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33 Late-Night Eateries: NOLA Food Guide

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For a city that is always open for drinking and socializing, it might be hard to find something to eat after a night of partying or even after a late-night flight. Whether you are looking for burgers, chicken, or something a little yummier, below are some of the best New Orleans Restaurants open late into the wee hours of the night.

Since hours may differ and change from time to time, please look to see that the location is open and not on closed. Some of these places may close for extended vacation during the slow season. 

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1. The Alibi

Open 24/7 The Alibi is the perfect spot to grab a bite while surviving the French Quarter. The Kitchen is open until 5 am on the weekends, and you will be so happy downing a pile of American cheese fries or golden fried shrimp after a late night out. 

2. The Avenue Pub

looking for a late-night snack but want something more than just a burger and fries? Check out The Avenue Pub. Until MidnightMidnight, most nights, you can get yourself something yummy like chili Glazed Brussels Sprouts or Beef Fat Tater Tots. If you want something more filling, go for their Poutine – aptly named Tate tot Peauxtine with beef-fat fried tater tots, gumbo gravy, cheddar, and jalapenos. 

3. Bar Redux

Located in the Bywater, you can grab good food at a late hour. Whether you are in the mood for a Cheesesteak, Burger, or Nacho, there is something on the menu for everyone. This is the perfect place to grab something yummy after exploring the Crescent City. 

4. Beachcorner Bar & Grill

 One of my favorite Mid-City hangs, the BeachCorner, is the best place for a hamburger before bed. They are known for their 10-ounce Beach Burger but stop here if you want some delicious Cheese Curds and Broccoli Bites. You can elevate your late-night burger by getting a Black and blue Burger. 

Their Kitchen is open Until, so make sure you have a backup plan in case it is super late, and they are closed. 

5. The Bombay Club

If you are looking for some elevated menu items, stop into The Bombay Club. With Indian Street Tacos, Shrimp and Grits, and a Dirty Martini Salad donning the list, this is the perfect place for a nightcap and snack before bed. 

6. Breakaway’s Restaurant & Bar

Looking for comfort food, look no further than Breakaway’s. Your taste buds will dance after eating the beef daube made with beef tomatoes, gravy with delicious persillade pasta, or a beef dabe debris poboy. Stay for a late-night cocktail and get one of the Slo Blitz Snowball cocktails. 

7. Cafe Du Monde

If your sweet tooth is calling, you need to head over to Cafe Du Monde and grab yourself a beignet and some coffee. Just ensure you arrive before Midnight on the weekends and 11 pm every other day because they are no longer 24/7! 

8. Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine

After a long night of drinking, a Chicken Shwarma or Hummus plate might be one of the best things to put in your tummy! Almost open 24 hours. Cleo’s Mediterranean closes at 5 am and reopens at 10 am! 

9. Clover Grill 

Located on Bourbon Street. Clover Grill is a great plan to dine in or grab breakfast! Whether you want Breakfast or a large Chicken Fried Steak with Eggs, you will be okay with this late-night spot. 

10. Coop’s Place

If you are looking for a bowl of red beans or other local favorites, stop by Coop’s Place to grab a bite. You will often find groups of friends from here sobering up before heading home. You can find some other yummy cajun food at this restaurant. 

11. Cooter Browns Tavern & Oyster Bar

With an extensive menu open until 1 am, Cooter Brown’s may be one of the best places to grab a bite. They have huge portions, and you can get some Fried Green Tomatoes and Alligator Sausage. The French toast bites are good reasons to stay if you want a dessert. 

12. Crêpes à la Cart 

nothing is better than grabbing a delicious French crepe to fill your stomach. Whether you want sweet or savory, Crêpes à la Cart is open until 1 am. It might not be a fine dining establishment, but I love a bacon and Nutella crepe for a late-night bite. Even the menu says, ‘Trust us.’ A Crepe is perfect for late night dining.

13. Dat Dog – Frenchmen St. Location

At the edge of the French Quarter on Frenchmen Street is one of my favorite places to grab a late-night bite. Dat Dog is open to Midnight on weeknights and 3 am on weekends and is the perfect place for a late-night snack. I cannot skip out on a hot sausage hotdog when I need something to put in my belly. The colorful outdoor seating adds to the lively atmosphere, making Dat Dog a go-to spot for night owls searching for a satisfying meal.

A hotdog with all the toppings, a beer, and some loaded fries

14. Deja Vu Restaurant & Bar

Although their menu says they serve breakfast 24/7, they hold late-night hours. Once staffing is back in full swing, they will be back to 24/7. From Fried Chicken Fingers to a New York Strip, you will not need to settle for fast food when you can stop by Deja VU Bar and Grill. 

15. DMAC’s Bar & Grill

DMACs knows its late-night audience with a Dmac Drunken pizza with everything on it! Chicken, Beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, grille onions, peppers, and mozzarella are enough to fill you up any night of the week. They even have a location in Orange Beach if you get hungry on your beach vacation! 

16. The Delachaise

With an extensive wine list and an outdoor patio on St. Charles Ave., The Delachaise may be where you want to stop for a snack (or drink). Only leave with an order of the Pommes Frites with the goose fat fries served with housemade peanut satay and malt vinegar aioli. You can also get an elevated Lamb burger with spicy fried frog legs as an entree. 

