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Warby Parker’s Home Try-On Review

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Online shopping is one of my favorite activities, it is normal for me to buy a couple of dresses, pants, or shirts in two different sizes so I can try them on at home, and just send them back in the mail. When I found out about Warby Parker’s Try On At Home Program, I was ecstatic.

Update: Check out this Instagram post to see flying with my Warby Parker glasses!

Why I love Warby Parker

There are many reasons why I love this company. Let me count the ways.

  1. During the Solar Eclipse, Warby Parker gave out free solar eclipse glasses at all of their stores. They even had a party at their Nashville store that was in the middle of the path of totality. Check out some tips for the 2024 Solar Eclipse!
  2. I love wearing my glasses about once a week and I love wearing my prescription sunglasses when I am outside.

Try On At Home

Warby Parker offers all of their clients the opportunity to try on up to 5 frames in the comfort of their own home. Even though not frames are available for the try at home program, there are a wide variety of men’s, women’s, glasses, and sunglasses eligible for this program.

I’ve tested the Warby Parker home try-on service so you can find it out if it is worth your time shopping for frames online!


Making Your Warby Parker Try-On Selections

Navigating over to Warby Parker’s Web page is quite easy. At the top, right next to locations, you can click on the Home Try-On link and start browsing and adding frames to your cart.

If you have no idea what you want or what would fit your face, you can even take a fun quiz to see what frames would suit your style.

How to buy the sunglasses.

Even if you only have one or two frames you are dying to try, I suggest adding all five frames to your box! You might find something that you like even more, or you might decide you need prescription sunglasses along with your new frames.

I decided to try on three frames and two sunglasses.

The three glasses and two sunglasses I tried on at home with Warby Parker.

Which one will I pick?

Five days to try your Warby Parker frames

Once your package arrives, you have five days to try on your five different frames! I think this is great because if you are like me, you can wear contacts and see what people’s reactions are to your new frames. Or just wear them for a few hours without the rush of a regular store.

I ordered my box on a Monday and received it on a Friday. Luckily, I had a long holiday weekend to enjoy all the different frames.

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InfoGraphic detailing why you should get Warby Parker glasses.

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I typically wear my glasses once a week, generally on the weekend, but I tried out the different pair of glasses and didn’t get any real reactions. Which, I would suppose that is a good thing because that meant all the frames complimented my face.

I did get a compliment on my sunglasses, but my coworker was shocked when I said that they were going to be prescription.

The glasses I tried on include Crane (Whiskey Tortoise), Lionel (Jet Silver), Laurel 17 (espresso tortoise), Raglan (Pearled Tortoise), and Upton (Oak Barrel).

Why Buy Prescription Sunglasses

I wear daily disposable contacts so when I travel, especially for those early morning flights, I like wearing my glasses. Sometimes, depending on what time we land at our final destination, I don’t want to “waste” a set of contacts, so prescription sunglasses come in handy.

I also have terrible allergies, so about once a week during the spring, I have to wear glasses to work. My light green eyes just cannot take the sun, so I’ve worn my prescription sunglasses to outdoor concerts, running of the bulls, and more without anyone realizing they were prescription.

When I tell them they are from Warby Parker, they get so excited and start asking a ton of questions.

Update: Check out this Instagram post to see me at an event with my sunglasses!


My Thoughts on the Warby Parker Frames

I have usually bought frames locally, but after the local eyeglass store messed up my glasses twice, I decided I needed to switch companies. My sister swears up and down about Warby Parker so I decided to try these out.

The Frames – The Crane Frames compliment my face and are lightweight. I didn’t find that the frames slipped down my nose or anything and they make me look cute! These came out to $134.69.

The Sunglasses – I loved the sunglasses. Being a southern gal with green eyes, I always wear sunglasses. Even when it is overcast. So prescription sunglasses are such a blessing. I decided to get the Raglan sunglasses because I felt like my prescription might be too thick for the aviators. These came out to $188.56.

Overall – I’m very impressed with the Warby Parker frames and their service! Anytime I tweet Warby Parker is there making sure they can help me out.

The two winners of the glasses I purchased.

The Winners a pair of sunglasses and glasses.

But How do I Pay?

If you have vision insurance or a Flexible Spending Account, check to see if you can use those benefits to purchase your glasses. I used my Flexible Spending account to justify buying both Glasses and Sunglasses in one fell swoop.

Should I Try it Out?

YES! If you need new frames or prescription sunglasses, you need to give Warby Parker a try. They are less expensive than other stores I’ve been to in the New Orleans area and are sturdy frames.

I recommend having two pairs of glasses at all times because if you lose a pair of glasses while on vacation, you will have a pair at home. (Travel Tip: I always travel with my older pair of glasses in case I do lose them).

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Warby Parker Try On At home program is an online shoppers dream. You can try on 5 glasses or sunglasses (or a mix) to determine which glasses work for you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.