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Disney Magic – Disembarkation and Flying out of Barcelona

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Our last day on the Disney Magic was a Sea Day which is always a great way to end a cruise. If you didn’t have time to relax during the cruise, this day you can take to relax and ensure that your bag is packed – which is basically what we did!

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dance party on disney magic cruise
Ran into Donald Duck and all of his friends in the lobby of the Disney Magic

Relaxing by the Pool in the Mediterranian

Our first sea day was overcast and actually kinda chilly! We had two alcohol tastings on that first day, so it was a jam-packed day. Instead this sea day our mission was to relax, pack, and tackle the slides and adult pool since we did not have that opportunity while we were in Alaska or on the first Sea Day.

Adult Only Area

We wandered over to the adult only area where we ordered the drink of the day – Mai Tais! I found that these drinks had a decent amount of alcohol in them, so we only ordered one, but it was fun to relax by the pool, read a book, and catch some sun rays.

While we were out there, we talked to some of our neighbors on the lounge chairs and found that people saw whales, sharks, and dolphins earlier in the day! We missed them on this trip, but later on, in the evening, we were able to see some dolphins in the distance.

After a quick nap by the pool, we wandered back to the room to change for our Chocolate and Liquor Tasting (my favorite tasting so far!).

Chocolate and Liquor Tasting with Disney Cruise Line

The chocolate and Liquor tasting on the Disney Magic was by far my favorite tasting I’ve taken between the Wonder and the Magic! We were seated right next to our table mates that we met the night before, and the five of us had a blast tasting everything and laughing.

chocolate and liquor tasting on disney magic
The chocolate and Liquor tasting was one of my favorite events on the Disney Magic

We had four different pairings to taste. The Flamingo Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne with the melted white chocolate. The Amoureux by Lasseter Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon with dark, white and milk chocolate. A ten-year-old Tawny Port by Noval with a delicious piece of parmesan cheese. And finally, we wrapped up the tasting with the Signet Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky.

My favorite thing about this tasting was that everything complimented each other. The different chocolates, caramels, and parmesan really brought out all of the different flavors of each liquor. Because of this tasting, we bought a few bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne when we got back home to New Orleans.

disney magic chocolate and liquor tasting
All of the liquors and chocolates that we tasted while on our Disney Cruise.

Lunch at Cabanas on the Disney Magic

After our noon liquor tasting, we had to run to Cabanas again to make sure that we made it to lunch! I know there are a ton of activities going on around the ship, and lots of food options besides Cabanas and Lumiere’s but I wish that the liquor tasting wasn’t open the same exact time that lunch is open.

My favorite thing about Cabanas is able to grab a bunch of random junk food and some healthy food to make a well-balanced meal. I must have been carbo-loading for something because I grabbed two different types of macaroni and cheese – one was an adult style, and another was kid style, mini-corn dogs (my favorite!), Lo Mein noodles, green beans, a small side salad, and crabs – lots of crabs.

eating at cabanas on the disney magic
A little bit of everything for lunch from the Cabanas buffet! My favorite were all of the carbs

Riding the Twist ‘n Spout and Aqua Dunk

One thing we didn’t have the chance to do was to ride the two slides located on the Disney Magic. Being that we are in our 30s, we were really nervous that we were ‘too big’ to ride on the slides that we called guest services to figure out if there was a size or weight limit on the slide.

Luckily, there are some rules, but we fit within those rules of weighing less than 300 pounds.

The two slide options include the Twist ‘n Spout and the Aqua Dunk. For the Twist ‘n Spout, you must be at least 38 inches tall. The waterslide is perfect for those who are too short, or scared of the Aqua Dunk but are still looking for the excitement of a water slide. The Twist ‘n Spout is located right above the AquaLab.

The Aqua Dunk is not for the faint of heart. You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride this ride and be very brave. Somehow, I lost Ally between the two slides, and I thought she went over to the Aqua Dunk before I got down the slide. I climbed up the stairs looking for Ally, and that is when I realized, she wasn’t anywhere near the slide – I needed to go down it to figure out where she was.

The Aqua Dunk is slightly scary if you do not know what you are getting yourself into. After seeing some of the kids go down the slide. I knew I was going to be ok. You merely have to stand on a platform, cross your legs, and wait for Donald Duck’s nephews count down 3-2-1- before a platform falls out beneath you.

Seven seconds later you have sailed over the ocean, through a clear tube and landed in a small splash pad pool. The Aqua Dunk was so much fun that Ally and I went down it a couple of times – even though we were the oldest ones on the slide!

