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What is the Best bike to use with Peloton App?

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Almost every day, when I log into social media or talk to my friends, I hear one of two things: Either how much they love their Peloton Bike or wish they had the $3,000+ to invest in the stationary bike to get fit.

I was that person who wanted a Peloton Bike but needed a cheaper alternative to fit into my budget.

After evaluating what my budget was and that I wanted to keep more of that large chunk of change in my pocket, I started researching the best bike to use with Peloton app alternatives and the best exercise bike to beef up my home gym.

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Cost-effectiveness of an in-person Spin Class

When going to the gym, I would use a monthly subscription service like Class Pass or drop in to take a single class. The closest fully dedicated indoor cycling classes are 13 miles away in New Orleans, and each class would cost $25 per ride.

Even though I knew it was a great workout, I hated sacrificing over 2 hours commuting back and fork and squeezing in a class.

I knew the best option was to invest in on-demand workouts and find a spin bike to use at my 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07FCJH59R

How Much is Peloton Digital a Month?

A Peloton Digital membership costs $12.99 a month after a 30-day trial. Members can try all the on-demand classes while enjoying the whole Peloton experience.

If you purchase a bike from Peloton, the streaming membership costs $44 a month once the bike is activated and you still have access to the peloton app on your phone.

Is the Price of a Peloton Worth It?

A Peloton bike and accessories can run you around $2,974 plus an extra $39 per month for the membership. There are ways to finance the bike for 0% interest.

Financing a fitness bike is an excellent option if you want to make sure you have the name-brand bike, but another popular option is DIYing an indoor cycling bike.

How do you turn a regular spin bike into a Peloton?

If adding another piece of home gym equipment is in your future, make sure you purchase one of the best spin bikes. It is easy to transform an indoor spin bike into a DIY Peloton Bike.

You will also need accessories like a tablet holder, heart rate monitor, water bottle holder, and cadence reader to duplicate similar features on the Peloton bike.

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The Best Peloton Bike Alternative

The first purchase you need to decide is which home exercise bike is right for you? Many bikes are on the market, but this guide will help you pick the Best Peloton Bike Alternative for your household and budget.

Name of Bike Price of Bike Weight Dimensions Inches
JOROTO $499.99 94 pounds  42.9 x 19.7 x 42.5
YOSUDA $439.99 104lbs 55”L x 20”W x 55”H 
Bowflex C6 $999 112lbs 48.7″ L x 21.2″ W x 51.8″ H
Sunny Health & Fitness  $599 126 Pounds 48 x 23 x 45 

Many spin bikes now can use multiple fitness apps and are compatible with the Peloton App. Purchasing an exercise bike not tied to one fitness provider is the most budget-friendly way to own a quality bike.

If you wanted something a little more pricey without committing to the Peleton brand – other smart bikes would work with other service providers. Some of these intelligent bikes even work with the Peloton App. They are the closest thing without committing to a Peloton.

Name of Bike Price of Bike Weight Dimensions Inches Membership Fee
Stryd Bike $1895 135 pounds  4′ L X 2’W $29.99 Monthly fee
Schwinn IC4 $1,199 106 pounds 49″ L x 21.5″ W x 52″ H JRNY membership $19.99 per month or $149 per year
Bowflex Velocore $2,199-$1,799 159 pounds 59.8″ L x 24.1″ W x 55.3″ H JRNY membership $19.99 per month or $149 per year
Echelon Connect EX-3 $1,199.99 104 pounds 55”L x 20”W x 55”H Echelon membership $34.00 per month or $399.99 per year

I purchased the Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with Clip-in Pedals and Toe Cages. Many more indoor cycling bikes have hit the market. But after reviewing all of the home bikes, I still would purchase a bike from the Sunny Health fitness Brand.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00467H5YW&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bikediy 20&language=en USir?t=bikediy 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00467H5YW

How do I make my spin bike like a Peloton?

A Peloton bike comes with many bells and whistles, but there are some accessories you will want to get to make your Peloton Alternative Bike a great bike. These accessories will significantly help your training and excite you about indoor cycling multiple times a week!

