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Eating Gluten Free in New Orleans by Neighborhoods

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New Orleans is known as a city that lives to eat, but when you are gluten free, it can be challenging to eat at safe restaurants that follow best practices for the gluten free community.

As a foodie, I’m always asked what are the best restaurants in New Orleans for someone who is gluten free or has a gluten intolerance. Since I do not live a gluten free lifestyle, I’ve reached out to one of my New Orleans Foodie Friends, Allison Agulnick, to inform my readers of all the best gluten free restaurants in New Orleans.

Allison is the New Orleans foodie behind Gluten-Free Girl Boss on Instagram – so give her some love and follow her food journey! This blog post was originally written in 2019, so I’ve added a few more gluten-free and friendly restaurants listed under the Lagniappe section for each Neighborhood!

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Gluten Free Restaurants in New Orleans

With this guide, you can eat at some of the best restaurants in New Orleans while staying gluten-free and true to your food allergies while on vacation. Gluten-free options are not new, but many places are beginning to recognize the importance of having separate gluten-free menus and dishes. 

This guide is the perfect way for tourists or locals to stay gluten free and eat delicious food while in New Orleans.

Does New Orleans have gluten-free food?

New Orleans has gluten-free food because many local ingredients, like fresh seafood, fruit, and Vietnamese cuisine, are naturally gluten-free. New Orleans is one of the best gluten-free dining destinations if you have a gluten intolerance or allergy. 

Gluten Free New Orleans by Gluten Free Girl Boss

New Orleans is known for many things, including Mardi Gras, second lines, and delicious Cajun food. Unfortunately, most of the classic New Orleans dishes are not gluten free.

Traveling to or living in New Orleans can be scary if you avoid gluten. With this guide, Gluten Free Girl Boss will make being gluten free in New Orleans a little simpler.

Whether you’re gluten-free for health reasons or just trying it out, these are the must-eats in many neighborhoods in and around New Orleans.


Sit Down: Coquette
2800 Magazine St.

Coquette is a New American restaurant located on the corner of Magazine St., and Washington St. Their menu rotates seasonally; however, it is always full of gluten free options.

While nothing is noted on the menu, the wait staff is well-informed about what is safe for those with celiac disease to indulge in.

Coquette is the perfect setting for a date night or a night out with friends, as the gorgeous interior and the food will leave you breathless.

Quick Bite: Satsuma Café
1320 Magazine St. Suite 104

Gluten Free in New Orleans at Satsuma Cafe

With three locations for Satsuma Cafe, it will be easy to eat gluten free in New Orleans. The newest location is on Magazine St.
Satsuma Café is the perfect neighborhood coffee shop that carries pressed juices, salads, coffees, and gluten-free bread.
The staff at Satsuma Café will gladly change any sandwich bread for delicious gluten-free bread. They will go the extra mile to ensure your sandwich is safe and tasty.

CENTRAL CITY Gluten Free Restaurants

Sit Down: Mais Arepas
1200 Carondelet St.

Gluten Free Drink Mais Arepas

Mais Arepas has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant gem is home to some of the most delicious gluten-free food I’ve ever had.
You may think I’m exaggerating, but I promise you I’m not.
Plus, their entire menu is gluten free, which is a bonus.
Please take my advice, and go check out Mais Arepas, but make a reservation because this place gets jam-packed all night of the week.

Quick Bite: Avenue Café
1907 St Charles Ave.

Avenue Cafe Gluten Free

One of the first places I went to when I moved down here was Avenue Café. Located on St. Charles Avenue, Café is super convenient when you need a quick bite.
They have gluten-free bread for sandwiches and a couple of gluten-free pastries, which is a win in my book.
Pro tip: to keep celiac safe, ensure they don’t toast the bread as they don’t have a separate toaster.

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Gluten Free in Uptown New Orleans

Sit Down: Bearcat
2521 Jena St. (multiple locations)

Bearcat gluten free new orleans

Whenever anyone comes to visit me, gluten-free or not, I take them to Bearcat for breakfast.
Their breakfast menu has two sides; one is called “good cat,” which contains healthier breakfast items, and the other is “bad cat,” which has more indulgent options, including pancakes and benedicts.
There are several gluten free options on both sides of the menu, so whether you’re feeling good or bad, you have many options.
Every time I go to Bearcat, they ask about cross-contamination and will even clean off the grill so I can safely order pancakes.
Their menu rotates seasonally with several gluten free offerings with each rotation.
Fun Fact: “The Perfect Date,” starring Noah Centineo, was partly filmed at Bearcat Uptown.

Quick Bite: City Greens
5001 Freret St. Suite B (Multiple Locations)

city greens gluten free

New Orleans is known for its fried food and creole cooking. While I love a big ole bowl of red beans and rice, sometimes I just seriously crave a salad. City Greens satisfies that craving.

