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Savannah, Georgia: Things to do during a Long Weekend

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It’s Savannah Y’all! As someone who loves travel, sometimes I get an in-between itch trips.

There have been many weekends when my mom and I look at each other, and we cannot decide what we want to do in New Orleans, so we decide we want to take a weekend trip.

Most of the time, however, we waste away our Saturday dreaming of jet-setting off to LA, Cancun, or New York and don’t actually.

Well, with a little bit of pre-planning, mom and I spent a quick weekend exploring Savanah, Georgia.

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Our flight plan was simple, leave New Orleans on the 6:30 am flight and land by 11:00 am, leave Savannah the next day at 6:30 pm and arrive home just before 11 pm.

Giving us roughly 30 hours to enjoy as much as possible.

Mallory in a sunflower face cut out at Savannah Bee Company

I’m so excited to go to Savannah that I’ve turned into a sunflower!

Checking In

We stayed in room 524 at the Holiday Inn – Savannah Historic District, booking the room at last minute, there weren’t any IHG properties where we could book on points, so we ended up paying $224 for a King Leisure room.

One thing that I found odd about this hotel is where you would get dropped off. The actual address of the hotel is on Bryan Street, but every driver tries to drop you off at Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

If you have mobility issues or have your luggage, make sure your driver drops you off on Bryan Street so that it’s easier and safer to unload.

King bed at the holiday inn in Savannah Georgia

Our King Bed in room 524 at the holiday inn.

The room was perfect for just me and mom. The King bed was spacious and extremely comfortable, there was an open-doored closet for us to store our luggage and the bathroom was roomy.

Even though Holiday Inn does not provide complimentary breakfast or a fridge like some of the other IHG properties, there was a Keurig in the room and half and half in the lobby.

The one thing that I found that was super weird with this room was there wasn’t a trash can.

There wasn’t one in the bathroom nor the bedroom.

I had to ask for a trash can three times until one was delivered. But, if a missing trashcan is the worst part of my stay, I can’t complain.

holiday inn coffee bar in Savannah Georgia

holiday inn coffee bar

Compare hotels and vacation rentals in Savannah, Georgia

The Olde Pink House

When researching about Savannah, one restaurant that kept popping up was The Olde Pink House.

Luckily for us, we were able to score reservations for 2:15 pm.

They close at 2:30 pm. Having this late lunch helped us out because we got on a different flight and landed closer to 12:30 and after dining, the entire restaurant emptied out so I could take impressive photographs of the old house!

Mallory at the Olde Pink house

All dressed up for lunch at the Old Pink House.

Wanting to try everything and being indecisive, mom and I went back and forth about what we wanted to eat.

We ended up getting Jalapeno Margaritas, Mac and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers, the Crab Cake, and the Buffalo Shrimp Taco.

After chatting with our waitress, we ended up learning more about Leopold’s ice cream, and that is when we were sold that we had room for dessert and were willing to stand in line.

The Olde Pink house lunch size of fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, and collard greens.

Crab Cake, Fried Green Tomatoes, and collard greens are delicious.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Ice cream is something my family loves to have. We first fell in love with delicious ice cream in Niagara Falls and made eating good ice cream while we traveled a tradition when we visited Madison, Wisconsin.

When I learned about Leopold’s from a friend’s Facebook Check-in, I knew I had to attend.

Leopolds Ice Cream line in Savannah

The line for Leopold’s Ice Cream stretches as far as the eyes can see.

A quick .1 mile away from the Olde Pink House, we were ready for an afternoon treat. Since it was late afternoon when we got in line, and an unusually warm day, the line was long, but it didn’t seem manageable.

It stretched under the Trustees Theater and took about 35 minutes from the moment we stood in line until we sat down in our seats inside.

I tasted the pistachio ice cream, which I wished I had tried a scoop of it at one point during my trip.

Mom ordered a single scoop of Savannah Socialite, milk, and dark chocolate ice cream with pecans and bourbon-infused Carmel, while I Ordered the Chocolate Chewies and Cream which has crispy-chewy chocolate cookies with pecans in their vanilla base ice cream.

Ice cream at leopolds in savannah georgia

Delicious ice cream from Leopold’s that is well worth the wait.

Shopping and Sightseeing

After non-stop eating since we landed, Mom and I continued our day by shopping on E Broughton Street and going to some of the tourist areas.

There are so many things to see just in this small area that you could spend almost a whole day shopping.

One thing that you will notice while walking around is that there are some adorable shops!

Savannah Bee Company (104 W Broughton St)

Savannah Bee Company is one of my mother’s favorite places to get hand cream.

It is also listed as one of Travel Jewels’ favorite experiences in Savannah.

