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Travel Tuesday: How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show

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How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

#ImAtEllen! Waiting to see Ellen!

A few years ago, my family and I took a trip to Chicago, and my mother asked me if we could get tickets to the Steve Harvey TV show. We applied and quickly got tickets for a day that worked in our schedule! I thought the process was easy and I soon learned that it was easier than most.

Each TV show hosts their tickets online either through their website or a third party. The process is pretty simple, however not every TV show is easy to get tickets.

A good number of TV shows are filmed in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but some other cities have talk shows including Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.

Applying for tickets

  1. Make a game plan – if you go to Hollywood then you have more of a chance to apply to multiple TV shows at different networks in case you are not picked for your favorite TV show’s lottery.
  2. Review all the rules – sometimes you can only apply for lotteries once per household per day. Other times it’s once per email per day. Make sure you read the rules so you don’t get disqualified or worse banned!
  3. Make an account – If you need to create an account – do it before the day you have to apply. This will cause a lot less stress when a lottery opens!
  4. Answer all calls – I usually screen my calls when they come from an unknown number, but one random day when a random number from Burbank called me – it was someone from NBC letting me know that I had won tickets to the Ellen show!
  5. Request accessible seats – if you have any type of handicap make sure to apply for the handicap seats – this helps them ensure that there is a seat for you if you have a walker, cane, wheelchair, etc. You can also request seating after you win the free tickets

Getting on TV

  • Get there early – some tickets tell you what time you are slotted to show up, but others give you open-ended time to show up, I try to show up as early as possible so I can try to get the best seats. (I also bring snacks with me if allowed).
  • Wear bright clothing – most networks ask you to wear certain colors that show well on TV. I love wearing hot pinks because they show up well on TV. When you wear brighter colors, you are usually seated more towards the front.
  • Be animated but act natural – from the time you arrive to the studio until the time you are seated, the staff is analyzing you and seeing if you would look good on camera. Of course, they do not want someone who isn’t smiling and applauding front and center in the audience!

How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • Don’t do anything dumb – I’ve said this multiple times but follow directions. If they don’t want you to bring your cell phone, lock it up or leave it behind. If they don’t want you to bring food into the studio eat it or throw it away while you are waiting. Each studio usually have a couple of standby audience members just hoping for someone to not show up or get removed from the studio!
  • No Matter What Have Fun – You might get separated from your party (because one of you might have a brighter colored shirt) or you might be way in the back – no matter what if you have fun you have a chance to get on TV!

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TV Shows I’ve seen in person

  • Steve Harvey (no longer airing) – We applied for tickets through Steve Harvey’s Website and received an answer very quickly. I was separated from my family because of my brightly colored shirt, and I was seen clapping and smiling on TV. We received a Michael Buble CD.


How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • The Talk – Got tickets quite easily through – just selected which day we wanted to go to and downloaded the tickets. Mom and I sat in accessible seating and my sister was separated out and was in the front row. She was seen clapping and smiling. We got to meet Sheryl Underwood.

How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • Queen Latifah (no longer airing) – I am so sad that Queen Latifa is no longer airing but this was one of the best shows to visit. We sat in the front row (accessible seating) and were able to shake hands with the Queen.

How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • Jimmy Kimmel (concert only) – Applied multiple times and put myself on multiple waitlists but was never able to score tickets. I tried as hard so I could to get tickets to Jimmy Kimmel the multiple times I was in Los Angeles, but unfortunately it was not meant to be! I did score tickets and visited the concert set multiple times; please note – do not bring a large purse to the concert! You must bring only a small wallet or small purse.
  • The Price is Right – Signed up on On-Camera-Audience’s website and was able to get early morning tickets for a morning Taping. Since The Price is Right is an all day experience – I would suggest to do the early morning taping over the afternoon taping.  They interview every single audience member so come prepared to dazzle the producers! No one from my group was selected to ‘come on down’ we were on the front row! During this time I really stepped up on my Get on TV agenda and because of that I have this awesome clip.

How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • The Ellen Show – One of the harder shows to get tickets for – I applied for over two years for every month almost every day and finally got tickets in January 2015. A few weeks after my show aired this clip aired and that is me – shaking my money maker! I didn’t realize what i did during the commercial was going to be on TV!

How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

  • The Tonight Show – Probably the hardest tickets to get – The Tonight Show only releases tickets on a certain day each month for the next month (so you have to reserver your July tickets in early June). At the end of the show Jimmy Fallon and Nelly came around and gave everyone high fives! You can see me switching spots with my mom so I could give them a high five in this clip.
    How to be an Audience Member on your Favorite TV Show #plaidshirtyogapants #travel #TheTalk #Ellenshow #tonightshow

What I wore to the Talk


  1. Sara

    June 7, 2017 at 6:58 am

    This was super interesting! I’ve never thought much about how to attend one of these shows but now that I’ve read this I”m really interested! I’d love to be on Ellen or any of the Tonight Shows. I live close to NYC so my best shot is to get on on a show filmed there. I might have to look into this!

    1. mlindsly

      June 7, 2017 at 7:01 am

      You should also try SNL! They have a once a year lottery but you can also do standby tickets any Saturday. A lot of the shows have Day of stand by tickets too!

      1. Sara

        June 7, 2017 at 7:04 am

        I never even thought about AM I. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Amanda

    June 7, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Wow, I have never thought about what it took to get on one of these shows! This is good to know for the next time we plan a trip that we can do this. How fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Julia

    June 7, 2017 at 11:28 am

    Regarding Feedback from BABB. Well-organized. I could easily move to what I was interested in reading about. I was an audience member on a few shows a while back. You have motivated me to try to be an audience member on The Chew.

    1. mlindsly

      June 10, 2017 at 5:21 pm

      I would love to go on the Chew! That is another show on my bucket list to attend!

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