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How I Saved Over 13% on my Disney Cruise

I am a big Disney fan, but most recently I have become a HUGE Disney Cruise fan. I’m in the process of saving and planning a Disney cruise to the Mediterranean. Even though I genuinely believe that a Disney Cruise is worth every single penny, I still love saving a buck or two whenever I can. Click to read how I saved over 13% on my upcoming Disney Cruise.

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Why Get a National Parks Pass?

Visiting a National Park for vacation is one of my favorite ways to explore North America. Last year the National Park Service celebrated its 100th year and National Park attendance went through the roof. My ideal way to visit National Parks is by visiting them in a clump. One trip, the family and I visited Badlands, Wind Cave, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons all on one trip. Another trip we were able to scratch off The Grand Canyon and Petrified National Forest off of our list.

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