This is a gental reminder… You can’t bring selfie sticks onto the slides. Something I did not know (oops) and got fussed at when I was trying to go down the slide.

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Packing and Housekeeping on the Disney Magic

Packing is always stressful on the last day of vacation, and being in a cruise room is not any different. We took the afternoon to pack up all of our items so we could have a relaxing evening. We opted to do the express walk off instead of disembarking with the rest of the cruise ship because we find it easier for our family.

I also took this time before dinner to settle my bill with guest services. I saved a ton of money on gift cards over the past 12 months while saving for this cruise, and I wanted to use all of those gift cards on all onboard incidentals I incurred while on the ship. It’s much better to do this on sea day while the line is still short because when we left on disembarkation day, the line was very long of stressed passengers.

After packing, it was time to head to dinner, and we made a little towel animal with my sister’s hat, our gratuity, and our sunglasses. Our hostess loved the impromptu towel animal and gave us extra chocolates, shampoos, and conditioners as a thank you!

room 7120 on the disney magic tips
A cute little blanket display we made for our host.

Dinner at Rapunzel’s Royal Table

Our last evening was in Rapunzel’s Royal Table, and we had the Lantern menu. Excited to actually get the jokes, characters, and songs going on int he restaurant, we were prepared for a great evening.

I started off the evening with the Crisp Isle of Corona Shrimp with Pea puree, fried potato, pancetta, and pea shoots served with lemon-tarragon caper mayonnaise.

Crisp Isle of Corona Shrimp Rapunzels royal table
Crisp Isle of Corona Shrimp

My second course was the Romain Wedge and JHot Smoked Salmon Salad — but I asked for no Salmon. The salad came with raspberries, candied pecans, and brie cheese served with a creamy lemon- parsley dressing.

Romain Wedge and JHot Smoked Salmon Salad rapunzels royal table
Romain Wedge and JHot Smoked Salmon Salad with no salmon!

My entree was the Tangled pasta which has angel hair pasta tossed in basil-pesto with caramelized sea scallops (which I asked to be removed), roasted vine tomatoes, and a sun-dried tomato tapenade with roasted Meyer lemon.

Tangled pasta rapunzel royal table
Tangled pasta was quite yummy!

We also ordered the Spinach Zucchini Eggplant, and Ricotta filled potato Crepes baked in a tomato provencale sauce and topped with buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil.

Spinach Zucchini Eggplant, and Ricotta filled potato Crepe rapunzels royal table
Spinach Zucchini Eggplant, and Ricotta filled potato Crepe

I ended the night with a delicious Mickey Bar – because they are just so good and the rest of the desserts were not striking my fancy.

Disembarking the Disney Magic to the Barcelona Airport

Our last day of vacation, and final day on the Disney Magic – what a sad day! But we needed to head out to the airport so we could make it back to our hometown of New Orleans.

We opted to do the express-walk off, which meant we could get off of the boat as soon as it was announced. It also said that we were not going to have any help with our luggage, which was a bummer because one of our bags has a busted wheel (don’t worry, I found a replacement wheel on Amazon, and it was fixed quickly!).

We were also nervous about making it to the Barcelona Airport on time because there were a lot of other cruise ships that were ending their tours at the same time. We didn’t like taking multi-stop lights and had two choices, a 10:30 am through Atlanta or a 12:10 pm through New York.

After walking off of the Disney Magic, we quickly jumped into a taxi, and we were whisked away to the airport.

towel animals on the disney magic
Our final towel animal for the Disney Cruise!

Barcelona Airport

Our family decided that even though it would be a long day, we were going to fly through New York and take the noon flight. I’m glad that we did because even though we arrived at the airport hours early, everyone in the Atlanta line looked stressed out trying to check their bags internationally.

Even though it appeared that everyone made the Atlanta flight, trying to get from the Disney Magic to the plane would have been a headache. Taking the later flight allowed us to relax at the gate, buy a couple of souvenirs from Duty-Free and get on our flight stress-free.

We were seated at the back of the plane, no first class upgrade for us, and we were so far in the back that we didn’t have a choice in food, but the food in the back of the plane wasn’t bad at all!

Eating food in the back of the plane
Our meal in the back of the plane on our return trip home.

Trip Report Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed all of the trip reports! I loved re-living my trip with all of yall and answering y’alls questions. If you enjoyed this blog post, please read all of my other days and make sure to sign up for my mailing list!

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