  • Floor Mat ($49-59)If your bike sits on a hard floor like wood, laminate, or tile, you will want to buy a floor mat. Purchasing a mat helps prevent damage to your floor. You want a heavy-duty non-slip mat. Click to see recommendations.
  • iPad (free or a large investment)If you already have an iPad or have an older iPad lying around, you can use this as your screen. I used to use an iPad mini with a cracked screen but recently had to update to a newer iPad.
    The only problem with using outdated technology is. Eventually, you will not be able to update the iOs or app.
    Since this article is about saving money while creating a better option than the original Peloton bike, it is unnecessary to purchase an iPad unless you do not already own one.
  • iPad Bike mount ($15)You will need a Bike tablet holder to hold your iPad while doing your workouts. Having a tablet holder will make you feel like you are using a real Peloton bike. Click to see recommendations.
    Several of the bikes listed above now include additional features such as a holder for a mobile device or a tablet with a large screen.
  • Seat cushion ($13)You will want an additional seat cushion. Even though I find the Sunny Health Fitness bike is comfortable to ride, no indoor spin bike seat is 100% comfortable.
    I purchased this seat cushion when I was going to spin classes at boutique gyms, and now it has a permanent place on my bike. Click to see recommendations.
  • Cadence Sensor ($40)You need a cadence sensor to know how fast you peddle in real-time. I got the Wahoo cadence sensor and attached it to the left pedal to assist with my training.

Assuming you already have an iPad around your house, the must-have accessories for your DIY Peloton Bike come to an additional $117-$127.

Other gear you May Want for your DIY Peloton

These items are not required for your DIY Peloton experience but may make your at-home experience much more enjoyable! Many streaming apps also promote different classes, including weight training, so that these accessories can help you on your fitness journey.

  • WeightsEven though you can avoid weights on the bike, some workouts allow you to spin and do a portion of weight training. I recommend 5 lb dumbbells for these light exercises.
    If you want to do the other streaming app exercises, you should invest in 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 lb dumbbells(for women) and higher dumbbells for men. You may even want to invest in interchangable weights
  • New ShoesAny good workout program needs good workout shoes. I have a sturdy pair of workout shoes when I start something new. I use these shoes for spinning, walking, and weight training.
  • SPD CleatsIf you do not want to use the pedals with toe cages and want to invest in some spin shoes, you will need to purchase SPD Cleats.
  • Spin ShoesYou will need special spin shoes to attach to those cleats.
  • Cycling ShortsYou need to make sure you have clothes that allow you to breathe while you spin your heart out on the bike. My sister purchased a few pairs of padded cycling shorts.
  • Phone HolderYou will need to download a cadence reader to your cellphone, and if you want to keep that close by, an iPhone holder attachment for your bike is the perfect addition.
  • Apple Watch or Heart Rate MonitorNot a must, but one of my favorite accessories while working out is my Apple Watch’s Heart Rate monitor. This way, I can ensure that I push myself hard while working out.
  • Wireless HeadphonesIf you live alone, you could blast the music on the iPad or buy a wireless speaker to pump up the volume, but I love using these sporty wireless headphones while working out. I recently upgraded my wireless earphones to the Apple Airpods.
  • Battery Powered Fan – I love using this battery-powered fan while working out. It helps prevent me from getting overheated and allows me to cool down after a long workout.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B076TCCBJN&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bikediy 20&language=en USir?t=bikediy 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B076TCCBJN

Setting up your bike

No matter which bike you choose, setting up your bike may take between 45-60 minutes. These indoor home bikes weigh over 100 pounds and are extremely heavy.

Make sure you have a friend or partner to help set up your New non-Peloton bike. The good news, there are small wheels at the bottom of each bike to help you move around the bike.

Let’s do the math for the Peloton Alternative

I just threw a lot of information at you about making your spin bike a Peloton bike. No matter your budget, I like to have the option of moving from workout app to workout app.

I find that if you do not mesh with a workout company, leaving and moving to a more budget-friendly competitor that you enjoy is easier.

When I first built my own DIY Peloton Bike in 2016, there was not much on the market, and Peloton was king.

There are many places to take live classes virtually, and some of the best Peloton instructors have left and gone on to other businesses.

That being said – No matter if you purchase a smart bike or watch free youtube videos, a home spin bike is an excellent investment for your health.

First, the Bike.

Peloton currently has two different bikes available for purchase Peloton Bike, which costs $1,495, and Peloton Bike +, which costs $2,495. The Peloton Bike is the original cost of the Peloton Bike.

If you were to purchase my recommendation of a Sunny Health Fitness Bike – that bike would cost you $449.

Peloton app cost comparison

Customers who purchase a Peloton device enroll in their Ultimate membership, which costs $44 per month.

Those looking for alternate methods pay only $14.99 a month. A Peloton Bike is usually financed for three years, which includes membership.

