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Taos Crave: Comfortable Boots for Walking

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Let’s talk about traveling with boots for just a second. I’ve always been taught that you need to wear your bulkiest shoes while in the airport – that way, you can pack more items in your carry on.

I typically fly with just a carryon, so space is limited. If I’m going somewhere where hiking and walking is a must, I need to bring comfortable boots that will work for the great outdoors and exploring a town.

Taos Crave best walking shoes for travel

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good boots for walking and Traveling

When my family travels, we love combining city and nature trips as much as we can. The only downside to doing this is packing so many different pairs of shoes and outfits.

When I discovered the Crave Boots by Taos in Blue Ink, I knew I had to try them – they just completed my Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants lifestyle.

Like every good travel journalist – I first tested these shoes out in my home town of New Orleans by exploring the tiniest forest in Louisiana – Courtier Forrest.

Taos Crave good boots for walking and Traveling

Comfortable boots for travel and New Orleans

Even though I love hiking and exploring National Parks – there are not that many opportunities to hike in Louisiana. My state is a swamp.

New Orleans is mostly Urban, and after exploring downtown with my friends I decided I wanted to test the limits of these Urban Boots.

I had recently learned about Courtier Forrest in City Park. This perfect tiny forest is hidden in one of Louisiana’s biggest forests.

I knew this was the perfect place to try out my newest pair of comfortable walking boots after pigging out on beignets.
With only six acres of land, I was able to go on a short hike to discover that these boots are good boots for walking and would quickly become my newest travel accessory.

Taos Crave comfortable boots for travel and New Orleans

best walking shoes for travel

En route to California, I didn’t have to worry about my outfit not looking stylish or sacrifice for comfort.

Even though Taos says these are an Urban boot, I feel like they work well in all walks of fashion life. Urban, suburban, nature. You name it – and I am going to wear them!

And that is exactly what I did while Road Tripping on Highway One from Los Angeles to San Jose. We covered a lot of ground, tours, trails, and cities, and my Crave Boots were perfect every step of the way.

Taos Crave Review

I really enjoyed wearing these boots around New Orleans and while traveling.

I could easily go from running through the TSA line in New Orleans to hiking a trail in California without sacrificing fashion or comfort.

The faux-fur lined leather boots never made my feet feel sweaty or uncomfortable. I even paired my shoes with a thin pair of socks, and the extra cushion made everything feel just right on my feet.

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One of my favorite things to do on our recent road trip on Highway One to the Hofsas House was being able to take my shoes off between stops easily. Crave Boots come with a super handy inner side zipper and adjustable rear buckle that allowed me to take my shoes on and off in an instant.

Even though these leather boots are made for walking, and I can walk miles in them, there is something about kicking back on a road trip shoeless that is just great.Sign up for Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants newsletter!

But how do Crave Boots feel?

I typically wear fashion booties of over the calf boots, so switching to a faux fur-lined leather shorter boot was a little bit out of my comfort zone. The shoes were very comfortable, and I didn’t need to worry about needing to order a larger size to compete with my calf.

As someone who is just shy of 5’4 I enjoyed the small heel and platform of the boot. It allowed me to have some height without looking silly while walking around town or in nature.

In fact, those extra two inches allowed me to take some epic photos of Elephant Seals while we were road tripping – so all of you short ladies, think of that extra height as a bonus!

Taos Crave Shoes How do I buy these Taos Crave Boots?

How do I buy these Taos Crave Boots?

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you should consider adding Taos Crave Boots to your travel wardrobe.

I can let you know from experience, Taos Crave Boots go well with Plaid Shirts and Yoga Pants! Don’t forget – when you order, there is free shipping in all orders!

Let me know if you buy a pair of these boots and what color you got! I would love to see your photos on Instagram!

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