We discovered Savannah Bee Company at Whole Foods in Atlanta Georgia.

Along with gorgeous products, there was a ton of honey to purchase, a mead tasting area for adults, and a place for children to play.

honey at Savanna Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company’s honey on display.

The Salt Table (51 Barnard St)

I discovered The Salt Table when walking around looking for breakfast. Not knowing what it was, I asked mom to go in with me.

To our shock, they had all different kinds of salt and sugar (plus downstairs had jellies and other goodies).

Mom and I tried all types of salts and sugars and then ended up purchasing the Habanero Sugar to put on a margarita back at home.

The Salt Table in Savannah.

The Salt Table in Savannah as more than just salt. I enjoyed buying some hot sugar.

Byrd’s Cookies (213 West St. Julian Street)

Our hotel had some of Byrd’s Famous Cookies, and we tasted the pink lemonade ones and instantly fell in love with the taste.

Walking around the different shops and venues, we discovered that our hotel was close to a location of Byrd’s.

Excited to find out that you can essentially buy four bags of cookies for the prices of 3, mom and I tasted almost all of the cookies and decided to purchase: Pink Lemonade Cookie, Triple Chocolate Cookie, Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit, Cheddar Pecan Biscuits.

We also bought a small container of Peach cookies.

Byrd's Famous Cookies Display

Byrd’s Famous Cookies are something you must try!

Moon River Brewing Company

I love trying new breweries when I’m traveling. There are a few handful of breweries in the Savannah that I wanted to try, but mom and I decided that we were going to try the beer at Moon River Brewing Company because they had a beer called Yoga Pants.

Of course, we got a traditional flight of beer so we could try everything. There is four year-round beers, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Captain’s Porter and Yoga Pants.

From the Seasonal beers, I was intrigued by their Rosemary Swamp Fox IPA.

Beer Flight at Blue Moon River

A Beer flight in Savvanah, one of my favorites was of course Yoga Pants.

The Coffee Fox

Unfortunately, our hotel didn’t have breakfast, but that gave us the opportunity to eat somewhere else. Since we had a short amount of time to jam pack a ton of activity in, I hit the streets of downtown Savannah looking for breakfast.

A lot of the cafés seemed like they didn’t open until 8 am so I wandered around a bit until I saw that The Coffee Fox was open.

Grabbing a score, quiche, and a kolache, mom and I were ready to start our day.

Old Town Trolley Tours – Hop on Hop Off

One of our favorite ways to get around a city that we are not spending a lot of time in is jumping on a hop on hop off.

After some research, mom and I decided we would spend our Sunday hopping on and off all around Savannah. Even though our bus was not handicap accessible, you can reserve a bus ahead of time.

We were able to manage the three steps to get on the bus, and the drive held our walker for us upfront.

Taking the Old Town Trolley Car gave us some ideas of where we want to visit when we returned and gave us a glimpse of the history of Savannah, Georgia.

While walking around, we discovered that there is a free transportation downtown called the Dot.

Old Town Trolley in Savannah

The Trolley dropped us off so we could explore the neighborhood.

The Lady and Sons

One cannot think of Savannah without thinking of Paula Deen and her famous restaurant Lady and Sons.

My advice for maximizing your time is to book reservations ahead of time so that you do not wait too long in the waiting room.

The Lady and Sons

The outside of Lady and Sons in Savannah Georgia.

Mom and I took a long time to decide what we wanted to eat. After much deliberation (and peaking at the buffet line) we decided that we were, in fact, going to get the buffet.


Because we wanted to eat fried chicken and mom wanted to try the ooey gooey butter cake.

I have to admit, The Lady and Sons did not disappoint. Check back for my full review!

The Lady and Sons food spread

Fried Chicken, sweet potato, cornbread pudding, and collard greens from The Lady and Sons buffet table.

Prohibition Museum

To walk off everything that we ate at The Lady and Son’s, mom and I walked around the Prohibition Museum.

It was interesting to see the lifestyle during prohibition and why it was important to ban alcohol in the States when there were people who couldn’t even afford or get bread.

The Prohibition Museum is a neat museum full of life-size wax figures, a unique perspective of history, and even its own wet bar.

Just like prohibition, however, we visited on a Sunday and were not able to have a cocktail due to Savannah’s Blue Laws.

Carrie Nation destroyed this bar during Prohibition

A Bar that was destroyed during Prohibition by Carrie Nation.

Wrapping up

We had a wonderful time exploring Savannah and have a whole list of activities we want to do when we come to visit again.

At the airport, we even got one last taste of Leopold’s ice cream before heading back to our hometown of New Orleans.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Savannah?

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