Purchasing accessories for your DIY Peloton Bike

When purchasing accessories for your Peloton Bike or your Peloton alternative, you can buy many of these items from Peloton directly or from Amazon and other retailers.

Accessory Peloton Amazon Cost difference 
Bike Mat $75 $59.98 $15.02
Replacement Screen/Ipad $500 $849 -$349
Tablet Bike Mount $17.99 -$17.99
Seat Cushion $19.99 -$19.99
Cadence Sensor $39.99 -39.99
5 lb weights $55 $26.99 $28.01
Spin Shoes $145 $109.95 $35.05
Cycling Shorts $28.99 -$28.99
Replacement Pedals $60 $22.99 $37.01
Phone Holder $14.90 -$14.90
Heart Rate Monitor $90 $99.95 -$9.95
Apple Watch  $429 -$429
Wireless Headphones $85 $69.95 $15.05
Apple Air Pods $249 -$249
Battery Powered Fan $169.27 -$169.27
Total without Apple products $1,010 $481.04 $528.96
Total with Apple products $1,010 $2038.04 -$1028.04

peloton diy

Overall savings

There are different models of Peloton Alternative Bikes and Apps that you can purchase on average. You can save money with an Alternative Bike instead of the Peloton Bike.

Regarding Accessories, you may already have a tablet, earphones, battery-powered fans, or weights, so that cost will also change depending on your budget.

I have upgraded a few things on my bike over the past few years, including replacing the bicycle seat, replacing the pedals, and upgrading to Apple Airpods Pro. I’ve also recently switched from the Peloton Digital App to Beach Body on Demand’s BODI App, which costs $20 (plus a yearly subscription of $99.99) instead of $14.99.

Overall, I saved thousands of dollars over the years, and I know that I can add these cost savings to my emergency fund.

Comparison Cost of Bike Cost of Membership 3 years Cost of accessories  Total Cost
Peloton Bike $2,495 $1,584 ($44 a month) $1,010 $5,089
Sunny Bike $449 $539.64 ($14.99 a month) Without Apple products $481.04
With Apple Products $2038.04
Cost Comparison without Apple products $2,046 $1044.36 $528.96  $3619.12
Cost Comparison with Apple products $2,046 $1044.36 -$1028.04 $2062.32

What are Other Cycle Class Apps out there?

There are many Cycle and exercise classes out there that anyone with a spin bike at home can find something that will fit into their budget!

I’ve personally used both Peloton and Beachbody’s BOD+BODI for my fitness journeys, but most of these programs offer at least a week of the free trial period. If you plan to DIY a Peloton bike, you might as well sign up for a few free trials to see which instructors you jive with.

Service Monthly Yearly Free Trial offered
Peloton $14.99 $179.99 30 days
BOD + BODI $20 + $99.99 yearly $339.99 7 days for BOD Members
Jrny $19.99  $149 1 Year 
Cycle Masters $14.99 $150 7 days
Stryde $29.99 $359.88 30 days
Studio Sweat on Demand $19.88 $189 7 days
Cyclebar $20 $240 7 days
LesMills $14.99 $119.88 7 days 
Soulcycle $39.99 $479.88 7 days
CardioCast $7.50 $89.99 7 days

My Tips on Spinning at Home

  • Living with other people, kids, roommates, or parents makes it much easier to do the spin class when they are asleep or otherwise busy.
  • Headphones make all the difference – you can’t wake people up if they can’t hear the music bumping in from the app. Depending on your app, you may have some explicit content from the instructors.
  • There are so many classes. You do not need to jump into a 60-minute workout but start with a 20 or 30-minute ride to build your stamina.
  • If you attend a class with weights, ensure the weights are close before starting the class!
  • Find an instructor you like; I gravitate towards Robin Arzon or Ally Love on Peloton and Jennifer Jacobs on BODi.
  • Find a class type you want; I gravitate towards the Live DJ, Hip Hop, and Pop Classes.
  • Monitoring your heart rate is the perfect way to see if you are pushing yourself too hard or not enough.
  • When you do a shorter workout, incorporate post-ride stretches or a yoga flow to help lengthen your muscles.
  • If you are not finding an instructor you are vibing with, you can always switch to another workout provider.

DIY Peloton at home

I hope you enjoyed this long blog post with one of the best ways to build a cheaper DIY Peloton set up for your house! I love incorporating the spin bike and other programs into my weekly workouts.

I also love that there is now the flexibility of different spin bike programs, so you can change who your service provider is yearly!

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