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About Me

Welcome to my travel and lifestyle blog! If you are looking for more information to work with me, please click here.

My name is Mallory, and I have lived in New Orleans, Louisiana my whole life. Born and reared in the South allowed me to appreciate all things hot. Hot Chicken, Hot Temperatures, and Hot Sauce.

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Just a little educational background on myself: I studied Journalism at Spring Hill College (Mobile, Alabama), Web Design at Delgado Community College (New Orleans, Louisiana), and Organizational Communication at Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, Louisiana).

My first stint at lifestyle writing was in 2008 during an internship with Club Planet, a magazine turned blog due to the recession. During this time, I got my feet wet with lifestyle writing. I covered some of my favorite topics Cocktails and Tourist Talk. Two topics that I still cover on my travel and lifestyle blog.

During 2008, I was first bitten by the travel bug when I had to go across the country, by myself, to California. Ever since then, I have loved flying around the country.

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Fast forward to 8 years later, in 2016; my family was in a panic of what we needed to wear to Yellowstone National Park during shoulder season. That is when the comfy travel outfit was born – Plaid Shirts and Yoga Pants!

Whether you need some tips for Disney Cruise or want to know what to do in New Orleans; Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants is your one-stop shop.

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Please take some time to read my blog posts, comment, and share on any social media platform of your choosing!

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