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Grammarly: Why I Updated to Premium

Grammarly Writing Support

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Starting this blog a few months ago, I realized I was burning the candle at both ends. Working my regular day job Monday-Friday and then writing and promoting my blog at night and on the weekends, I knew I was making a couple of typos now and then.

It wasn’t until I was talking to my mother one day and she was telling me how great my blog was, but she was distracted by a few typos. Well with my background in journalism and medical editing these mistakes were unacceptable. So, I decided to download the free version of Grammarly, and after one week I made the decision to upgrade to the premium edition.


During my first week of using the free version, I realized some simple mistakes I kept repeating. I love throwing in the words ‘really’ or ‘actually’ when not needed. I also learned how to work on my passive voice (which in turn helps my readability!). And finally, all of my stripped down text was housed in one area –! Always having an image-free version of my text is beneficial because I like to promote some of my Cruise posts on different message boards.

Switching over to the premium version, I not only received flags about regular typos, comma misplacements, and passive voice; but advanced mistakes were flagged so I could improve my writing.

Click to read how Grammarly has helped my writing and why I upgraded to premium.

There are a couple of different ways to use Grammarly. You can download the Chrome Extension, The Grammarly Native App, or Grammarly for MS Office.

I tend to use the Chrome Extension when I am writing comments on Facebook, Twitter, or other social medias. I use when I am writing blog posts or emails that I want a second set of eyes to look over.

Free Features

1. Grammarly Cards – Learn from your mistakes, every time Grammarly suggests something to you, you have a choice to accept the change, learn about the change, or skip the change.
2. Custom Dictionary – Add custom words to your dictionary.
3. Document Storage – Keep all your edited documents in one spot

Premium Features

1. Writing StyleGrammarly allows you to choose from different writing styles to stay relevant.
2. Vocabulary Enhancement – Learn how to expand your vocabulary with auto-suggestions from Grammarly.
3. Plagiarism Detector – The Plagiarism detector will search millions of sites to see if your unique words are your own.
Grammarly Writing Support

My Favorite of Grammarly Premium

1. Plagiarism Checking – Many times, bloggers will read something on another blog and accidentally repurpose it as their writing. With Grammarly, turning on the plagiarism checker will help you see what you lifted from other sources, and also give suggested on how to cite the sources. I wish I had this feature back in my medical editing days!
2. Word Suggestions – When was the last time you’ve seen a Thesaurus? Me? Not in a long time. Grammarly helps assess your writing and lets you know when you are using a word too many times and gives suggestions for what words one should use.
3. Weekly Writing Update – Each week, Grammarly will send an update on how many words were checked, and how you measure up to other writers. During my first week, I had over 6,000 words checked, made 69 corrections, and used 818 unique words.

Click to read how Grammarly has helped my writing and why I upgraded to premium. Click to read how Grammarly has helped my writing and why I upgraded to premium.

My final thought on Grammarly is that this is an excellent tool to help one improve their daily writing tasks. Just remember this is a tool, and if you have an important paper, blog post, or email to submit, always re-read the text with the Grammarly suggestions. Just because Grammarly suggests something, doesn’t mean you have to take it! If you do need a second set of human eyes, you can always send your text to a professional proofreader for a nominal fee!

Should you upgrade?

I would say, if you are on the fence, sign up for Grammarly’s free version and cycle all of your writing through the system and see how you improve your writing. During the initial free phase, you will see that you have advanced mistakes, but they will not be flagged (you have to upgrade for those goodies!).

After testing the waters, I would suggest upgrading to Grammarly Premium. This tool has improved my day to day writing for both my job and blog posts.

Upgrading to Premium has many different payment options.

The monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month.
The quarterly subscription costs $19.98 per month.
The yearly costs subscription costs $11.99 per month – a $219.45 per year saving!

I personally signed up for the yearly subscription because I know I will use this service in my day to day life and with my blog! If you have any questions about Grammarly, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this post.

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Click to read how Grammarly has helped my writing and why I upgraded to premium.

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