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Mardi Gras and King Cake Beers in New Orleans

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Mardi Gras and beer go hand in hand. Beer is the perfect drink to wash down fried chicken, Crawfish, and even King Cake.

Whether you are celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Mobile, or in the safety of your living room, check out these delicious year-round and seasonal beers.

This list will go over the most current Mardi Gras Beer and King Cake Beer that you can find in and around Louisiana. A few beers on this list are outside of Louisiana, and you might be able to find these beers in your local area.

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Day drinking beers

If you are looking to drink a lot of beer and share it with your friends in family, consider buying one of these seasonal beers. Many of these beers are light, and you can drink over several hours.

The beers are in order by ABV, so you can make an educated decision on which beers you want to drink all day and weekend long.

1. Typical Tuesday – Southern Prohibition

Typical Tuesday - Southern Prohibition Mardi Gras Beer

ABV 4.3%
Beer type Pilsner – German-style
Availability Seasonal

Coming from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Southern Prohibition celebrates how Mardi Gras is everything but a typical Tuesday. Typical Tuesday’s beer label was created during the great aluminum can shortage, so the labeling looks a little strange.

2. Parish Pilsner – Parish Brewing Co

Parish Pilsner - Parish Brewing Co mardi gras beer

ABV 4.5%
Beer type: Pilsner
Availability: Year-round

The Parish Pilsner dresses up in Mardi Gras colors each year to bring on the festivities! This crisp, light beer will not fill you up but will also not give you a super strong buzz. This beer is available all year round, but the super cute Purple, Green, and Gold strips will make you feel extra fancy. You may want to pair this with a matching shirt.

3. Muses – NOLA

Muses - NOLA mardi gras beer

ABV 4.5%
Beer type: Belgian Pale Ale
Availability: Seasonal

Named after one of the iconic all women’s krewe, Muses is a Belgian Pale Ale that will allow you to party from uptown to downtown. If you do not catch a shoe at Muses, you can always upcycle this beer can and glitter it as a special commemorative throw.

4. Bacchus Blonde – Port Orleans

Bacchus Blonde - Port Orleans

ABC 4.8%
Beer type: Blonde Ale
Availability: Seasonal

Paying homage to one of the biggest parades on the uptown route, Bacchus Blonde is an easy beer to drink to make sure you make it to Bacchus Sunday. It is just shy of a 5% ABV.

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Mardi Gras Inspired Beer

5. Parade Ground – Tin Roof

Parade Ground - Tin Roof

ABC: 5.5%
Beer type: Coffee Porter
Availability: Seasonal

Probably one of my favorite beers to drink on the parade route is Parade Ground. On a particularly chilly Mardi Gras, the Costa Rican coffee will warm you up and keep you awake and caffeinated.

6. Mardi Gras Bock – Abita Brewing

Mardi Gras Bock - Abita Brewing Mardi gras Beer

ABv 6.5%
Beer type: German Maibock
Availability: Seasonal

If you are looking for a day-drinking beer with a little more ump, select Abita’s Mardi Gras Bock. Sold only in bottles at your local grocery store or specialty store, you will want to make sure to bring a super cute cup or coozie as not to break the glass while pounding back beers.

Specialty Beers

These Speciality Beers are perfect for drinking during the Mardi Gras season but might pack more of a punch today drink all day long. Many of these beers are on the pricey side and might be better shared during a bottle share.

7. Feed the Second Line – Zony Mash + Nola

Feed the Second Line - Zony Mash + Nola Mardi Gras Beer

ABV 4.8%
Availability: limited
Beer type: Super Session Mosaic Pale Ale

The first of the Feed the Second line, by Krewe of Red Beans, is a Super Session Mosiac Pale Ale. This beer gives back to the community by supporting Musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Artists, and Culture bearers during a particularly slow Mardi Gras time. Rent Houzega does the art on this stunning can.
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New Orleans:

8. Feed the second line volume two – Zony Mash + Nola

Feed the second line volume two - Zony Mash + Nola

ABV 4.5%
Availability: Limited
Beer type: Sour Ale

The second of the Feed the Second Line, by Krewe of Red Beans, is a Blueberry Lemon Sour Ale. The proceeds go to the same location as the first beer in the series, but this beer is delicious if you are into blueberry, lemon, and sour beers. The art on this can is by Magda Boreysza.

9. Death By King Cake – Oskar Blues

Death By King Cake - Oskar Blues

ABV 6.5%
Availability: seasonal

Death by King Cake is a Mardi Gras beer that can be found more widely across the United States. Even though I will beg to differ that this does not taste like a King Cake, if you add Grand Marnier’s shot to it, the cinnamon notes come out stronger.

10. King Cake Milkshake Sour- Urban South

King Cake Milkshake Sour- Urban South

ABV: 6.5%
Beer type: Sour
Availability: limited

I wasn’t sure about a pasty sour, but when Urban South declared they had a liquid king cake, I was sold. Even though this was offered on a minimal release and cannot buy the cans, this beer is closer to King Cake than other King Cake beers I’ve tasted.

11. Porch side Milkshake IPA – Urban South

Porch side Milk shake IPA-2

ABC 6.7%
Beer type: Fruited Milk share IPA
Availability: seasonal

Usually, during a parade, New Orleanians would be sitting on the Neutral ground, but this is for everyone celebrating Mardi Gras from their porch! This milkshake IPA is fruited with Gooseberry and Mango and hopped with Blac and Citra. It is a treat for your tastebuds as you watch the traffic, and not parades, roll on by.

12. Sidewalk DIPA – Urban South

Sidewalk DIPA - Urban South-2

ABV 7.8%
Beer type: Double IPA
Availability: Seasonal

There is nothing better than celebrating Mardi Gras with a double hopped IPA. This beer gives off aromas of passion fruit combined with classic resinous. Pull up your favorite chair to sit in and enjoy hanging out on the sidewalk side.

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