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25+ Unique Gifts to Give the Traveler in Your Life

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Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, special occasions, or holiday season – buying a gift for your traveler friend is not always easy.

People who travel a lot are hard to buy for because they cherish experiences over trinkets.

There are so many categories of gifts you can buy your favorite traveler from Travel Gifts from the Home to Books for Travelers and best travel gifts for traveling couples.

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Just note, that only because one travel gift is suggested for one group, doesn’t mean that the travel gift won’t be applicable for other groups!

If you know someone who is always on the go, buy them something from the list below to assist with their travels. Who knows, maybe you will be invited to go on their next trip.

If you have a friend who buys her butter in France, Chocolate in Germany, and facial creams from Japan?

Me and sis trying out some of our favorite travel gifts while we are in Disney.

Unique Travel Gifts

Unique Travel Gifts are perfect for gifts for friends going traveling. I love getting unique travel gifts for my friends and family because it helps them prepare for their journeys.

1. Tile-Mate – $18.95-$42.89

Tile-Mate is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker and can make losing keys, luggage, or other important items easier to track down.

The best thing about the Tile Mate is that it connects to the owner’s cell phone. So when your traveling friend loses their cell phone in their hotel room, that too is easy to find!

2. Microlite Travel Towel – $24.99

A Microlite Travel Towel comes in handy in so many situations, and this Travel towel comes in three different sizes. The fast drying towel is made of 100% microfiber material that dries super quick.

The three different sizes come in handy for – beach towels, spills on road trips, or even a small towel for the gym while on vacation.

3. Electronic Organizer Travel Case – $13.99

The worst thing about traveling is when electronics and their cords get lost in the suitcase. That is where the Ivy Trade Electronic Organizer Travel Case comes into play!

This travel organizer can keep your electronics and cords together and keep them waterproof! So no rouge water bottles will ruin your electronics.

4. DNA Kits $99-$199

Giving your friend the gift to learn about his or her ancestry is a two for one gift. After learning about their roots, your travel-lover friends can take this gift to the next level and then travel to the exact towns and cities their ancestors hail from.

The two biggest DNA Kits are 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA.

5. Smartphone lens kit with remote $20.99

Taking Instagramable photos is a must for some travelers, and the best way to enhance an on the go traveler’s experience is by giving them a Universal Lens kit with remote!

Travel Gifts for the Solo Traveler

The solo traveler is a very unique traveler. They love to explore everything the world has to offer, yet they need to make sure that they stay safe and protected whenever they do not have a buddy watching their back.

1. Anti-Theft Backpack $89.99-129.00

The Anti-Theft Backpack is perfect for the female or male traveler! Crafted from a double layer slash resistant material, this backpack is impenetrable.

The backpack also has RFID blocking material and is pre-treated with a water repellant.

For your solo traveler who is always on the go, this backpack can make sure that he or she doesn’t get pickpocketed!

2. Hidden pocket Scarf – $44.99

A scarf with a hidden pocket is the perfect accessory to hide money, passports, and a cell phone when traveling.

This scarf can be used as a fashion accessory in the city or as a way to keep your items easily on you while hiking.

3. Selfie Stick & Tripod – $23.99

Taking great photos while traveling is hard when you don’t have a friend to snap the photo for you.

A selfie stick is good, but what your friend really needs is a Tripod with remote! That way, there is no reason to have to trust strangers with snapping the photo.

4. Emergency Medical Kit – $9.99

You never know what scraps and bruises you might run into while traveling, so this First Aid kit comes in handy for some of the more common ailments.

Bandaids, scissors, tweezers, you name it, this little kit had 92 small pieces.

5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – $17.47

A Personal Water Filter is a great gift for those solo travelers that love camping, hiking, and backpacking.

Even if your friends don’t enjoy camping, but travel to areas with unsafe drinking condition, this Personal Water filter will remove 99.99% of bacteria, Campylobacter, Shigella, and Salmonella.

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Best Travel gifts for Him

Have a guy in your life that just loves traveling? Check out these five gifts that are perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday present.

