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Disney Wonder: Last Day at Sea and Disembarkation

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The final day of the cruise was an interesting one. After four days full of excursions at Endicott, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan, we finally had some downtime to enjoy the ship on our own.

We were a little exhausted from my days full of activities, so this Sunday at Sea was a more relaxing one.

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The final day on the Disney Wonder. After a seven-day cruise throughout Alaska read about the final day as we dine at Palo and enjoy watching Disney Dreams.
One final view from the balcony

First Time on Rough Water

As y’all all know, this was my first every cruise. We were so worried about getting sea sick that we took sea sickness medication every day.

Sea day was the first day we experienced any movement or rocking of the boat. After a stormy night, and a rough morning, we used this whole day to relax on the ship and enjoy the last few moments in Alaska.

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Going to the Gym

I was dying to try the Spin class first thing in the morning. The first two times I tried to sign up the class was full.

So I was determined to make this class. I quickly got dressed and made my way over to the Senses Spa to get my spin on.

While walking down the hallway, I noticed I couldn’t keep my balance. I was gently rolled from one side of the hall to the other and noticed a man in the hallway had the same stumbling issues.

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Rough Seas – Spin is Going to be Fun

Determined to do the class. I found the perfect bike and jumped on. Traditionally, the class has ten people spinning at one time.

The spin class takes place in the middle of the gym – quite awkward if you ask me. I picked my favorite seats in the class and waited for my fellow gym-goers to show up.

Only three more people showed up, and two of them sat right on top of me. Seriously.

There are ten spots, why did you have to sit next to me?

Anyways, the spin instructor came in and gave us a little speech saying that the ship was rocking a lot today so if we felt ill, please get up and run to the bathroom.

She also said that if for any reason she got up and ran to the bathroom to just keep peddling, and she would be okay.

I started the spin class with such determination, I mean the class was only thirty minutes long.

But around the 10 minutes into the class, I felt ill. Spinning on the ocean on a regular day probably doesn’t feel any different than spinning but spinning on a rocky sea was quite the experience.

While we were climbing hills and doing jumps, we were also rocking back and forth, so it felt like we were going to a square instead of just up and down. Let’s just say; I was so happy once the 30 minutes were over.

The gym on the Disney Wonder
Spin Class was a few bikes in the middle of the gym. It made things a little cramped when someone tried using one of the machines that was close by but it seems to work!

Brunch at Palo

Walking back to my cabin was not any easier than earlier in the day. Mom and Ally were swaying around the cabin, and we all got ready to go to Palo.

Palo brunch was delicious, and I wish we ate here for brunch every day! We, of course, had a couple of cocktails (this first one is from the Mouse!) which didn’t help with the boat rocking.

During brunch, I saw at least two people told their server that they were going to go back to their cabin to lie down. I felt bad that they had to miss brunch, but I didn’t blame them at all.

At one point, I looked out the window past mom and said ‘woah, those mountains sure are going up and down a lot!’

After brunch, Ally and Mom headed back to the cabin and I stubbornly headed over to the Disney Vacation Club Group Preview to try to win a gift card (I didn’t).

Evening on the Balcony

The sea calmed down, but after the massive brunch and being bounced around everywhere we decided we needed some downtime in the cabin. So we opened up the blinds and soaked in the scenery and sun. We may have also taken a nap.

After we were well-rested, and the sea was calm, the family sat on the balcony knocking off a couple of bottles of wine. While sitting on the balcony, we saw a man in a little-motorized boat serenading us with his trumpet.

He wasn’t the best trumpet player, but he was having a grand time playing for us. He even played “When the Saints Go Marching In” and our whole balcony hooped and hollered.

Even though this spontaneity wasn’t Disney planned or sponsored, it was one of the magical moments on the boat!


Serenaded from the cruise ship 🚢 #disneycruise #disneycruise2017 #seaday #alaska #canada #maninaboat

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That evening we dined at Triton’s, and it was Lobster Day.

During dinner, we dropped off our gratuities to our Head Server, Server, and Assistant Server. We talked to them about our options of either doing the express walk off or dining on the boat.

Even though Svjetlana and Phapakorn informed us that we should be fine dining at Triton’s with all of our luggage and take the express exit right off the boat, we opted to skip breakfast the next morning.

Disney Dreams

After dinner, we went on over to The Walt Disney Theater one last time to watch Disney Dreams. This show was by far one of my favorite shows on the cruise!

It had all of the Disney character classics and flowed the story of a young girl named Anne Marie. Each time a new Disney character appeared on stage, you could feel the excitement of seeing Peter Pan, Cinderella and Aladdin.

Out of all of the shows on the ship, this was the one that I enjoyed the most. It felt like a classic Disney Parks show.

Disembarkation Day

The next day was Disembarkation Day – we decided to grab breakfast in the Cabanas and just walk off with all of our luggage. When you do a walk off, you technically do not have any help with your bags, but we didn’t have any issues maneuvering off of the boat.

We were able to walk out, pass customs, and get on the Disney bus to the airport all before 8 am! Our bus driver gave us a quick tour and history of Vancouver while driving us to the airport.

Once we arrived at the airport, we ended up spending some time in the Plaza Premium Lounge before flying back to New Orleans.

This seven-day cruise was truly the journey of a lifetime. I hope to return to Alaska again whether it is on another Disney Cruise or to make a land trip.

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Disney Wonder room 7120
The final goodbye to our cabin!

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Have you ever gone on a Disney Cruise?

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The final day on the Disney Wonder. After a seven-day cruise throughout Alaska read about the final day as we dine at Palo and enjoy watching Disney Dreams.

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