17. The Green Room Kukhnya

From 10 pm-12 am every night, you can get late-night eats from the Greek Room Kukhyna. If you want something different than burgers and pizzas, you can opt for a Pierogi or a Grilled Ham and cheese sandwich. Remember the fries. You can get regular Beer Cheese fries or Loaded Fries. More of a sauce person? Get Fries and sauces. And dip your potatoes in spicy mayo, Russian Dressing, Garlic Aioli, and Honey-Dijon Aioli. 

18. Hoshun

Not only can you get delicious, small late night bites like crab ragoons and Chinese spring rolls, but you can get specialty rolls, classic rolls, and entrees as late as 12:30 every night! 

19. Igor’s Bar & Grill

Looking for a place that has a pool hall, laundromat, and full bar? Look no further than Igor’s Bar and Grill on St. Charles Ave. Grab yourself a delicious burger, fries, or even a 20-piece of chicken nuggets. Igor’s is open 24/7, and you can get a quick bite to eat here. 

20. Lakeview Burgers and Seafood

 In the heart of Lakeview, Lakeview Burgers and Seafood is open until 1 am on the weekends. You can order several things late at night, including Shrimp Tacos, Seafood Beignets, corn, and Crab soup. 

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33 Late Night Eateries NOLA Food Guide

21. Lucky’s Bar

There is something about Laundromats and 24/7 bars, but this dive bar, also located on St. Charles Ave., offers the typical bar fare like sandwiches and munchies. 

22. Melba’s Poboys

 With two locations, you are bound to stop by Melba’s after a night on the town. No matter what day of the week you visit the big easy, Mebla’s Poboy is a great place to grab some po’ boys. Get a delicious Shrimp Poboy or, my favorite, a roast beef poboy. 

23. Three-Legged Dog 

Open 24 hours,. You can get some amazing food as either dine-in or take-out! From Tacos to burgers and sandwiches, there is something for everyone. I recommend getting the fried Mac and cheese to take the edge off! 

24. Turtle Bay

Home to the famous Cheeseburger pizza, Turtle Bay is the perfect place to grab a bite if you cannot decide between Pizza or a Burger. Topped with Ketch Mayonnaise, cheddar, mozzarella, ground beef, onion, and pickle – this is the yummied thing to eat after a night out. 

​25. Verti Marte 

One of the top quoted 24-hour places to eat in New Orleans, Verti Marte is a deli and grocery that is also a best-kept secret in the French Quarter. This is a favorite restaurant to get a Muffuletta or breakfast sandwich. 

Best Late Night Food in Jefferson Parish

For those coming in on a late flight or locals who live in Jefferson Parish – you may want to know some of the best restaurants to eat at late in the suburbs! 

26. Ben’s Burgers

 Almost identical recipe to the citywide famous Bud’s Broiler, Ben’s Burgers stays open until at least 11 pm. Stop by here for a delicious fried chicken sandwich, The Big Ben, or the most delicious Cheese fries you have ever tasted.

27. Crazy Hotpot

For the only all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant in Metairie, come to Crazy Hotpot. Open until 11 pm during the week and Midnight on the weekends, you can get a lot of food in your belly before heading to sleep. You can mix and match as many soups as you want, from Udon Noodles to Clear Wide noodles. Need some appetizers? A robot will bring them to you! 

28. Dot’s Diner

With locations in River Ridge, Jefferson, and Kenner, you can grab excellent diner food late at night when going to Dot’s Diner. You can go right with the around-the-clock specials by getting a main entree, vegetables, garlic bread, and french fries. Get an order of the Fried Catfish, or if you want to go old school, get some Liver and Onions. 

29. Mama’s Place

Located just a short distance from Bonneble. Their Kitchen is open until Midnight on the weekend, and you can get all the delicious classic bar food snacks you want. The Fried Gulf Shrimp Basket or Pp’boy is my go-to; you can get it tossed in buffalo or sweet chili sauce. 

30. Raising Canes

Even though Raising Canes is a chain, it did start locally. As a New Orleans Native, I love getting Canes after a long night. It is one of the best New Orleans restaurants to get fried chicken until 1 am. Thursday-Saturday. Make sure to sub out that coleslaw for an extra toast – your late-night self will thank you. 

31. Swamp Room Bar and Grill

If you are looking for Metairie’s Best Burger, look no further than the Swamp Room. With a happy hour from 11 am – to 7 pm, a Kitchen open until 3 am during the week, and 5 pm on Friday and Saturday, The Swamp Room is the place to go! Their dining room is filled with typical bar foods, from burgers to salads to a Steak Special on Wednesday and Saturday Nights. 

32. The Tavern on Vets

Located in Kenner, The Tavern on Vets is open until 2 pm every day, so it is a great place to grab a bite to eat if you are coming in from a late-night flight. The late night menu includes burgers, wraps, and sandwiches, but they also have a great gameday unique for draft beer during LSU and Saints football games.

33. Tic-Toc Cafe

The Tic-Toc Cafe is a tiny cafe in Metairie where you can get dinner whenever you want. From a French toast breakfast to a country-fried steak with country gravy, there is something for everyone on the menu. 

Late Night Food Options in New Orleans

No matter the occasion, The above list will help you find the perfect thing to eat. Ordering from a late-night menu doesn’t only have to mean burgers and fries (even though that’s one of the best things to eat at MidnightMidnight on Friday), but you can get some quick bites in the wee hours of the night no matter where you are in the city.

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