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Why stay in a Vacation Rental in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores

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There are many options when looking for a place to stay in Orange Beach or Gulf Shore, Alabama. These options might be overwhelming, so hopefully, this blog post can help inform you of the latest vacation rental I stayed in and why I think everyone should give vacation rentals a chance!

During your stay in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, you will want to spend time on the beautiful white sand beaches while also staying in an area close to all the fun things to do and places to eat.

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To learn more, go to my Disclosure page. This press trip was sponsored over three nights and four days by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. All recommendations are my own.

Is Orange Beach, Alabama, worth visiting?

Orange Beach, Alabama, is worth visiting because the beaches of Alabama’s Gulf Coast are just stunning. For someone looking for public beach access or nature lovers looking to check out nature trails and parks. There truly is something for everyone to do in Orange Beach.

Does Orange Beach have White Sand?

Orange Beach has Sugar Soft White-Sand beaches because the sand comes from white quartz of crystals that washed down from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. The quartz particles give the sand a different feel and look than many other beaches.

Where should I stay in Orange Beach?

If you are anything like me, it can be overwhelming to pick a place to stay. I always go through the different review sites and read all the positive reviews, but one negative thought has me running away from the property – even if it is a 4-start hotel. On my latest trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, I stayed in a beautiful condo at Turquoise Place in one of the Beach Life Vacation Rentals for three nights and four days, and I did not want to leave!

Turquoise Place has some of the best amenities for a beachfront location. It is located on Perdido Beach Boulevard, meaning these condos are just a short drive from all the popular attractions and shopping areas!

night time at turquoiseplace

Each condominium features three- or 4-bedroom condos for rent, and no matter who you rent through, the condo has many things to do while staying on location.

Guests can enjoy outdoor pools, an indoor pool, indoor hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, fitness centers, a lazy river, a poolside bar, a Children’s playground, a tennis court, dedicated free parking spots, and a beachfront boardwalk.

turquoiseplace bedroom

The condo I stayed in had three bedrooms and plenty of space for my long weekend in Orange Beach. The vacation rental had gulf-facing balconies with a private hot tub and outdoor grills. Inside, it was better than being in a hotel room because I had a huge kitchen, jacuzzi bathtub, gas fireplace, and breathtaking views. I could have stayed on the balcony all day enjoying those gulf views.

IMG 0312

Why Book a Vacation Rental for a Beach Trip?

Even though there are plenty of beach-friendly hotels to book while in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Area -booking a condo for a beach vacation is simply the best, there are plenty of reasons to book a condo for a beach trip.

1. Additional modern amenities – If you book a condo in a high rise like Turquoise Place, you will come in contact with many other modern amenities. From saunas to having a hot tub on the balcony staying in a condo is much more than just a beach vacation.

sauna at turquoiseplace

2. More Space and guest rooms – If you have a large family or are traveling with a large group, Condos can give you the luxury of having other guest rooms. Many condos will have 3 to 4 guest bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

turquoiseplace bedrooms 2

3. Quick beach access – Even though the condo area may have a lot of guests, you can handle packing up your beach chairs and towels to head over to a public beach. Instead, you can walk downstairs, and within a few moments, you are on the beach!

turquoiseplace view with bridge

4. Outdoor swimming pool– For those who dislike the sand or salt water, an outdoor swimming pool is the perfect complement to renting a condo.

pool at turquoiseplace

5. Full-sized kitchen – One of my favorite things about having a condo is having a full-sized kitchen! It is easy to make breakfast and coffee and enjoy it on one of the private balconies before heading down for the day. A Full kitchen also means you can easily pack a lunch and go out to eat at night!

breakfast at turquoiseplace

6. Cost-effective – Getting a cheap hotel with a complimentary breakfast is the way to go, but booking a condo is more cost-effective. Not only are free continental breakfasts not the yummiest – you have to make sure you are awake in time to enjoy them!

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Why stay in a Vacation Rental in Orange Beach Gulf Shores 2

7. Laundry – Many condos come with a washer and dryer. With the ability to wash and dry beach towels, clothes, and more, you do not need to back as many clothes and can pack more fun things like beach chairs and floaties!

turquoiseplace closet

8. Additional comfort from home – Whether your family likes to hang out on the couch to do a family game night or wants to watch TV at night, you can do that from the vacation rental’s living room.

turquoiseplace breakfast fire

9. Clean up when you leave – If you rush to the beach, you do not need to worry about housekeeping coming in and seeing the mess you made. When you have a vacation rental, you typically only get housekeeping at checkout.

When Should I book my vacation?

You should book your next beach vacation now! Securing your next beach vacation early is the best thing to do.

In the middle of summer, when you are desperate for an escape, the last thing you want to do is to look online and see that everything is sold out, or worse, is way out of budget. Many vacation rentals and Orange Beach hotels have cancellation policies, and you will not be penalized if you cancel your trip within that time frame.

Booking your next beach vacation to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama, is an excellent idea because you can secure lodging at your favorite time of year to go to the beach! Then rentals managed by Beach Life Vacation Rentals in Turquoise Place is the perfect place to plan your next beach vacation.

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