel

I unboxed the Dryel Kit which retails $9.99 and can clean up to 20 small garments. Each kit has a Reusable Fabric Protection Bag, ULTRAcleaning cloth, a stain pen, and an Odor and Wrinkle Releaser.

The protection bag helps maintain the optimal amount of cleaning agents and heat to care for clothes, but if you are trying to clean a large item like a comforter, you do not need to use the protection bag.

The ULTRAcleaning Cloth to release cleaning agents that remove body soil and odors.

A stain pen that is designed to safely and efficiently eliminate stains from fabrics.

Odor and Wrinkle Releaser helps removes stains and adds freshness to heavily soiled areas like the underarms or collars. This is perfect to bring with you while traveling!

To see all the items watch my unboxing video here:

How to Dry Clean a Comforter at Home

I don’t know about you, but Sundays are the days that I catch up on all the things I forgot to do during the week. Usually, that’s Laundry.

Every Sunday I wash my sheets – it’s just something my mom instilled in me since I was little.

But this past weekend, my comforter needed some extra TLC. I’m not usually in my room, but the poor thing gets abused all the time by me putting weird stuff on it – purses, lunch kits, and worst of all luggage.

I also have an inside-outside cat that likes to jump all in my bed and use my comforter as her own personal bed!

I decided to put my dry cleaning at home skills to test, and I was going to Dryel my Dry Clean Only comforter!

Dryel my comforter

My inside-outdoor cat loves climbing into my bed. It sure is time to Dryel my comforter.

Step 1 – Purchase Dryel

Dryel is a home dry cleaning kit that is specially designed to dry clean your fabrics at home with the power of steam!

You can purchase Dryel from your local store, Walmart or on

Step 2 – Wash Your Sheets and Blankets

Climbing into a thoroughly cleaned bed will feel like you are at your favorite hotel.

While you are preparing your comforter, put your sheets in the wash to get everything smelling great!

Step 3 – Prepping the Comforter

Comforters get a lot of abuse.

You may have some embarrassing stains or some pet dander that you want to get off of the comforter – use the stain remover pen to get any small visible stains off of your bedding.

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Step 4 – Take out Two Dryel Dry Cleaning Cloths

I have a full bed, so the traditional way to use Dryel includes placing your items in a bag.

The bag was too small for a comforter, so the directions say to stick the bedding, with two unfolded cloths, in the dryer.

Step 5 – Turn the Dryer on for 15 Minutes

You want to put the dyer on medium heat for 15 minutes. During this time, the cloths will activate, and the steam will clean your comforter.

Dryel inside of the dryer

Using Dryel in your dryer is the best way to clean your comforter! This at home dry cleaning service is great for saving money while on a budget.

Step 6 – Make your bed while you wait.

While your comforter is steaming itself clean, make your bed with your newly washed sheets by the time you are finished making your bed, your comforter will almost be ready.

Step 7 – Check your comforter.

The comforter should be good to go after 15 minutes, but if it comes out too wet, let it tumble dry for another 5 minutes.

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9 easy steps to dry clean a comforter at home

Step 8 – Throw away the Dry Cleaning Cloths

Throw away the two Dryel cloths, they are not reusable.

The bag, even though we didn’t use it, is reusable up to 30 dry cleaning uses.

Step 9 – Finish up Making your Bed with a Clean Comforter

Finishing off your dry cleaning at home experience is to put the clean comforter on your bed!

Make sure to make your bed extra nice so that you can sleep tight tonight knowing that your bed is fresh!

a Well made bed

I cannot wait to go to bed tonight with how clean my bed is! Washed sheets and a Dryeled Comforter is the best way to catch some sleep.

Dryel at Home

I thoroughly enjoyed dry cleaning my comforter. It was a lot easier than having to bring it to the dry cleaners and wait days to have my comforter back. After making my bed – my room felt like I was in a luxury hotel room with the comforts of still having all of my nick-nacks.

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Saturday 19th of August 2023

Thanks for showing me a new way to clean up my comforter and bedding.


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

My wife have also tried dryel and it's really effective. Since then she always ask me to buy one and she uses it not only on our comforters but on our curtains. Nice blog by the way.


Thursday 4th of October 2018

I haven't not tried it on my curtains yet but that is a wonderful idea!

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