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Savannah Sweets: Eating at Leopold’s Ice Cream

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Ice cream is something my family loves to have. We first fell in love with good ice cream in Niagara Falls at COWs and made eating good ice cream while we traveled a tradition when we visited Madison, Wisconsin at Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. When I learned about Leopold’s from a friend’s Facebook Check-in, I knew I had to visit.

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Waiting in Line

It was late afternoon when we arrived at Leopold’s, and the line was past the next door Trustees Theater. Our waitress at The Olde Pink House suggested that if we weren’t just ready for dessert, that we try out Leopold’s.  Since we committed to trying this Ice cream on our short 30 hour trip to Savannah, we stayed in line for the 35 minutes that it took to get our ice cream.

Since this was an unusually warm day, one of the workers walked up and down the line passing out water cups and menus to help speed along the line. I really enjoyed this gesture because if I didn’t already have my own water with me, I would need a sip to cool off in the direct sunlight.

Leopolds Ice Cream line in Savannah

The line for Leopolds Ice Cream stretches as far as the eyes can see.

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Ice Cream

I tasted the pistachio ice cream, which I wished I had tried a scoop of it at one point during my trip. Mom ordered a single scoop of Savannah Socialite, milk and dark chocolate ice cream with pecans and bourbon infused Carmel, while I Ordered the Chocolate Chewies and Cream which has crispy, chewy chocolate cookies with pecans in their vanilla base ice cream.

I didn’t try any of their seasonal favorites, but after looking at their menu I want to try the Frozen Hot Cocoa (January/December), Spicy Mocha featuring the Salt Table’s Habanero Sugar (July/September) and Thin Mints & Cream (March/April).

If someone from Leopold’s is reading this – I will be more than happy to send you my address so you can kindly ship me some tasty Ice Cream! Speaking of you can order ice cream to be delivered to your house!

Chocolate chewies by leopold's

Got my ice cream and waiting to pay. I just want to take a bite of this delicious ice cream.

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Enjoying Ice Cream and Company

Mom and I were able to snag a seat inside, which I was super grateful about because it was warm outside and we wanted to enjoy our single scoops of ice cream before it melted. We sat down at a four-person table, and a lovely lady came and sat down with us since the seating area was jam-packed.

While we were enjoying our waffle cones, and she enjoyed her sundae, we discussed our different travel plans. Our new friend was traveling almost all of the United States. After discussing her travel plans, we gave her advice for Yellowstone National Park, the Salton Sea, New Orleans and many destinations on her bucket list.

Should we eat at Leopold’s?

Yes! You must get ice cream from Leopold’s! But if for some reason you miss getting ice cream while wandering around Savannah Georgia, you can always get a scoop or two in the Savannah-Hilton Head Airport. Make sure you read my latest blog post, Touring Savannah, Georgia in 30 hour.


If you love - share with a friend!

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