1. Wallet Ninja – $10.99

This multi-tool card will help you in all types of situations, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more.

Better yet? This tool passes TSA and has a lifetime guarantee to not rust. I definitely needed this tool when we were traveling, and our older walker broke while traveling.

2. Bamboo Watch – $29.99-$35.99

This bamboo watch is made out of natural handmade wood and is perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Each watch is unique, and the beautiful wood will work well with any travel outfit.

3. 4 Piece Travel Shave Kit – $30

As a woman, shaving is my least favorite thing to do while traveling, but sometimes you just have to do it. This 4 piece razor travel set is small enough for travel and big enough for everyday life.

4. Carry On Cocktail Kits $14.25-$48

I love having a well-crafted cocktail and love it, even more, when I’m 10,000 feet in the air. Also though you can’t bring your own min-alcohol bottles on the flight, you can always create three terrific cocktails.

The kit comes with enough ingredients to make 2 cocktails of your choice: Old Fashioned, Bloddy Mary, Moscow Mules, Gin & Tonics, Hot Toddy, Margarita, or Champagne Cocktails – just add booze!

5. 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns – $49.99-$69.99

This 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lantern can lighten up your camping space and charge your cellphone at the same time. When the battery is fully charged, the lanterns can provide up to 100 hours of light on Low mode.

The lantern fully recharges in 16 hours of direct outdoor sunlight. This lantern is waterproof, shatterproof, and durable.

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Travel Gifts for Her

Picking out the perfect travel gift for your lady friend is easy! If she is a frequent traveler, then she probably already has many of the typical accessories every lady needs, but these five gifts below will really elevate her level of travel.

1. Sewing Kit – $5.99

Just like the emergency aid kit, you never know what issues you may bump into while traveling, that’s why this small sewing kit is the perfect addition to fix little mistakes like a ripped hem or broken button.

This kit is super compact and will not interfere with taking up too much space in her suitcase.

2. HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket – $44.00

The HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket is good for warming yourself both on the plane and outside while walking around and exploring. It can be used as a blanket, wrap, scarf, shawl, pashmina, and more.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soaps – $29.00

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soaps come in 2 oz samples and a variety of soap scents. From unscented to rose, lavender, these soaps can be used on your hands, face, hair, or used to hand wash fabrics.

4. BedHead PJs – $52.85 – $105.94

BedHead Pajamas are some of my favorite pajamas ever. Every travelin’ lady needs to have a good set of PJs in case she is ever locked out of her hotel room, or heaven forbid, evacuated during a fire drill.

These BedHead PJs are some of my favorites! Made in the United States and comes in a variety of prints, these PJs are perfect for sleeping or lounging in style.

5. Travel Inspired Tshirts $25-30

Travel inspired t-shirts are some of the best things to wear while traveling on the plane or hiking. My favorite shirts are Airplane Mode, Coffee Travel Repeat, and I have Nothing to Declare.

Coffee Travel Repeat

Travel gifts for the home

Sometimes, travelers need a present to remember all of the fantastic trips they’ve been on over the years! These gifts below are great to decorate your favorite traveler’s house.

1. Well Told Topography Maps Glasses

One of the best ways to remember where you’ve been is through topography Maps Glass by Well Told Designs. You can get almost any glass you want, from a rocks glass, to wine glass, to mason jars. I personally have the Grand Canyon Rocks glass at my home.

2. Magnetic Globe – $69.95

A Magnetic Globe is one of the best ways to keep track of where a traveler has been or wants to go. It comes with 30 magnetic pins.

The globe is 10” in diameter so it will easily fit within your favorite traveler’s home or office desk.

3. My Travels Tree $89-94

The Travel Tree starter set is a cute way to show off where your traveler has been. It’s one of the more unique ways to mark off the different countries, capital cities or USA states that your traveler has explored.

