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Eating at The Olde Pink House, Savannah

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When researching about Savannah, one restaurant that kept popping up was The Olde Pink House, an adorable Savannah restaurant where guests can grab some of the best Lowcountry cuisines while dining in a sophisticated, 18th-century mansion, that is in fact, pink.

Mallory outside of the olde pink house in Savannah Ga

The Old Pink house is such a cute place to dine in Savannah, Ga. I would love to eat outside on a nice spring day.

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Dining at The Olde Pink House

If you want to dine at the Olde Pink House, I highly suggest getting reservations. Luckily for mom and I, we were able to score reservations for 2:15 pm the day before we wanted to dine, which was one of the last times available. The restaurant also closes at 2:30 pm, which means once you are done dining, you are one of the few people left to wander around the house. This luxury allowed us to walk around the restaurant and take a quick tour and excellent photos.

Inside The Olde Pink house in Savannah Georgia

The room inside of The Olde Pink House which we dined in. We had a great spot next to the window.

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Eating Lunch at The Olde Pink House

Wanting to try everything and being indecisive, mom and I went back and forth about what we wanted to eat. The menu had plenty of items to try. First, we wanted to try to Fried Green Tomatoes, but then we wanted Pulled Pork Sliders, we were also debating on Fried Chicken or a good Old Fashioned Hamburger.

One of my favorite thing about restaurants is getting a surprise appetizer. We were given a few long lightly fried cheese straws. After munching on the straws and talking through the menu, we ordered Jalapeno Margaritas and decided on what we wanted to eat.

Cheese Straws at Old Pink house

Delicious Cheese Straws come out to the table before ordering.

The margarita was delicious and was very light. It is the type of drink that you can quickly suck down, and it will sneak up on you if you had too much. We opted to stay at one margarita and order ice teas because we had a full day planned of sightseeing.

Margarita at The olde Pink house

A yummy margarita to start off our meal.

We split the Mac and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers which included red pepper coulis and salsa verde. Three poppers were just what we needed to have that delicious taste of southern fried cooking.

Mac and cheese bites

Nothing like starting off a good Southern meal with fried jalapeno mac and cheese bites.

Fried green tomatoes were something that both of us wanted to try. My entrée was the Crab Cake which was detailed as a Pan Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cake and Fried Green Tomatoes with Remoulade Sauce. The crab cake comes with French fries, but I wanted to try the collard greens and French fries (I was hungry!), however, there was a mistake while ordering and the French fries never came. Nevertheless, you must try the collard greens because they taste just like my mother’s.

The Olde Pink house lunch size of fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, and collard greens.

Crab Cake, Fried Green Tomatoes, and collard greens are delicious.

Mom opted for the Buffalo Shrimp Taco because it was calling her name. Her tacos came on a cute board where she had to assemble the tacos herself. The tacos came with guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapeno coleslaw, and a blue cheese sauce.

Tacos at Olde Pink house

Build your own shrimp tacos while dining at The Olde Pink House.

Even though we didn’t taste each other’s food, mom and I both enjoyed our meals immensely. After chatting with our waitress, she gave us a hint that if you come at lunch, the fried chicken is the same exact portion as the dinner menu, and it is significantly cheaper. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have the stomach to eat an entire half of chicken each!

Exploring the Olde Pink House

After we finished up our lunch, the restaurant was empty. Our waitress informed us that we were more than welcome to walk around the house and explore all the floors and rooms. The Olde Pink House has three levels, the main dining area, the second floor which we did not explore, and the basement.

Savannah 12 of 51

Love this shot of The Old Pink house. Such a beautiful restaurant.

In the basement, The Olde Pink House has a stunning tavern named The Planter’s Tavern. The ambiance downstairs is entirely different than the dining room upstairs. It is dimly light with red lighting. It brings you to back in the day with the

The Tavern in the basement.

The Tavern in the basement.

My advice? Make your reservations for 2:15, show up a half hour early to have a drink in the tavern and order the fried chicken for the lunch discount (or anything else we ordered). You will not be disappointed in The Old Pink House. To see what we did on our Savannah vacation, read Touring Savannah, Georgia in 30 hours.

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