Hidden photography spots in New Orleans

Carousel Bar Inside of the Hotel Monteleone

Photography tip: Getting a photo without anyone at the Carousel Bar is hard. My suggestion is to come down in the early morning.

Love Wins Lock

Yellow Wavy Line

Reminiscent of Paris’s Pont des Arts bridge. Tourists and locals alike are leaving locks with love notes on this chain-length fence. You can get a cute, customizable lock to place on the fence.

The Magnolia Tree inside of Rampart Tree House

Photography Tip: When you first walk in, you will be stunned by how beautiful the Magnolia Tree is! Keep walking. When you make it a little past the bar, you can take a photo of the magnolia tree, eclectic chairs, and art on the wall.

Cafe Beignet

Can we take a second and appreciate how cute Cafe Beignet is? There are many locations, but the Royal Street Location is stunning!

Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans City Park has some unique Louisiana art pieces! And what’s better – visiting the Sculpture Garden is free. It is one of the best places on this list to take photos on a beautiful spring day. 

Yellow Location Pin

Jack Rose

Yellow Wavy Line

Even though everything in Jack Rose is gorgeous and the food is delicious, the Little Wayne painting by Ashley Longshore draws Instagrammers from near and far.

With Love from Nola

Photography tip: This wall is so cute that you will turn a couple of heads. Getting the proper lighting with the fluorescent tubes and plants takes a while, but don’t worry – I know you can do it!