What to wear in New Orleans

What to wear to dinner or a show in New Orleans

Jeans and shorts are discouraged for most upscale restaurants. It is preferred that men wear jackets and collared shirts.

What to wear for a New Orleans Wedding

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Even though a formal evening gown is allowed at a Black Tie wedding, wearing an upscale cocktail dress is perfectly acceptable for a New Orleans wedding. For guys, make sure to find out if the wedding is a Black Tie event because a tuxedo is expected.

What to wear to a Saints Game

Whatever you do – make sure you are wearing Black and Gold to the Saints Game. If you are going to the actual Superdome, you will also need to bring in a clear, small purse.

How to dress for Mardi Gras

There are three main items to pack for Mardi Gras: Casual clothes with purple, Green, and Gold, a fun costume for parades, or a full-length ball gown to attend one of the many balls.

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Do people dress up in New Orleans?

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New Orleans is a pretty laid-back city regarding dressing code. Unless you attend a special event, upscale restaurant, wedding, or Mardi Gras Ball – you can dress pretty casually. Cotton Dresses, Shorts, Tank tops, and jeans are all perfectly fine to wear in New Orleans.

What to wear in New Orleans when it rains

I find that rain ponchos or raincoats give better rain coverage than umbrellas. For some reason, I feel like the rain in New Orleans just goes sideways.

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