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New Orleans: Where I’ve been eating – Willa Jean

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New Orleans is such a foodie town that you could literally never eat at the same restaurant for a year. I’ve taken it upon myself to try as many restaurants and I can in New Orleans so that my belly is happy and my readers know whats going on. This month – I’ve been enjoying Willa Jean in the CBD.

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Willa Jeans Salad in New Orleans

When in doubt, the salad is absolutely delicious. Just sit back and people watch by the window. There is nothing better than people watching in the New Orleans Business District.

Decisions Decisions

Some of my favorite things to get at Willa Jean are the appetizers. Recently I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Willa Jean’s cornbread with Poirier’s cane syrup and the and the Poutine that recently appeared on the menu.

The cornbread, available every day for every meal, indeed is a staple at any lunch when going to Willa Jean. The butter and cane syrup coupled with the cornbread is to die for.

Cornbread at Willa Jeans in New Orleans.

Cornbread is a stable in a New Orleans household, Willa Jean hits the spot with her cornbread.

Willa Jean’s menus are rotational, so when Poutine with beef, gravy, and cheese curds popped up on the menu not too long ago, I knew I needed to try it. Finding legit Poutine is hard in New Orleans, but Willia Jean perfected the art of the cheese curd. If this is on the menu while you visit, and you are in a poutine-poor city, order it! It tasted like I was in Canada or Madison, Wisconsin.

Poutine at Willa Jeans in New Orleans Louisiana

I could eat poutine at every meal, what is not to love. Beef, Cheese, Gravy, and Fries. Willa Jean really gets it right with this seasonal menu item

Main Courses

I have not come across anything on the menu that I haven’t enjoyed, but my top three entrees are the fried chicken, the kale caesar salad, or one of the seasonal toasts.

The fried chicken sandwich comes with serrano slaw + Hawaiian roll and is to die for. It comes with a side of chips, but ask to upgrade to a side of fries, you will thank me. Cut this sucker in half (if you can!) because it is a hard one to eat.

Fried Chicken Sandwich with coleslaw from Willa Jeans in New Orleans

This Fried Chicken Sandwich is one of the tastiest things on the menu.

One of the seasonal toasts I had was called the LGBTQ toast which had lettuce, garlic, bacon, tomato, and quinoa. This toast was a beast and was challenging to eat daintily. At one point I looked at my friend and just said “Don’t judge me” the slices of bacon were so thick that they were difficult to cut!

Toast from willa jean in New Orleans

Don’t let this toast fool you – it was packed with so much flavor and bacon it was hard to put it down. And Willa Jean donated $1 to to LGBTQ community when I ordered this item!

Dessert and Coffee

One of my favorite pastimes is walking to Willa Jean on a break and getting the delicious milk money latte and a cookie. This treat is usually on a day when I brought my lunch, and I need something sweet to get through my day. Take a moment to browse all the pastries and coffee offerings. Sometimes I switch it up and get a not so sweet coffee and order a cold brew.

Cookie and coffee at Willa Jean in New Orleans

Cookies and Coffee to go is the best way to finish up a lunch at Willa Jean.

When should I visit Willa Jean?

Most of my time at Willa Jean is spent between 11 am – 1 pm Monday-Friday or after 5. The few times I did go there on the weekend, the place was packed! They can conveniently book a table for 4 or fewer on Open Table, so if you are enrolled in that program make sure to reserve a seat and get your points for dining!

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