49+ things to do in the French Quarter

Can you walk around the French Quarter in New Orleans?

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Absolutely! Walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans is a delightful experience, with its historic streets, lively atmosphere, and iconic architecture.

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Places to visit in the French Quarter

Is the French Quarter safe during the day?

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Yes, the French Quarter is generally safe during the day due to its bustling tourist activity, visible police presence, and well-lit streets.

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Things to do in New Orleans  French Quarter

Stroll down Pirate's Alley

I typically tell people not to walk down Alleyways, but strolling down Pirate's Alley is one of my favorite things to do while exploring the French Quarter.

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Is the French Quarter safe at night?

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While the French Quarter can be lively at night, it's essential to stay aware of your surroundings.  Stick to well-traveled areas, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife while exercising common sense for a safe experience.

Stroll Through Jackson Square

Jackson Square, nestled in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans, stands as an iconic historic landmark.

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