Almost all their menu items are gluten free (except for the croutons, obviously). They serve signature salads, warm bowls, and a DIY option if nothing on the menu speaks to you.

So when you need a healthy alternative to all the Nola-based foods, make sure City Greens is high on that healthy list.

City Greens has also appeared in Eating Healthy In New Orleans.

Gluten Free Uptown Lagnippe restaurants

The uptown area of New Orleans is an excellent spot for gluten-free folks. There are so many different restaurants compacted into those one area that even this small handful of restaurants doesn’t scratch the surface of places you can eat. If Allison’s recommendations didn’t strike your fancy, check out these delicious lagniappe restaurants.

Superior Seafood 

4338 St. Charles Avenue

Superior seafood has an entire gluten-free menu for those following a gluten-free diet. Guests can choose from appetizers, salads, shellfish, steak, chicken, or fish! If you are still looking for something you want on the menu, the filet mignon is served with whipped potatoes and asparagus and is quite tasty! 


4330 Magazine St

Suppose you want some Louisiana-fried seafood, head over to Casamento. They pride themselves on their fried food being gluten-free! All the batters are made from corn and not wheat, and those who avoid gluten can enjoy almost everything on the menu (except for the Gumbo and bread). Your taste buds will rejoice!

The Rum House

3128 Magazine Street

If you are craving tacos, The Rum House has plenty of options for those that are gluten-free. Even though there is not a specific menu, many of the servers are well-versed in what is gluten-free and can help navigate the menu. 

Dat Dog

5030 Freret Street (and other locations)

Even though you cannot have the bread with the famous Dat Dog, they offer tons of sausages and toppings to make a delicious meal. Each item has a small symbol next to it to show that it is gluten-free.  

Tal’s Hummus

4800 Magazine Street

Gluten-free options are available at Tql’s Hummus, including a delicious gluten-free Flatbread. There is a separate fryer for fries but confirm with your server before ordering. 


Sit Down: Copper Vine
1001 Poydras St.

gluten free copper vine

One of my favorite happy hour spots in the CBD is Copper Vine.
From the wine on tap to the GF markings on the menu, Copper Vine is a must for Gluten Free Foodies. The outside patio is lined with gorgeous plants, which makes this a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the New Orleans CBD.

Lagniappe Gluten-Free Options in the Central Business District:

The Central Business District and Warehouse District are homes to many restaurants catering to New Orleans’s business. A Large number of businesses reside in this area, and there are a few restaurants that cater to the Gluten Free crowd. 


401 Poydras Street

Mothers have a list of foods that are available gluten-free foods, but you will need to skip their world-famous poboys. Many of the lunch plates with shrimp creole and cabbage are what people order here. Many of the breakfast items are also naturally gluten free. 


611 O’Keefe Avenue 

Maypop runs on a seasonal menu, so the items change continuously; many dishes can be modified to be gluten-free. However, they do not have a dedicated fryer, so avoid fried foods. 


520 Capdeville Street

What is better than a mezcal bar is a mezcal restaurant with plenty of gluten-free options. There is no dedicated gluten-free menu. However, the staff knows what one can and cannot eat. Many of the dishes can be altered so that they are gluten free. 

Blaze Pizza 

611 O’Keefe Avenue, Suite C-9

Sometimes after a night out, you need something quick and safe. New Orleans isn’t big on chain restaurants, but Blaze Pizza is excellent in letting you know what you can and cannot eat. You can choose a cauliflower crust, gluten-free dough, or keto crust for pizza! 

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Eating Gluten fRee in New Orleans by Neighborhood

Warehouse District Gluten Free Restaurants

Sit Down: El Gato Negro
800 S Peters St. (Multiple Locations)

Sometimes, you go somewhere that advertises a gluten-free menu, and when you finally sit down to eat, they have two options on their “gluten free menu.”
Not at El Gato Negro, where the gluten free menu is longer than some gluten-filled menus. While perusing your options, you can enjoy the chips and salsa as the chips are fried in a separate fryer.

Quick Bite: The Daily Beet
1000 Girod St. (Multiple Locations)

gluten free by daily beet

Another healthy alternative to all the Cajun food is The Daily Beet. With several locations throughout New Orleans, the Daily Beet is a healthy choice to keep your New Year’s resolutions.
Every safe item on the menu is gluten-free, making it easy to know what is and isn’t safe. The hardest part will be deciding between all your options.

Lagniappe places to eat gluten-free in the Warehouse District


527 Julia street

Carmo is one of my favorite restaurants on this list. Each menu item is labeled if it is Gluten Free or not! Those with an allergy can easily dine here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with plenty of options. The broken Noodle Salad or The Rico plate are two of my favorites and are both gluten-free! 