Frequent Traveler? Well, you can opt to add in additional signs at an extra cost.

travel tree unique gifts for the home

4. 100 Places Scratch Off Bucket List Poster $14.99

A scratch-off bucket list poster is a fun, unique way for travelers to keep track of their major bucket list travels while thinking of new places to see.

This bucket list scratch off poster lists off 100 Places to see.

5. Airplane Bottle Opener – $20

This adorable Airplane Bottle Opener is perfect for the traveler who also enjoys an occasional beer. This silver bottle opener is made of nickel and is super shiny!

If you are looking for other airplane bar paraphernalia, you can get the Airplane Bottle Stopper and Pull Cork-Screw.

6. GoPro HERO $215

A GoPro is an excellent gift for your friends who are always on the go. From all of their travels, your traveling friends can take photos, videos, and more with the GoPro Hero.

Lagniappe Gift Ideas

Are you looking to get yourself a gift? Or just really stumped on what to give your loved one who loves to travel. Look no further than these Lagniappe Gift Ideas…

Oh wait, you don’t know what Lagniappe is? Lagniappe means a ‘little bit extra.’ You are welcome.

1.Chase Sapphire Reserve

This credit card is one of my absolute favorites. With an annual fee of $450, this gift is the gift that keeps on giving.

Benefits include free Global Entry or TSA pre-check, priority pass, exclusive memberships and more. By paying for your favorite traveler’s annual fee, you will open up the world of possibilities.

I’ve had this card for years and even with the annual fee, I come out ahead of the game!

2. Warby Parker

An extra pair of glasses may not seem like the most luxurious gift to give, but having an extra pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses is a lifesaver when it comes to traveling.

So many times I’ve heard horror stories of people leaving their glasses in gift shops, at home, or just somewhere silly and had to make due because they didn’t have an extra pair.

I always have two pairs of glasses, one I leave at home and one that travels with me. That way, if I do lose my glasses, at least I know I have a backup pair at home.

I love Warby Parker Glasses so much that I tried them on at home and bought a couple of pairs!

3. Priority Pass

No matter how seasoned of a traveler your loved one is, having access to an airport lounge is a blessing. I love using Priority Pass when I have a long layover because there are snacks, drinks, and a comfortable place to sit away from the crowd.

I’ve had Priority Pass for a few years now, and I’ve saved a few hundred dollars with my membership and inviting guests. Click to read my review of Plaza Premium Lounge while using Priority Pass and Save 10% on a Priority Pass Membership today.

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Monday 27th of November 2017

I've been pondering whether teiks are worth it for a while now. I have heard such great things, but they are so expensive! Getting them as a gift would be awesome.


Sunday 26th of November 2017

I wasn't familiar with Priority Pass... I'm going to have to start dropping some hints. I think I need that in my life!


Sunday 26th of November 2017

I love it! It’s great when you have a layover that lasts more than an hour.

Jessica Carpenter

Saturday 25th of November 2017

Now I have to look up Tieks! I’m obsessed with good shoes, especially for travel. My go to brand is Pikolinos and I have a couple pairs. He priority lounge pass is an awesome idea too! And I totally wish someone would be for a chase sapphire membership for me ☺️

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Saturday 25th of November 2017

Great minds think alike! I just published a similar article and I too have the Priority Pass on it. I can't imagine traveling without airport lounge access, now I am so spoiled. What's your favorite lounge? I also have been dying to get a pier of Tieks.


Saturday 25th of November 2017

I've only been to two Priority Pass Lounges so far so I can't pick a favorite but I've had a great time at all I've been to. I'm trying to make sure I can try out a few lounges on my upcoming trips. I say get a color you know you can wear with everything (my first pair was Hot Pink) and if you love the Tieks treat yourself with a crazy pair (I got leopard!)

Lois Alter Mark

Saturday 25th of November 2017

These are all great gift ideas. We love our Priority Pass and use it all the time. I need a good pair of walking shoes and think it's time I got myself a gift of Tieks!


Saturday 25th of November 2017

I love my Tieks so much. They are great when walking around the city or airport. I wear a pair of Tieks to work every day :)

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