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Navigating the New – New Orleans (MSY) Airport Guest Pass

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The New MSY (New Orleans Airport) opened in November 2019, and all everyone could talk about is all the new shops and concessions located in the terminal.

But what if you didn’t have a trip planned and wanted to explore The New MSY?

Well, then you can sign up for the MSY Guest Pass and see everything, including New Orleans Restaurants, after the TSA checkpoint.

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The New MSY has a guest pass

How do we get a MSY Guest Pass?

You have to register for the MSY Guest Pass at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Access will be limited to 50 people per day on weekdays and 100 people per day on weekends, and only permitted from 11 am to 8 pm daily.

These restrictions are to help to ensure that TSA agents and parking are not overcome with too many additional guests.

When should we get the MSY Guest Pass?

If you have a loved one that is coming in town or taking off for a flight, you can request to MSY Guest Pass through the airport’s website at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Even though MSY limits the guest pass per day, I haven’t seen a day where the guest passes were sold out.

However, I would book the guest pass as soon as you know you will need it.

Is the MSY Guest pass for one-time use?

Yes, it is! The MSY Guest pass is only available from 11 am – 8 pm, and once your day is over, it is null and void.

You can, however, apply for a Guest Pass each month, so make sure to use it wisely if you have a lot of family members with travels coming up.

New MSY lobby

Who Needs the new MSY Guest Pass?

All visitors that are 13 or older will need a Guest Pass to visit the New MSY.

Children who are 12 years and younger will not require a guest pass if an adult accompanies them.

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What should I bring to the New Airport?

Bring your appetite, wallet, and government-issued identification – and that is pretty much it!

You can also bring a camera or just use your cell phone because you are going to want to take photos of this beautiful new airport!

New MSY at Cafe Du Monde

Where should I park at New MSY?

Depending on how long you plan on staying will determine where you want to park.

If you are only staying for a few hours, Short Term parking will probably be the best.

The hour is $2, and each half-hour after that is an additional $2. The maximum daily rate is $18.50.

For long term parking, The hour is $2, and each half-hour after that is an additional $2. The maximum daily rate is $15.

The Credit Card parking lot is $11.

Unless you are planning on spending over three and a half hours at the New Airport, short term parking is the easiest place to park, while the Credit Card lot is the cheapest place to park.

Where do I go?

After parking, on the day of your reservations, you will need to proceed to the Customer Service Desk on Level One of the Main Terminal between Doors 2 and 3.

There isn’t a sign that says that it is the Customer Service Desk, so make sure you head towards the correct desk.

The staff will then ask to see your government ID and will check your name off of a list.

From there, you will need to proceed through the regular TSA lines.

No TSA Precheck or Clear is granted for MSY Guest Pass holders.

The New MSY where to get your pass

Going Through TSA on the MSY Guest Pass

Once you have your stamped guest pass, proceed upstairs to go to TSA to continue through the process.

Since you have to go through the regular TSA with all of the other guests that are trying to get to a flight, I suggest bringing as little as possible.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and ditch the accessories.

Don’t forget – you have to take your shoes off when going through the regular TSA.

MSY guest pass for everyone!

I’m finally in the New New Orleans Airport, Now What?

Well, that is really up to you! Why did you even want to check out the new airport?

Did you want to grab something to eat from one of the 40 concessions? Did you want to go shopping at some of the stores like Flirty Girl or Dirty Coast?

Or did you want to pretend like it was the 1990s where anyone could enter the airport and give there loved ones a hug before they went on a trip?

Many of the restaurants and stores can be found in New Orleans area outside of the airport.

If you are a local who wants to explore some of the new offerings on the new MSY Guest pass, I would suggest checking out Leah’s Kitchen, Mondo, or Folse Market because these New Orleans restaurants are not available outside of the airport.

Mondo inside of the new MSY

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Are you planning on using the MSY Guest Pass?

I plan on using the MSY Guest pass as often as I can so I can try out all of the restaurants and new amenities.

The guest pass coupled with my travels will hopefully allow me to cover all of the amenities for a future blog post.


If you love - share with a friend!

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