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Hotel Review: Wukasachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park

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I love going to national parks! So much that in my adult life I’ve been to 10 National Parks and counting. Camping or staying in a National Park is a fantastic experience because you are close to all of the attractions and do not need to drive an hour or more to see the attractions in the park.

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Recently, my family and I stayed at the Wukasachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park.

Mallory, Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants, enjoying a mountain scenery in Sequoia National Park

Just sitting here soaking up the views before checking into my hotel. View this photo on Instagram here!

Arriving at Wukasachi Lodge

The lodge is split up into four different buildings, the central area where guests check in, shop, and dine and three different lodges where guests stay. There is a small parking lot that you can park your car during check-in. Do not bring your luggage with you because you will just need to pack it all up!

The main lodge has a small gift shop, a dining area, and a cozy fireplace to hang out (and surf on the wifi!). During check-in, the friendly staff will instruct you how to get to the three different buildings. We were staying in Stewart, the first building on the left, and parking was very easy.

Wuksachi Lodge main building

Don’t bring your luggage with you when you check in! Even though this is Wuksachi Lodge you will not be staying in this building!

Finding our Room and Parking

I must not have listened to the directions correctly because we circled in the parking lot a few times until I realized what we were doing. To be fair, we arrived very late at night and couldn’t see a thing!

Eventually, we made it to the correct parking lot and stumbled our way to our building. There is the option to bring your luggage to your room or to have a bellhop assist you for free (which is fantastic, because the Snow Lodge at Yellowstone did not have these options).

I didn’t read the fine print, and booked a hotel without an elevator (not good!) but, luckily we were only one flight up and handling the stairs wasn’t an issue.

If you are staying at Wukasachi Lodge, make sure to arrive during the day or before sunset, because we had trouble finding the parking lot and the trail to the room.

Paved path heading towards the different buildings of Wuksachi Lodge.

This is the pathway to walk towards Stuart Hall for Wuksachi Lodge.

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Room 130 in Stewart

We stayed in room 130 in the third lodge named Stewart. Luckily for us, there was a winter coupon code, and we booked a deluxe room for less than a standard size room! The coupon helped us save 25% off during shoulder season and came to $157 per night.

The deluxe room in Wuksachi lodge in Sequoia National Park

Our room had two queen beds, a small refrigerator, coffee maker, and a little lounge area with table. Something that impressed the entire family was the fact that the room had a ceiling fan, and an additional small fan for the room.

Small fridge with apples, salads, hummus and other healthy treats.

We were packed to the max with this small fridge! Snacks for everyone

The bathroom was a great size, and there were two options for toiletries. The hotel provided two large canisters that were on the wall for shampoo and body wash, but there were also body lotion and conditioner by Le Naturel.

Shot of the bathroom in Wuksachi Lodge with towels and toiletries

The bathroom was pretty basic with very limited toiletries.

One interesting feature of the bathroom was the 5-minute shower challenged posted in the shower. During this challenge, there was a timer to challenge guests to take a shower in 5 minutes or less to save on water.

The shower head, shampoo and body wash available in Wuksachi Lodge.

You could take a 5-minute water challenge while in the shower at Wuksachi Lodge.

Eating at Peaks Restaurant Wukasachi Lodge

One of the best features of staying in the park is not having to rush somewhere for dinner. We opted to eat at the Peaks Restaurant one of the nights we were at Sequoia National Park and the food was excellent.

The Peaks Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we only sampled dinner.

You can probably skip reservations during shoulder season, but during a busy summer season make sure to make reservations. We put our name on the list earlier that day, and the restaurant was about 75% full on that February night.

Shot Wuksachi Lodge Peaks Restaurant at dinner time during shoulder season.

The Peaks restaurant was pretty full for shoulder season. There was even a party of 12 coming later.

Even though there were many different delicious looking options on the menu, Mom and Ally opted for the Pot Roast, and I went with the 8oz Filet Mignon. We also decided to taste two local beers with our meal. Ally and I tried Firefall Red and the 99 Golden Ale by Tioga-Sequoia Brewing co out of Fresno, Ca.

Both beers were delicious, but we decided that we liked the Firefall Red better, partially because it gave us the wanderlust to visit Yosemite National Park to witness the Firefall in February.

Firefall Red and 99 Golden Ale beers for dinner.

Drinking Local Beers at Wuksachi Lodge’s Peaks Restaurant.

All three meals were excellent and paired with a seasonal vegetable and mashed potatoes. One thing that was missing from my filet was gravy on the mashed potatoes. Mom and Ally had plenty of gravy on their plates, so I was able to swipe some to spice up my potatoes.

Steak, butter, potatoes and squash at Wuksachi Lodge Peaks Restaurant

I loved eating the steak at Wuksachi Lodge Peaks Restaurant.

Stay In the Park?

I vote for yes! The closest cities to Sequoia National Park are Fresno and Three Rivers. Both will take about an hour to two hours to get to any main attractions in the park.

Staying at Wukasachi Lodge was an excellent choice for us because we tend to stay on the road much later than intended trying to squeeze in small hikes and photo opportunities. Another reason why it was a natural choice for us is that it was minutes away from the General Sherman Tree and the Giant Forest.

Mallory, Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants, hanging out with General Sherman

If you look closely enough you will see Mallory

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