Safest neighborhoods in New Orleans

What is the safest neighborhood in  New Orleans?

For tourists, the safest place to stay in New Orleans is renting a hotel or a bed and breakfast in the Uptown, The Garden District, and the French Quarter areas. These areas have the lowest crime rates in New Orleans and are well populated.

Is New Orleans safe for tourists?

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New Orleans is safe for tourists. However, New Orleans Locals recommend not walking around with valuables, do not walk around at night alone, and be aware of your surroundings. 

Is New Orleans safe to walk at night?

When walking in New Orleans at night, you should stick with a group of four or more people and stay in well-lit, busy neighborhoods. 

French Quarter

The French Quarter is one of the best neighborhoods in New Orleans to stay in if you want to be within walking distance of the city center. The French Quarter has many first-time tourists’ main attractions like Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, street performers, and art galleries.

Is the Warehouse District in New Orleans safe?

The Central Business District is where many people stay when it comes to conventions or attending a Saints game. There are also some great hotels to stay in during the carnival season. 

Is Garden District New Orleans Safe

The Garden District is one of this list’s safest and best areas. It is not advisable to walk to the French Quarter from this neighborhood due to crossing the interstate. If you must walk, take the streetcar until you get to the French Quarter.

Marigny & Bywater

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The Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods are known for great food, live music, and a good time. These two neighborhoods are known for their colorful Creole cottages.

Safest neighborhoods in New Orleans for Tourist

French Quarter Warehouse District Central Business District Marigny Bywater  Uptown Area Carrollton Irish Channel Garden District  Mid-City