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Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants on the Web

I love working with other websites and blogs! Check out some of the guest posting and features I’ve had. If you want to learn more about guest posting on Plaid Shirt Yoga pants visit Guest Blogging Opportunities.

A Rookie’s Guide to Cruise Etiquette

Discover Becky’s article as she interviews travel bloggers from all over. Read all the information dealing with cruise etiquette and convince yourself that you also need to go on an Alaskan Cruise. Read more on

Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants viewing Mendenhall Glacier.

Complementing life and beauty of Alaska and the Glacier.

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Take a Road Trip

I worked with Auto Accessories Garage and gave them a little tidbit on why I love taking road trips. Hint: I talk a lot about the Salton Sea!

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