True Food Kitchen

801 Saint Charles

Another chain restaurant on this list, but I will admit that True Food Kitchen is one of the yummiest chains I’ve dined at. You can browse every menu item on the website to see if it is gluten-free. The Banana Pancakes are delicious for brunch, and the Seasonal Ingredient Salad is always a delight. 

Eating Gluten free in the French Quarter

Sit Down: Cunada
833 Conti St.

Gluten Free Cunada

If you’re visiting New Orleans or have friends and family visiting, chances are, you’ll end up in the French Quarter. In the heart of the Quarter lies Cunada – a small, authentic Mexican restaurant where everything on the menu is gluten free.

Yup, you read that right, EVERYTHING.

The margaritas are the size of your face, so it’s a win-win.

Wind down after a long day of romping around the Quarter at Cunada, where you don’t have to consider your food safety.

Quick Bite: Holy Crepes
1100 N. Peters St. #23

Holy Crepes cart gluten free

There are several food vendors in the French Market. The one that is a must-find is Holy Crepes.
All the crepes can be made gluten free as they have a gluten-free batter and a separate crepe griddle to cook them on.
These crepes are the perfect snack to get you through the crowds of the Quarter.

Laginappe Gluten free French Quarter restaruants

The French Quarter is one of New Orleans’s most visited areas by gluten free guests, so of course, we wanted to expand on some of the delicious restaurants and items available around the Quarter.

GW Fins

808 Bienville Street

GW Fins might be one of the freshest restaurants in the French Quarter. The menu changes slightly depending on the day’s fresh catch and ingredients. Many of the items are naturally gluten-free; if you notify your waiter of your allergy, they can accommodate you. GW Fins has a dedicated gluten free fryer. This is the perfect place to celebrate special occasions.

Meals from the Heart Cafe

1100 N Peters St #13

Meals from the Heart Cafe is the perfect location if you want gluten-free options, vegan options, and an overall health-conscious menu. They are located in the French Market in the Shops at the Colonnade. Many delicious breakfast items are available, like the Very best Blueberry Pancakes or Grits. Meals from the Heart Cafe has Salads, Tacos, and gluten-free Gumbo for lunch. 

Red Fish Grill

115 Bourbon Street

Red Fish Grill does not have a specific gluten-free menu. However, many main entrees are safe, and the staff is fully knowledgeable. You will need to discuss with your server the different options for what you can eat. The Dinner menu has more options than the lunch menu, so plan accordingly!

Deanie’s Seafood

841 Iberville St

If you want an extensive menu, Deanie’s Seafood is your option. You will be satisfied with Deanie’s seafood’s gluten-free menu, from raw oysters to a fried shrimp platter. You can get appetizers, salads, entrees, and one dessert at Deanie’s. Deanie’s does have a separate fryer to fry all of its food. 

Muriel’s Jackson Square

801 Chartres Street

Muriel’s offers a full three-course meal option for $49.95, and there are gluten-free options for each course. The wedge Salad, Roasted half Chicken, and Vanilla bean creme brulee are what I want to order! 

Gluten Free foods in the Bywater

Quick Bite: Capulet
3014 Dauphine St.

gluten free capulet

While only open during the week, Capulet is an absolute MUST for New Orleans. Almost the entire menu can be made gluten free.
The kitchen uses separate utensils, including a separate, gluten free fryer.
Order your meal and take it to the roof for a stunning city view. While you enjoy the view, you can have some of the best gluten free bread in New Orleans.

Gluten-free Mid-City bites

Sit Down: Blue Oak BBQ
900 N. Carrolton Ave.

blue oak BBQ gluten free

BBQ is part of the soul of the South.
Surprisingly, gluten-free BBQ is harder to find than one would have guessed. But with all the flavor packed in between the spices and sauces, gluten can sneak in.
But not at Blue Oak BBQ.
Located in Mid-City, this Southern gem has so much to offer, including gluten free meats and sauces.
Don’t even get me started on their $5 happy hour Margaritas.

Quick Bite: Sacred Grinds
5055 Canal St.

gluten free sacred grinds coffee in new orleans

New Orleans has the coolest cemeteries. I swear, I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.

Located next to the St. Patrick Cemetery is Sacred Grinds. This coffee shop has many caffeinating options and even some donuts from Girls Gone Vegan.

If you find yourself on a tour of the cemeteries, get yourself a pick-me-up from Sacred Grinds.

How to find out more gluten-free Foods in New Orleans 

Since Allison has an entire Instagram account on where and how to eat gluten-free in New Orleans, there are so many honorable mentions that didn’t make it into this blog post that could have.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram and check out these honorable mentions. Each link to the restaurant goes to her Instagram post so you can learn a little more about the dishes to eat.

Not gluten-free, but want to learn about even more restaurants? Check out this guest blog post by Off the Eaten Path to learn where locals eat in New Orleans.

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